Anorak News | A Close Study Of Obama Peek At Mayara Tavares’ Ass

A Close Study Of Obama Peek At Mayara Tavares’ Ass

by | 10th, July 2009
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mayara-tavaresAND so it goes. Barack Obama looks at a teenage Mayara Tavares’ backside and the media goes into overdrive.  The Obama Asscapades are upon us:

Gawker: “A Frame-by-Frame Analysis of Obama’s Alleged Ass-Peek”

At 0.8 seconds into the maneuver (the timestamps here are from ABC News video that was played in slow-motion, and don’t reflect that actual amount of time elapsed), a woman with an attreactive rear end (Woman B) begins to execute her own maneuver: She will step up to the level Obama and Woman A are stepping down from, in the process rotating her body in such a way that exposes her ass to Obama’s field of vision. In this frame, Obama has completed his step down, but his back is to Woman A. So he begins the process of rotating his body toward her so as to offer her his hand. But–and this is crucial–he begins that rotation with his head. Here, he has begun swiveling it to the right. Also crucial: Woman B was not in Obama’s field of vision prior to the initiation of his head-turn–in other words, he could not have begun turning his head to get a better look.

Kos: Obama looks

If you happen to go to the drudge report, you will see that photo of President Obama looking at that girl’s ass. Those responsible for drudge even researched and found out the girl he was apparently looking at was 16 years old.

Mofo Politics: “Obama stares at 16-year-old Mayara Tavares’ butt”

Mayara Tavares is 16 and lives in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She inherited from her grandmother and father a passion to take part in community action and social movements and has been an activist in her community fighting for children and adolescent rights. She has recently acted as a community researcher interviewing other adolescents in the community about their lives and how it feels for them to be growing up in the shantytowns of Rio de Janeiro. Through this work she became part of a National Platform for the improvement of poor communities situated in large urban centers, an initiative carried out by UNICEF in Brazil. She also became a member of the Youth Forum in her municipality and hopes that she can continue to engage her peers in this work.


Founding Bloggers:

The First Lady isn’t going to take this sitting down, and Matt Drudge can shred his invite to the next White House correspondent’s dinner!

News Busters:

For general discussion and debate. Possible talking point: Did Obama get caught ogling a sixteen-year-old…or not? You decide.

Talking Ponts Memo

Animal agrees. He disagrees. He loves Obama for it – “that’s how real Obama is”. Techbanyan sees an “ogle” and a”leer”.

Rude Pundit:

The response of some on the right is an ejaculatory spray of spooge as if Matt Drudge just got a picture of Barack Obama getting a blumpkin from a tranny whore in the men’s room of the Buenos Aires airport (or, for Drudge, “Tuesdays”). Over at Ann Althouse’s joint, there’s a post that’s gotta be a parody, for if it is not, then an “Althouse” must be “a place where people never get laid,” for she details a comparison of the body language of Obama and Sarkozy that says, “The foot closest to the woman, like Sarkozy’s, is planted and aimed forward, but the other steps off in the direction of the woman, bending the knee upward into a bit of a crotch-squeeze and forming the base of a dramatic tilt of the entire body into a flexible S-shape that leans toward the woman.”


Yes, I have seen the video, and I stand by my analysis of the still photograph.

Hot Air:

GMA analyzed the tape as if it were a Zapruder film of bootyliciousness and concluded that the video clearly shows Obama wasn’t checking out the girl’s butt (they also don’t think he’s a socialist, so take that for what it’s worth) — however, the experienced male glancer will tell you that you always have a “plan B” in case you’re caught looking and need to make it like you were focusing on something else, so who knows.

Those Gawker images:

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