Anorak News | Will Goga Ashkenazi’s Words Inspire Us To Rise Up Slaughter Prince Andrew?

Will Goga Ashkenazi’s Words Inspire Us To Rise Up Slaughter Prince Andrew?

by | 9th, March 2011

FOR the fourth day running the Daily Mail leads with Prince Andrew. Today, the randy golf bore who thought Sarah Ferguson an ideal wife is pictured with President Ilham Aliyez in Azerbaijan.

The Mail thunders:


This is not news. That the Duke has visited the country eight times in five years is a matte of public record. The country described as “oil rich”. It is. And because it has oil it can be linked to other oil producing nations, like Venezuela, where Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi isn’t living just now:

Azerbaijan plans to foray into markets in the Americas this spring as a part of a swap-deal between it, Belarus and Venezuela, the Azeri state energy company said on Friday.

According to a deal brokered last year, Azerbaijan will supply crude oil to Belarus on behalf of Venezuela and, in return, the Latin American country will provide its Santa Barbara oil to meet Azerbaijan’s export commitments to the Americas markets.

Hugo Chavez is pals with Colonel Gaddafi. So. It could be argued that Prince Andrew is dealing with the enemy? You know, like Tony Blair did – the one the people voted for.

It’s not the Prince’s relationship with despots and nutters that will be his undoing – that is, after all, what your political elite do all the time. It’s the sex and the cash that will make him lose his job as the country’s trade envoy. And the Mail is very keen that that should happen.

The Mail says Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were “introduced to Andrew’s freind and convicted paedophile Jeffery Epstein on a holiday in the Bahamas in 1998”.

Why the Mail is telling us this is unclear. Are we to assume that the gels were in danger? Beatrice would have been nine or ten; Eugenie seven or eight. That seems unlikely given the allegation by Virginia Roberts that Epstein liked his women vulnerable and poor.

So much for the sex. What about the rich mates? Well, here’s the now ubiquitous Goga Ashkenazi, the minted socialite who lives in the UK.

She says Andrew texted her. She tells the Times:

“I told Andrew not to worry, he’s done nothing wrong and that it was being blown out of all proportion.”

Cheers, Goga. There’s nothing will make the British public love and respect Randy Andy more than listening to one of his otherworldly upper-rich pals who “acted as go-between on the sale of his former marital home to a Kazakh billionaire for £3millin over the asking price”.

Goga says he’s worked for the country “for no personal gain”.

Careful. If your snort any harder you might puke…

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