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Holocaust Museum Killer Von Brunn ‘Raised Funds’ For BNP

by | 11th, June 2009

james-w-von-brunn6HOLOCAUST museum shootist James W. von Brunn is linked to the BNP in a Washington Post article.

Read the case against him here.

Todd Blodgett, a former Reagan White House aide who later worked with several extremist groups, met regularly with von Brunn in the 1990s and early 2000s.

“Von Brunn is obsessed with Jewish people,” Blodgett said. “He had equal contempt for both Jews and blacks, but if he had to pick one group to wipe out, he’d always say it would be Jews.”

You make your choices…

Blodgett was part-owner of Resistance Records, which distributed music by white racist groups, and worked for Willis Carto, the founder of Liberty Lobby, a radical right group.

According to Blodgett and a Washington lawyer who met with FBI and IRS agents who used Blodgett as an informant on white supremacist groups, Blodgett worked as a paid informer for federal investigators early this decade.


Von Brunn sometimes spoke of having fought for the wrong side in World War II, Blodgett said, and the two men sometimes attended meetings in Arlington County of the American Friends of the British National Party, which raised funds for the British white supremacist group.

Which now has two MEPs…

It’s the global white supremacist conspiracy.

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