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Susan Boyle: Hairy Angel Rejects Obama

by | 10th, May 2009

obama-boyleSUSAN Boyle Watch: In which Susan Boyle snubs Barack Obama.

As the News of the World reports:

SUSAN Boyle turned down the chance of a dream dinner date with President Barack Obama in Washington . . . to stay at home and wash her hair, we can reveal.

Maybe she heard Obama is married, to a tall woman, with thumbs?

Britain’s Got Talent’s Hairy Angel confessed to being TOO NERVOUS to meet the American president – her most famous fan – at a glittering star-studded bash.

This is based on a source who saw tickets for the Correspondents Dinner, a Washington plate-and-meet:

“She was shocked and thrilled by the invite – but it was all too much too soon for her so she said No. She has been told President Obama has seen clips of her on TV and loved her singing. And she is delighted.

“But instead she’ll have no doubt stayed in with her cat Pebbles, washed her hair and watched Britain’s Got Talent on telly.”

Yeah, no doubt.

The Sun, sticking to the, er, facts, says the Correspondents Dinner which took place in Washington DC last night, features President Obama as guest of honour and “invitations are like gold dust”.

Having set up the magical occasion of eating dinner with political hacks and lobbyists – the dream date – the NOTW press F9 on the keyboard and delivers news on “dowdy spinster Susan” who “captured hearts” and lives in a “council house” in a “tiny Scots village”.

But in case America feels snubbed, the source adds:

“She knows she would have been incredibly nervous if she’d gone. But her dream is to sing for President Obama one day. She loves him and thinks he is already a terrific president.”

Love? Hey, first date first, lady…

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