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Jordan and Peter Andre Divorce Is Off

by | 10th, June 2009

jordan-peter-andre-splitJORDAN and Peter Andre are not getting a divorce. “Jordan Divorce is off,” says the Star on its front page.

Who would never have guessed it? Well, OK you cynics would have. The PRs would have. But it’s a big shock to Katie and Peter who were heading into divorce court like an Oompah Loompah sat astride two giant space hoppers.

The freebie Metro newspaper has more:

After the bloody battle that has emerged as a result of the split between Peter Andre and Katie Price, it appears that the gloves are now off and Andre is moving on.

Pictured moving into a new home with his children Junior, three and Princess Tiammi, 23 months, Andre is assisted with organising and re-starting his new life in Brighton.

No, that’s not it. The Metro hasn’t heard the Star’s scoop:

Its readers get pictures of Peter Andre moving into his new home in Brighton. Peter’s beside himself with grief, losing weight as he strives to eat properly.

Brave Pete manages to hold it together long enough to look tanned, gelled and, thanks to the camera crew documenting his every move, spotted.

But we know that the divorce is off. As Katie Price tells us:

“Pete was my soulmate. This was his decision not mine.

“I always loved him and am absolutely gutted things have got this bad but I have to think of myself and my kids now.”

How bad are things?

At the weekend it was claimed Kate was surviving on sleeping tablets and biscuits as she drank herself through her pain.

But we can reveal that Kate is fitter and healthier than ever. In her column with OK!, the busy mum-of-three said: “I’m now training at ZT Fight Skool doing boxing, martial arts and boot camp training.

“Boy it’s hard work – and I can’t run as my knees still hurt.”

OK! is the Star’s sister publication, one which Katie writes for.

But reading on we hear no more of that front-page splash that the divorce is off. Might it be that the headline is written in hope rather than fact?

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