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Madeleine McCann: Blonde Children Invited To Join ‘I Am Not Maddie’ Campaign

by | 6th, March 2010

MADELEINE MCCANN: Blonde children, and also children with black hair that looks like a wig, are to be encouraged to wear “I am not Maddie” badges in a bid to help locate the missing child.

We are indebted to Anorak reader and branding guru Percy for brainstorming this idea – in light of the Conservative’s adoption of the media’s Our Maddie and her PR Clarence Mitchell as the party’s media watcher. He suggests it is time to

…introduce an “I am Not Maddie” i.d. card for all blonde girls WorldWide?…..sounds silly I know…but it could help clear up any confusion.

In light of developments in these countries –

CanadaItaly, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Majorca, Belgium, Bosnia, France, Australia, Brazil, Wales, Malta, Italy, Germany, Austria and Dorset

– and more recently New Zealand (by boat), it might be useful. The added bonus is that the press could each day fill any gaps in the news with shots of blondes.

Today the Sun tells its readers:

POLICE in Britain and Portugal were under increasing pressure yesterday to reopen the Maddie McCann case after The Sun revealed how sightings of her had been ignored.

Pressure from whom?

Such as that sighting of the missing child in New Zealand, and new that she has been kidnapped by Josef Fritzl and the Madeira Liberation Army.

And if you ant more baddies, here are two:

Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry have asked Home Secretary Alan Johnson to order the search to be relaunched.

Boo! Vote Tory for Our Maddie!

Even their arch enemy, former Portuguese police boss Goncalo Amaral, has said the case should be reopened.

Arch enemy? Is this a panto or a cartoon caper? “Shucks!” says Amaral. “If it hadn’t have been for those meddling McCanns…” Or maybe – and imagine this – the arch enemy is whoever took the McCanns’ daughter, as is claimed?

Last night a top human rights lawyer, who claims to have seen Maddie, joined calls for a new probe. Manuel Jimenez, who works for the EU, said his report of seeing a girl “extraordinarily similar to Madeleine” in Santander, Spain, in September 2008 was ignored.

Is his job relevant? Do top human rights lawyers make mistakes? Do newspapers, you know, like the ones that libelled innocent Gerry and Kate McCann, the so-called Tapas 7, Michaela Walczuch and Robert Murat – do they make mistakes?

Madeleine McCann: Introducing ‘Suspects’ Maria Alice dos Santos Silveira, Jorge Vitorino Cabral Martins And Yvone Albino

Mr Jimenez felt other leads may have been treated the same. He has made several requests to a court in Portimao, Portugal, where Maddie inquiry cops were based, but all have been rejected.

He feels? Such are the facts…

Even Amaral, who was responsible for having them named as suspects before being taken off the case, said: “The important thing is not talking of sightings, but reopening the process.”

Madeleine McCann is missing. An innocent child is missing. There are no suspects. There is no evidence of what happened to her. There is just speculation…

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