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Madeleine McCann: What Kate Told Oprah Winfrey In Pictures

by | 26th, April 2009

madeleine-mccann-oprahMADELEINE McCann is on the cover of the News of the World. Her face peers out. The headline:

“Kate: I still talk to Maddie.”

Kate McCann also talks to Oprah Winfrey, and their chat has been televised for broadcast in an hour-long TV special. Oprah won the bidding war, and to her the tissues:

She was comforted by Gerry and Oprah herself. Many of the audience, who were left boxes of tissues under their seats, sobbed as Kate talked.

This is caring TV, an advertorial for Oprah’s heart. Those who come to see Kate McCann in the flesh and to hear her story, learn:

HAUNTED Kate McCann has confessed she visits missing daughter Madeleine’s bedroom twice a day to chat to her.

How does this help to find the missing child?

When asked how often she thought of Madeleine, mum-of-three Kate replied: “Not a day goes by when I don’t think about her. I feel Madeleine is still close to me and alive.”

She then described how her daughter’s bedroom at their Leicestershire home is kept ready for her return and touchingly told how she goes in there at least twice a day “just to say hello to Madeleine”.

madeleine-mccann-oprah-1And we learn nothing. No new fact emerges. People have been defamed – the Scotland has “Where are they now?” and reminds readers of Robert Murat:

Employed by the Portuguese police at the scene as a translator, this property consultant who lived close with his mother to the Ocean Club was given “arguido” – official suspect – status by investigators. The status was revoked and Murat, 35, sued newspapers for £600,000 libel damages.

Where is Robert Murat? What matter? Wherever he is he can never escape the smear on his name.

What good has this done with all the coverage? What are Oprah’s motives – to trump Barabra Walters and show that she cares the most? It’s all mawkish, a sick peek at suffering and hurt.

Kate, 41, and husband Gerry told how:

TWINS Sean and Amelie still talk about their older sister “coming home”.

DAUGHTER Amelie now wears Madeleine’s clothes.

ANGUISH left Kate wishing she could slip into a coma and not wake until the drama ends and Madeleine is back.

Such are the facts.

Gerry clutched her hand while she struggled to describe the devastation Madeleine’s disappearance from their Portuguese holiday apartment caused.

Kate had to wipe away tears when she was shown a computer-generated image of how Madeleine may now look at six years old. Staring at the screen, she did not recognise the face looking back at her. “I don’t know who that little girl is,” she admitted.

No, nor do we. You can see the image here, and other efforts.

The incredible picture shows Madeleine with slightly darker hair than the blonde locks seen in her last holiday snaps.

Incredible guesswork.

Her face is also thinner, but her piercing blue eyes shine through.

Blonde and blue-eyed – vital ingredients in the Our Maddie narrative.

A home video of Madeleine singing “If you’re happy and you know it” drew audible sighs from the audience.”

It’s Britain’s Got Talent with a sympathetic back story to rival even this effort from Hollie Steel.

Kate confessed there are times “when I wish I was in a coma and I wake up and Madeleine is back home with us.”

Oprah asked if they would ever stop looking and the couple shook their heads.

“There are too many unanswered questions,” said Kate.

Well, only one unanswered question – in a single-thread story: where’s Madeleine McCann?

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