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Hollie Steel Beats Susan Boyle

by | 25th, April 2009

hollie-steelHOLLIE Steel will Lance La Boyle. Susan Boyle is now faced with a two-pronged attack from Shaheen Jafargholi and Hollie Steel.

If nominative determinalism counts for anything, Steel will impale Boyle on the point of a sharpened majorette’s baton.

Hollie is the newest most sensational performer on planet Britain’s Got Talent. Hollie is ten, and has yet to grow facial hair and be sufficiently bullied to command a sympathetic back story.

For our entertainment, Hollie is dressed in a lilac tutu to perform a ballet routine to I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady. Hollie may well be very good at ballet and singing, but ten-year-old girls who are very good at ballet are either insufferable or despised by other parents.

Says dad Jason, an NHS audiologist:

“We were amazed at what Simon Cowell and the others said. I have always had faith in Hollie, she seems to shine in everything she does. No matter what she turns her hand to, she excels in it, which I am a little envious of! We’re very proud of her but didn’t expect all this and are just getting used to the fact she stands a chance.”

What, no dead granny?

Piers Morgan calls Hollie a “tiny young girl singer . . . who will melt your heart”. The Sun says Hollie’s parents both work for the NHS, which may be a sob story.

But if you have talent, you don’t need to make them weep.

So Hollie dances. And Hollie sings. And Hollie is the Singing Ballerina.

And the last word is with part-time judge Kelly Brook who offers:

“It was like looking in a mirror!”

A mirror that make Kelly appear more talented, younger and less reliant on her big chest to get on…

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