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Teenage Prostitute Virginia Roberts Says Prince Andrew Is A Creepy Letch: No News There

by | 28th, February 2011

THE Duke of York, aka Randy Andy, aka Airmiles Andy,  placed his arm about the waist of 17-year-old Virginia Roberts in 2001. The photo, reproduced in the Mail, was taken in London.

At the time, Roberts worked for Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire convicted of hiring under-age prostitutes.

The Mail says:

“‘You did well. The Prince had fun’ – What girl in underage sex case was told after entertaining the Duke of York at request of his friend the sex offender”

Roberts has issued a civil writ against Epstein, in which she was claims to have been “sexually exploited by Epstein’s adult male peers including royalty”. She told her story to the Mail three years ago.

Virginia Roberts now lives in Australia. She is married with three children. In her native US, she ran away from home. She refers to herself as “a paedophile’s dream”.

Age 15, and living with her father in Palm Springs, where they worked at Donald Trump’s country club, she claims to have met Ghislaine Maxwell, Robert Maxwell’s daughter. The Mail claims it was Maxwell who “invited her to work as Epstein’s personal masseuse”. Says Roberts:

“I was wearing my uniform – a white miniskirt and a skin-tight white polo top – when I was approached by Ghislaine. I told her I wanted to become a masseuse and she said she worked for a very wealthy gentleman who was looking for a travelling masseuse. I’d get training and be paid well.”

She says she soon after went to Epstein’s home.

“My face was red with embarrassment. But I felt under immense pressure to please them. The whole time it was going on, they were promising me the world, that I’d travel with Jeffrey on his private jet and have a well-paid profession.”

She would go on to work for Epstein for four years.

Epstein paid her $200 for what he called the ‘erotic massage’ and told her to return the next day. She spent the next four years with Epstein, for three of which she was under Florida’s age of consent – 18.

“Basically, I was training to be a prostitute for him and his friends who shared his interest in young girls,” she says.

That stage of his alleged abuse started after two years when he asked her to fly to his Caribbean island and make a friend of his ‘feel how you make me feel’.

She says she was given to men, aged from their 40s to their 60s, either on the island or on Epstein’s New Mexico ranch.

She says her users included a “well-known businessman (whose pregnant wife was asleep in the next room), a world-renowned scientist, a respected liberal politician and a foreign head of state.

In 2001, she says Epstein took her to London. There she met Prince Andrew.

(Photo: The Duke of York (centre) and The Crown Prince of Bahrain arrive on day three of the Royal Ascot Meeting at Ascot Racecourse, Berkshire.)

They never had sex. But we get to see a creepy tableau:

“Then Ghislaine asked Andrew how old he thought I was and he guessed 17 and they all laughed. Ghislaine made a joke that I was getting too old for Jeffrey.”

The Mail adds:

There is no suggestion that there was any sexual contact between Virginia and Andrew, or that Andrew knew that Epstein paid her to have sex with his friends.

But it’s still unsettling:

A beautiful girl called Johanna Sjoberg who worked for Jeffrey was sitting on Andrew’s knee. Ghislaine guided me over to Andrew and I think he recognised me, though I don’t know if he remembered my name…

She said: “Ghislaine put the puppet’s hand on Virginia’s breast, then Andrew put his hand on my breast. It was a great joke. Everybody laughed.”

It is unpleasant sounding. Ghislaine and the Prince have not responded to the story. But The Mail says it is important:

Serious doubts are being cast on Prince Andrew’s suitability to represent Britain…

This is Prince Andrew, the spoilt, feckless, golf bore who found Sarah Ferguson a woman worthy of fertilising his seed. (And she was the one who pimped him out.)

Andrew’s job is Britain’s special representative for international trade and investment, a wordy title that means Andrew gets to represent the country before deeply unpleasant people who think democracy is a joke and their nation’s GDP is their piggybank.

How exactly does this story damage Andrew’s ability to do that?

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