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Prince Andrew And Epstein: Hang The Tyrants It’s The Sex We Don’t Like

by | 7th, March 2011

MORE proof that the Duke and Duchess of York were well suited in the Mail, which continues its investigation into Randy Andy’s relationship with billionaire paedophile Jeffery Epstein.

Having heard from three of Epstein’s women who claim to have met Prince Andrew – Virginia Roberts alleges Andy merely felt up her breast; Sarah Kellen and Nadia Marchikova aren’t telling – we now hear from one woman who Andy has most definitely shagged: The Duchess of York.

The story goes what Sarah Ferguson owned her former personal assistant, Johnny O’Sullivan £78,000. Her plan to rid herself of £5m debt involved all creditors agreeing to receive 25p in the pound. O’Sullivan did not agree. So, in a separate deal Fergie paid him in full – a payment that included a £15,000 gift from Epstein.

A spokesman for the duchess tell media:

“She is now debt-free after coming to different arrangements with different creditors.”

An unnamed source adds – and enjoy the sympathetic back story:

“She felt it right that members of her staff should be paid in full. Epstein and O’Sullivan knew each other and decided between themselves. But the duchess recognises that it was unwise to accept this help and will return the money to Mr O’Sullivan as soon as possible. He can then return it to Epstein. The duchess is not on speaking terms with Epstein and is not expected to see him again.”

But she has his bank account details and could pay it straight in, no? And – yep – £15,000?! Did Andrew run out of cash? Did Princess Beatrice not have some pocket money for her dear old mum?

Prince Andrew remains in the mire. His role as an “unpaid” British trade envoy is being questioned. But he will not be undone by his friendship with Saif Gaddafi, his partying with the son-in-law of former Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the sale of his home for £3m over the asking price to a Kazakh oligarch nor his relationship with Fergie – who was caught on camera trying to sell access to him for cash. What will do for Randy Andy are women and that tabloid favourite: underage sex.

He didn’t do it. But he knows someone who did…

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