Anorak News | The Death Of Kate Middleton Is A Sorry Tale (Photos)

The Death Of Kate Middleton Is A Sorry Tale (Photos)

by | 20th, November 2010

KATE Middleton is behind the wheel of a blue Audi. To her side is an armed protection officer. This allows the Daily Express to talk about Princess Katherine’s death. The default position is to feel sorry for Kate. She’s the poor commoner tossed to the Windsor-Munsters. Her life will never be her own. Sure, she gets to be Queen and have tribes of people hang on her every word, but can she shop for knickers in privacy, go to the gym or throw up in her handbag in Faliraki.

The Express delivers the sombre news:

Since her engagement, Kate, 28, is entitled to protection at taxpayers’ expense and she now faces a lifetime of having a detective shadowing her every move.

Poor Kate!

As a member of the Royal Family, she will always be a potential target for terrorists, including Al Qaeda and dissident Irish republicans.

Poor Kate!

Police also keep a constantly updated list of mentally unstable people who stalk the royals.

Poor Kate!

The security will come as a shock to the Middleton family. The strain seemed to be showing on Carole Middleton’s face when she left the house yesterday.

Poor, poor Kate!!!

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