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Madeleine McCann: Gerry McCann In Interview

by | 10th, April 2009

madeleine-mccann-needham-256x300 Madeleine McCann: Gerry McCanns DocumentaryMADDIE WATCH Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann

The Daily Star bring the world the news : “THE TWINS NOW KNOW MADDIE WAS TAKEN.”

THE twin brother and sister of Madeleine McCann now know that she was taken away from them. And they still talk about her every day, says their dad Gerry.

They were in the room at the time of Madeleine’s vanishing. What can they remember? They say she was taken. She did not wander off. What else?

The Star reminds readers:

The couple were cleared of any involvement in their daughter’s disappearance in the previous May.

No the “couple” are not the twins, rather they are Gerry and Kate McCann. They were never charged with any involvement in Madeleine’s vanishing. The police had – have – not shred of evidence against them. They were named arguidos, not even formal suspects. They were as much cleared by the police as they were cleared by a speculative and libellous media. The Star made a donation to the McCanns’ fighting fund.

So what other facts are there for the Star to mull over?

The Scots-born dad-of-three also ruled out a joint visit for the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance on May 3.

Scots-born. This is a new turn-of-phrase. Is it relevant?

Says Gerry McCann:

He said he coped well with revisiting the apartment, as it “doesn’t hold any bad karma”. But he added: “I felt more emotional at the local church last Sunday, seeing the photograph of Madeleine there.”

The Star’s scoop comes from the The Portugal News. In a piece entitled “Thank you and sorry”, Gerry McCann explains:

Shortly before leaving for Faro Airport on Sunday afternoon culminating what had been a whirlwind visit to Praia da Luz, Gerry McCann sat down in a Praia da Luz hotel room for his first media interview in months.

“I can totally understand that people want to move on”, said Mr McCann when questioned over the apparent animosity towards him on Saturday when he visited the site of his daughter’s disappearance.

“They don’t want the media intrusion and the negative association with Madeleine’s abduction. For me, and this is going right back to 2007 – I didn’t feel any evil around Praia da Luz or anywhere else in Portugal. What happened here could have happened anywhere in the world”, argued a composed and soft-spoken Mr McCann…

Although there are paedos on the Iberian peninsular. And Portugal is a haven for pervs. The papers told us so.

Madeleine McCann: How To Spot Paedos With Sarah’s Law. And:

Portuguese officers planned to name up to 80 British sex pests who were known to be in the country at the time the youngster went missing.

The article goes on:

As for the heckling by a small group of middle-aged locals who had been monitoring filming closely since Saturday morning, Mr McCann said: “That aspect was everything I had hoped could be avoided”, by keeping the visit under wraps…

How can locals not spot the TV crew and the father of the child who put Praia  da Luz on the map?

But news of the sacking of more than half of the staff at Ocean Club resort shortly before his fleeting visit was met with regret by the man whose leftist political stance is well-documented, while his background includes growing up in a working class family on a council estate in Glasgow…

Is Gerry McCann’s upbringing part of the story? His politics? We are watching the parents. The reporting has not moved on. Is Gerry happy with Liverpool’s form this season? Does he like EastEnders?

There have also been murmurings that former employees are contemplating legal action against the McCanns for loss of income, especially as the ‘Maddie Case’ is cited as one of the reasons for their dismissal. Mr McCann put this down to “the need to blame someone” for what has happened, saying that if any legal proceedings were to be instituted, they should be directed at “Madeleine’s abductor”

Of course, if they have a case – and let us not speculate on that – it is a person’s right to pursue it; something the McCanns appear to understand given that they have sued, and won. And, no they did not sue the child’s abductor.

We want to get to the stage where Kate and I coming to Portugal is not a news story”, he said.

The McCanns sued the media for libellous comments made about them.

“Walking down into the Ocean Club felt like we were going backwards, that bit of it at least – I was the story with the media focussing on me. The reason we are doing this documentary is that it should be about Madeleine. I can understand why people don’t like it or that our level of child care was not to their standard, but the focus should be on an innocent child and that someone has taken her.”

Yes. It should. But here is more of that interview with Gerry McCann:

“There’s one thing that has been revealed in the case files which is that there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead and there is no evidence to suggest that Kate and I were involved in any theories. It’s about Madeleine. As her parents, I hope people understand that we have to do what we are doing”, argued Mr McCann.

The lack of any evidence is startling. Almost two years have passed since Madeleine went missing and we have learnt only apparent facts about Gerry McCann (Scots-born) and Kate McCann (blonde). (Madeleine McCann: Let Us Pray, Light The Way, It’s A Year Today.)

Mr McCann also admitted that their approach to raising their other two children has been significantly altered by Madeleine’s disappearance.

It’s every parents worst nightmare. The media has told us that:

“I am undoubtedly much more aware of potential danger or a threat to the kids now and things which we previously considered safe, and probably still are, are no longer.

So are other parents. It could happen to any of us. Read the book.

“Obviously what we did [leaving the children alone while dining at the nearby restaurant] we thought was safe. The whole aspect of a foreign child being abducted while on holiday never entered our thought process for even one moment, because if it had, we wouldn’t have done what we did”, he said…

“At the minute there is no law enforcement agency actively looking for Madeleine and by that, I mean looking at the evidence saying; where are the gaps and what more can we do? And that’s what we need. We have severe limitations and issues of jurisdiction and we realise we have to work with the authorities. We will hand over all relative information we obtain as we do not want to waste resources nor do we want to duplicate things.”

The Sun has also read the interview and produces: “Maddie fund will go by December”

THE Find Madeleine Fund will be empty by the end of the year, Gerry McCann has confirmed.

Have people stopped giving?

Speaking during his first trip back to Praia da Luz, where Maddie went missing almost two years ago, he said: “There’s still money in it. I can’t give the exact figure but we have spent and continue to spend a lot of money with the aim of trying to enhance the chance of finding her.

“It won’t dry up in the next few months, but probably by the end of the year at the rate we are running.”

Madeleine McCann is missing – still missing…

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