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Ahmadinejad Voted For Mousavi And Iran Twinned With Chicago

by | 13th, June 2009

ahmadinejads-friendsMAHMOUD Ahmadinejad is President of Iran and all the Irans. The press goes bonkers. It’s a fix, right? Right? Right!

So fair is Ahmadinejad that even he voted For Mousavi.

But do not panic – Iran is to be twinned with Chicago. See, we’re not all that different.

Iran’s ex-Foreign Minister in an interview with The Nation’s Robert Dreyfuss:

A coup d’etat? They’ve already made one! They’ve created a dictatorship, in fact. Do you know that last night the security forces occupied the offices of many newspapers, to make sure that their reporting on the election was favorable? They changed many headlines.

They fixed the election.

The Guards are taking over everything, including many economic institutions. The ministry of the interior is increasing its control in all the provinces.

And with no news coming out, what news is there to report on other than the official line? Right?

iran-clubKevin Drum:

“When autocracies decide to do something like this, why do they do it so clumsily? Why not give Ahmadinejad 52.7% of the vote, which would be at least within the realm of reason? Or force a runoff and let Ahmadinejad win a week from now? Why perpetrate such an obvious fraud?”

We hear whispers:

Critics note the record speed with which Ahmadinejad’s preliminary victory was announced, along with some highly unusual local results.For example, according to the official tally, reformist Karrubi came in a distant second in his own hometown of Oligudarz, garnering less than half of Ahmadinejad’s vote.

Sarejeddin Mirdamadi, a reformist journalist in Tehran, says suspicious movements he observed at the Interior Ministry add to his concerns. The Interior Ministry is in charge of counting the votes.

“I wanted to enter the Interior Ministry but they prevented me, even though I had an entry pass,” Mirdamadi says. “There I saw that they also prevented a number of the staff who wanted to go to work from entering the building. Later one of them called me and said that a group of personnel from different divisions of the ministry were not allowed to enter the building.”

Cenk Uygur: I counted them all in and I counted them …

This conversation about whether the Iranian vote was fixed is nonsense. Of course it was! Yes, polls in Iran are unreliable but Mousavi was leading 54-39 in the one poll before the election. Heavy voter turnout favored him. And instead he loses 63% to 34%. That’s an absolute joke. They might as well have gone all the way and called it 97-3%.

He knows. Even Foster Kamer knows:

Not entirely unexpected: Iran‘s general election was held today, and guess what? Landslide in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad‘s favor! The result, called a “divine assessment” by Iran’s Ayatollah, is clearly bullshit.

Marie Colvin is there:

“The election was stolen,” Safoor Nayafi, 26, shouted over the din of the march, clutching her black hijab at her chin. “We are marching to the ministry of interior to get our stolen votes back.” She was just telling me she had a master’s degree in science when her voice was drowned out by the roar of motorcycles from behind us and along the sides of the road.

Monica Crowley crunches numbers:

This is like Saddam Hussein winning “re-election” in Iraq. He used to get 105% of the vote. (Just like certain presidential candidates in Cook County, Illinois!)  Ahmadinejad is said to be “winning” with a measly 68% of the vote. (Can’t be too greedy, now.  Look at what happened to Saddam.)

Ahmadinejad Wins! Shocka! /not

Ahmadinejad Is Declared Victor in Iran.

“Fraud has been a prominent concern for Mr. Moussavi’s campaign, with many of his allies warning that Mr. Ahmadinejad could use the levers of state — the military, the Revolutionary Guard, and the Basij militia — to cajole or intimidate voters, or even engage in outright fraud.” Why would anyone expect an honest election from these people?

Images are of Ahmadinejad’s door steppers (1) operating the swingometer (2)

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