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Osama Bin Laden’s Dead Body Photos: Want To See?

by | 6th, May 2011

THE White House’s kak-handed handling of the death of Osama bin Laden makes us wonder if public enemy number one rally is dead. We saw Dillinger. Show us Osama.

Damian Thompson says the approach has been good for conspiracy theorists. But wanting proof does not make you a nutter in a tin hat. Questioning the official version of events – one that keeps changing – does not make you a denier.

We’ve charted a few of the lies here. And now get a load of this from Hillary Clinton, who was in the Obama wargaming room when the kill was broadcast (or was it?).

The Daily Mail reports this gem as unquestionable fact:


Back to Thompson, who writes:

The internet played a huge role in spreading false claims about 9/11 in the five years after September 11. But, if the technology of five years ago was easily adaptable by conspiracy theories, that of 2011 offers infinitely more sophisticated means of making outlandish claims appear as plausible as the BBC evening news.

While Thompson believes it all without questison, Jim Treacher wants a body:

I want to see the pictures because they show Osama Bin Laden with a big hole in his head. I saw people jump out of the Twin Towers. I saw those buildings fall down. I saw the people who ran for their lives down the streets of New York in front of an avalanche of ash. I saw the faces of the people who lived through it. Now I want to see what happened to the guy who did it. I want the world to see how that turned out for him.

Can censorship be justified? Harold Evans writes:

…it was merely to satisfy morbid curiosity to show us the dead Lee Harvey Oswald [photo] lying on a pathologist’s table, with the crude post-mortem stitches lacerating his chest. That picture was suppressed but eventually made it into print. I’d guess that the same will happen with the bin Laden and it won’t do more than indulge a prurient curiosity.

Sarah Palin wades in and Rob Delaney responds:

I’m imagining a group of terrorists sitting around a computer, pulling up a photo of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse, and one saying “WHOA GUYS, if we try to ‘destroy America’ they might try put BULLETS in our FACES. We better knock this malarkey off ASAP. Return that fertilizer to the hardware store and let’s use the fuel we’ve stockpiled to power the generator at my nephew’s school for a few weeks.”

Terrorists, especially of the Jihadi variety, are frequently prepared for and SEEKING death, whether it come in the form of a bullet, explosion, or underpants conflagration on a Detroit-bound flight. But I presume Sarah Palin knows this. So her tweet is both “politicking” and “drama.” It’s theater, in fact.

Show us the body. The truth is brutal (warning: graphic photos)…

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