Anorak News | The Sun Joins Gordon Brown In Disrespecting Jacqui Janes By Calling Her Jacqui Jones

The Sun Joins Gordon Brown In Disrespecting Jacqui Janes By Calling Her Jacqui Jones

by | 11th, November 2009

jacqui-janes-jonesGORDON Brown “outraged Jacqui Janes by mis-spelling her and her dead son’s names in a note of condolence”. The Sun cares enough to call her – are you ready? – Jacqui Jones. So says the Sun.

In it, heartbroken Jacqui – whose boy Jamie, 20, was killed by a bomb in Afghanistan – tells the Prime Minister: “Mr Brown, listen to me… I know every injury that my child sustained that day. I know that my son could have survived. But my son bled to death.”

Jacqui Janes picks up the phone to Gordon Brown. The Sun, which is no longer supporting Gordon Browns and Labour, coaks an ear:

GB: You know I did write the letter because I was concerned about the death of your son and I don’t think what I said in it was disrespectful at all.
JJ: I never said it was disrespectful. The spelling mistakes are disrespectful.
GB: Er…
JJ: The fact that you named me Mrs James was disrespectful.
GB: I think I think I was trying to say Janes, as your right name. Maybe, maybe my writing looks bad but I was trying to say your right name. And I spelt Jamie right as well I understand.

The Sun is saddened:

THE grieving Army mum who humbled the Prime Minister last night accepted his apology for mis-spelling her dead son’s name.

And on the Sun’s website there is more mention of Jacqui Janes, who becomes – get this – Jacqui Jones.

Jacqui said she contacted The Sun because the paper backs Britain’s Forces, adding: “It had nothing to do with politics.”

Respect due. It woz da Sun wot dunnit. Meanwhile over in the Guardian:


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