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Wikileaks: The Death Of Famous Julian Assange

by | 1st, December 2010

PRESENTING the death of Julian Assange. Not here. But on the site Red State, where a “lexington_concord” says the Wikileaks founder should be executed.

Wikileaks has lost its way under Assange. Sure, it’s big news but the subversive cool and mystery has been blown to bits. Assange is a talented polemicist but he has gone for the big pay off in hitting the US over and over and over with cables we are supposed to take at face value and think have not been edited.

Assange now seems blinkered and biased. He seems obsessed with targeting America. Why? Well, as Lydia Grant told the kids with stars in their eyes:

“You’ve got big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying … in sweat.”

The game seem to be that the US is so litigious and transparent (in Russia journalists get shot; and Assange is already being smeared over there) that in picking on it Assange gets fame, gets attention and gets to live. If he had tried the same approach on Burma, Iran or China, what would have happened?

Says the US patriot of Assange, whom he calls a “foreign national…spy”:

Under the traditional rules of engagement he is thus subject to summary execution and my preferred course of action would for Assange to find a small caliber round in the back of his head.

Adding later:

I would also support his arrest and lifetime incarceration (provided he’d be housed in a particularly notorious State prison), as would virtually everyone I know who doesn’t cheer for the defeat and humiliation of America in the world.

And that’s what has happened. If you are not on the side of the US, you must be the enemy. There is talk that Assange has some leaks to serve up on Russia. As one Anorak reader writes:

Truthfully, I hope he is not picked up too soon I want the KBG to have a go at him!

Assange is in London, so they say. He should avoid the sushi…

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