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Shannon Matthews Teddy Bear Related To Madeleine McCann Cuddle Cat

by | 18th, May 2009

shannon-matthews-karen-matthewsKAREN Matthews – Kate McCann wannabe – is the subject of a TV documentary.

And you need to watch the show because Sky tells us:

The jailed mother of Shannon Matthews is convinced by her own lies, a documentary will suggest tonight.

Convinced. Suggest. Two words that don’t sit comfortably together. But what of the news that the woman serving an eight year sentence for kidnap, false imprisonment and perverting the course of justice thinks she is innocent?

Readers may suppose that this is why we have a judicial system – to deal with people who don’t believe what they have done constitutes a crime. Perhaps one day kidnapping your child will not be a crime. But until then…

In a programme screened tonight, neighbour Julie Bushby says she asked Karen Matthews why she did it during a prison visit. “And she just glared at me actually and then says ‘I didn’t do it’,” she said.

This seems like progress. Kidnapping your child is a crime – although Karen Matthews says she played no part in it.

The neighbour continues:

“She’s adamant she’s totally innocent, absolutely adamant. But I think she’s lied to herself that much that I think she convinced herself. But it was worth a try.”

The show is called Tears, Lies and Videotape, and viewers can tune in to watch “psychologists and body language experts suggest there were clues Matthews was lying”.

Why did no one think to call the therapists when Shannon was missing?

They identify tiny movements in her shoulder during her TV appeals and the tendency for her mouth to upturn into a smile as clear signs.

Send the women down.

Did she cross her arms right over left or left over right? The Therapist Code forbids us from revealing what this tic mans but if you fold right over left it might be best to avoid being around children and goats and to pop along to a secure unit or police station immediately.

Professor David Canter said the way Matthews clutched Shannon’s teddy bear during press conferences was fake.

Indeed. That David Canter, Director of The Centre for Investigative Psychology at the University of Liverpool. The David Canter who is on the tabloids’ speed dial. Pausing from talking about Madeleine McCann, Canter opines:

“She doesn’t know quite what to do with it. It’s totally different from the way Kate McCann carried the teddy everywhere with her as some sort of reassurance of her daughter.”

Why didn’t they ask the teddy?

Viewers are invited to watch the show and take notes. Then, when the next child goes missing they can observe the parents and make crucial observation on the comments sections of websites…

Observations such as:

They did it!
Lying bastards!
They’re innocent!
It was aliens!

And many more…

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