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Katia Zatuliveter: Sex, Photos, Short Skirts, And Anna Chapman

by | 6th, December 2010

KATIA Zatuliveter is being deported for alleged spying for the Russians. Did the woman born in Dagestan work for the SVR (External Intelligence Service)? Not sure. But she certainly worked for Mike Hancock, the Liberal Democrat MP for Portsmouth, a man revealed in TV interviews to be partial to pink cable-knit jumpers.

She is blonde and 25. He is grey and 64. He is married with two children. The stereotypes are in place to make this story fly.

The Firm:

Katia is married to Andrew Cowburn. He runs Choices (Northern UAK). The motto: “Knowledge is our business”:

Here at Choices (Northern UK) Ltd we aim to offer quality information, advice, guidance and application support to international students wishing to study in the United Kingdom.

The Denial:

Mr Hancock issues a statement denying Katia is a spy. He ends with:

She has been an excellent and conscientious employee and I wish her well in all this. There was nothing she was doing for me that was in any way sensitive.”

The Attraction:

That sound you hear is a loud “fnar” from the Daily Mail. It leads with:

A womanising MP was targeted by a suspected Russian spy in a Moscow ‘honeytrap’ sting, Whitehall sources believe.

So. Her sex and looks got her the job?

One Westminster source said: ‘She would walk around in very short skirts and high heels with Hancock and they would be seen having lunch together. Certainly some thought she was charming and intelligent.’

And get a load of those skirts:

Kerry McCarthy, the Labour MP, wrote on Twitter: “Used to chat to the ‘Russian spy’ researcher in the lift. Never asked me anything untoward. Not much of a spy. I know stuff!”

She also noted “she did wear rather short skirts” and added: “I think most of our conversations were about whether the lifts were working. That could of course have been code.”

Mini skirt: We invade at dawn!

A-line skirt: Abort! Abort!

The mid-brow tabloid enjoy the sex angle:

Daily Express (front page): “Farewell Katia… Russia’s foxy spy in the house”

Daily Mail (front page): “MP CAUGHT IN A HONEY TRAP”

Here’s Anna Chapman:

Andrei Zatuliveter was asked at his home in Zmeika by the representative of a British newspaper whether his daughter, the “Sexy Russian Blonde” of the headlines, had any connection with Ms Chapman.

He allegedly screamed: “Get out, I’ll kill you, bastard”, before chasing the journalist through the village, first on foot and then in his car. Later, in a telephone conversation, he said: “I don’t believe any of this rubbish.”

Any other lovelies?

Its name means “the unravelling of the senses“. And with its fine Alsace food and excellent wine, the L’Éveil des Sens restaurant in Strasbourg was the perfect place for a political meeting…

Hancock typically appeared with a glamorous young Russian woman, colleagues said. Sometimes he even brought two.

They were all the same type: long-legged, good-looking blondes, never older than 25, fluent in French, English and often German, and with a higher education,” Mátyás Eörsi, the former head of the European liberal group, which includes Nick Clegg’s Lib Dems, said today.

“I’ve been in Strasbourg since 2004. I remember at least five of Mike’s Russian female assistants,” said another group member, who declined to be named.

What Else?

In September, one of Hancock’s constituents claimed the MP had sent her text messages in which he called her “sexy” and “my princess”. She alleges he felt her up against her wishes.

Hancock denies it. He says it has been “exaggerated and taken completely out of context”. A spokesman says he bought her gifts in order to “cheer her up”. There was nothing sexual: “All Mike Hancock did was offer help and support to this woman.”

He was placed on police bail until January 10. On his blog, he noted:

I attended the police station voluntarily, co-operated fully and answered all questions that were asked. Normal processes now have to be followed by the police, which I entirely understand.”

But why Hancock, a member of the Commons Defence Committee?

Matyas Eorsi, a Hungarian member, said of Mr Hancock in August: ‘He is the most pro-Russian MP from among all of the countries of western Europe. You just have to read his speeches.

‘When it came to debates on Putin, freedom of the media or the war with Georgia, Michael always defended Russia.

‘Among the Liberal bloc in Strasbourg we were all stunned by his position. According to him, Russia really is a fully-fledged democracy.’

What did Katia do?

She is accused of using her position to try and gain sensitive material from the Government, after questions were tabled from the office of her employer, Mike Hancock MP, requesting an inventory of Britain’s nuclear arsenal and the location of its international submarine bases.

MI5 has been concerned for some time that Miss Zatuliveter, 25, whose father is a well-connected Russian businessman, has had access to confidential documents supplied to the committee.

First Portsmouth. Then Da World!!

The last word is with the Telegraph, which leads with:

“Spy booted out in ‘revenge for World Cup’”

She shoots! She scored!?


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