Anorak News | Royal Wedding Death Plot: Loving Kate Middleton Is A Mental Illness

Royal Wedding Death Plot: Loving Kate Middleton Is A Mental Illness

by | 18th, April 2011

KATE Middleton has “STALKERS”! The Daily Mirror leads with news that “COPS” have “SWOOPED” on these Stalkers.
Reading on we learn from Victoria Murphy that:

STALKERS out to gatecrash the royal wedding are being targeted by police.

Who are these stalkers plotting to bypass the police, the cavalry, the snipers, the footmen, the SAS and Camilla to get close to Princess Catherine?

They have swooped on at least a dozen suspects, including mental health patients, and warned them to stay away from Wills and Kate’s big day on April 29 – for their own safety.

So. They are not stalkers. The police have just told a few ill people not to try and stalk Kate Middleton, the woman stood in the centre of the largest security operation this side of Iraq? And the cops have not swopped. The cops have knocked on some doors as matter of routine.

A source adds:

“The consequence of breaching a cordon could be deadly. Armed cops have a split second to decide about opening fire.”

Thanks for telling us, Daily Mirror. Thanks for making death threats. What else?

Detectives from the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre were accompanied by psychiatric nurses to help them carry out “welfare and medication checks” on suspects with an unhealthy interest in the future king and queen.

Like tabloid reporters?

After being interviewed, either at home or in hospital, a number of potential troublemakers have been warned in no uncertain terms to stay away from the royal ceremony at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

Having labelled mental patients as “potential troublemakers”, the Mirror then supplies the social pariahs who have done no wrong other than fall ill with the date and location of the wedding.

The specially-trained FTAC unit was set up to protect royals, politicians and other VIPS from cranks and stalkers.

Mental health patients are now “cranks” – especially the patriotic ones.

And what of the crack unit that is keeping Wills and Cathy safe?

It has nine detectives, three nurses, a community support officer and is led by a psychiatrist and a psychologist, based at the North London Forensic Service.

The stalkers do not stand a chance.But what of the threat and the number of menatally ill monarchists – sorry, stalkers ?

Buckingham Palace receives at least 10,000 letters a year from people with mental illness.

The Palace can diagnose a letter writer’s state of mind and health by reading a letter?

Most are said to be harmless, but some contain threats.

How many non-mentally ill people write to the Palace or who follow the Royal Family’s every move is not said. But searching the internet for “royal correspondent” should cough up the names of a few dozen suspicious characters…


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