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We Are All Hamza al-Khateeb: The Face Of Sadism In Syria

by | 31st, May 2011

CAN you still be shocked by an image? Can a story still stir emotions when delivered raw? Can Hamza al-Khateeb be the face that makes the world do something about Syria?

These Arab revolutions need a face for the people to rally around. The massses are a collection of ones:

Tunisia: Mohamed Bouazizi (immolation)

Egypt: Khaled Said (murder by police)

The US has been caught on the backfoot. Obama is not alone. Sheikh Nasrallah has stated his support of President Assad. Syrian protesters have been burning pictures of Hezbollah’s leader.

Hamza al-Khateeb was 13 year old when he was snatched by Syrian police on April 29, 2011. One month later the sadists returned him to his family. The reprot is thus:

The child had spent nearly a month in the custody of Syrian security, and when they finally returned his corpse it bore the scars of brutal torture: Lacerations, bruises and burns to his feet, elbows, face and knees, consistent with the use of electric shock devices and of being whipped with cable, both techniques of torture documented by Human Rights Watch as being used in Syrian prisons during the bloody three-month crackdown on protestors.

You want more?

Hamza’s eyes were swollen and black and there were identical bullet wounds where he had apparently been shot through both arms, the bullets tearing a hole in his sides and lodging in his belly. On Hamza’s chest was a deep, dark burn mark. His neck was broken and his penis cut off.

What did the young teenager do to warrant such treatment?

We are all Hamza al-Khateeb“.

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