Anorak News | Gordon Smart ‘Stole’ My Tweet: Sun Journalist Caught Out On Twitter

Gordon Smart ‘Stole’ My Tweet: Sun Journalist Caught Out On Twitter

by | 13th, October 2010

THE Chile Miners sensation is a chance to see how journalism works and how desperate the tabloids are to remain relevant in the face of electronic media.  The Sun’s Gordon Smart – the paper’s showbiz hack – will take your tweets and then seem to pass them off as his own.

One week on from the Sun’s TV editor Lucy Connelly taking our story about X Factor singer Katie Waissell’s link to BMG records and Sharon Osbourne and sticking it on the tabloid’s front page without a single mention of Anorak– and, yep, she called and said that she would – Gordon Smart seems to have stolen a man’s Tweet.

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On the redpassion thread, ‘fezbob’ writes:

What is it with journos and robbing stuff from me? I sent a comment to the Sun’s showbiz editor Gordon Smart on Twitter to ask him a question, next thing I know he’s nicked my jokes about Kriss Akabusi going down there!

The original joke went:

The BBC keep going on about how the length of time they’ve spent down there is a world record. It’s a shame Kriss Akabusi packed in that Recordbreakers show, that would cap the whole experience off having him present them with a certificate.

Fezbob tweeted it to Gordon Smart. Smart can “retweet” it is he likes it so much. But instead one hour later the joke is presented as his own. Smart’s Tweet runs:

The miners should stay down there a bit longer. Then we can send Kris Akabusi over with Cheryl Baker and give them a real heroes welcome…

Surely some coincidence, eh, readers…

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