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Michael Jackson Wanted Muslim Burial

by | 27th, June 2009

michael-jackson-gloveBY now you’re probably wondering what Michael Jackson’s been up to. Good to see that the news and broadcast media has been given the King of Pop his dues and playing his songs non-stop for hours now.

For years all we’ve heard about Jackson is that he’s nuts and has a face that presents his impersonators with a moving target.

But then we get a text message that say Michael Jackson has died. And who cannot help feel an extra pang that no sooner has the world woken once more to his talent than he is dead.

It’s a cruel irony, but one Jackson with his keen sense of the absurd would have enjoyed.

Of course, with Jackson gone, you can now say what you like about him. You can’t libel the dead, so here’s the Sun to say that Jackson had converted to Islam, or hadn’t:

The King of Pop’s body was taken to a mortuary late last night by his family who have yet to confirm plans for the 50-year-old’s funeral.

Jacko was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness but before his death there were reports he had secretly converted to Islam. According to Muslim funeral custom the body is usually buried within days of the death.

Other reports say that Jackson was thinking of converting to Scientology, Kabala, Jedi-ism and, weirdly, Catholicism, on account of the “really awesome hats, guys.”

Also in the Sun, we learn of the “they” who Jackson feared were out to kill him. The Taliban? Maybe:

TORMENTED megastar Michael Jackson was terrified of performing the 50 London gigs that were looming, but told pals: “If I don’t tour they’ll kill me.”

In the Mail, we hear:

All three of the children, Prince, 12, Paris, 11, and youngest son Prince Michael II – known as ‘Blanket’ – are said to want to live with Joe and Katherine Jackson.

And in the Mirror:

He was acquitted of child abuse but those allegations never truly left him in life, and they will not let him go in death. Already there are those saying: “Michael could never harm a child.”

Other people are saying other things. Some people are saying not all that much, while others are just repeating the same things.

Meanwhile, the rest of you can get back to watching Wimbledon and waiting for the roof over Centre Court to close. It being Michael great dream to see that happen…

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