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Suicidal Sinead O’Connor Gives It Up The Arse

by | 18th, September 2011

FOLLOWING her earlier invitation for anal sex with a yam named Brian, priest Sinead O’Connor haas been talking about suicide.

Note: her advert for love now includes the element: “Must provide me with Fry’s chocolate cream bars (NOT a euphemism for anal sex).”

D-listed on his blog says Sinead is crazy. She is not. She is a brilliant writer, utterly captivating, warm, charming and readable. She is the antidote to the PR-fed bullshit that passes for copy in the tabloid press, in which pop mucus is traduced to Cheryl Cole’s warm heart and Lady Gaga’s beef curtains.

UsWeekly looks at to Sinead’s Tweets:

So now I wish suicide wud kill me.

I fucking hate Ireland so much.

All this shit we’re not supposed to say. Including suicidal feelings, sex, etc. U just get treated like a crazy person. I want to go

To heaven SO bad. Have for yrs. But I don’t wanna abandon my kids. But if I cud die without them knowing I did it myself I wud.

An I know every1 will say I’m a cunt for saying that.. But fuck all this shit we’re ‘not supposed to say’. I’m so tired. 24 yrs

Of being treated like a crazy person. Can’t manage any more. Badly wish cud die without it ruining my kids lives.

She then takes to her blog to talk about death (published in full. Sinead , write for us, please.):

Open letter to all people in who occassionally feel suicidal, or think, or have acted suicidally, including that really annoying Sinead woman that won’t just shut the fuck up and stop making people feel uncomfortable.. #angrymobfromsimpsons

Dear Precious U (including Sinead)

Why would ‘God’ want u to beat urself up for wanting to die? Don’t allow anyone near u who, when ur with them u feel bad about u. U haven’t died. And that’s what matters to God. “God is close to the broken hearted.” And ‘God’ doesn’t judge.

I don’t reckon ‘God’ is a he or a she.. But an ‘it’. A spirit. I only base my feeling on what I’ve read about near-death experiences.. Where everyone has sensed an un-conditionally loving ‘presence’ , tho’ they didn’t know what to call it.. So they said either presence, spirit or being.

Whatever it is, I dunno, but I know its arms are around us all but more especially those who are broken-hearted and as any parent’s arms would be. ‘God’s love is impossible to corrupt.

I can’t remember the name of this movie but it wuz huge when I wuz young.. Started with sweep of footage of the universe. And when it got so u cud see the earth u could see the sun above it and its light shone over the top of the earth and it looked like a person hugging and holding earth. That’s what it fuckin looks like. That has to count amongst many proofs there really is a ‘God’

Step A to feeling better about ourselves is prayer. I know, ur thinking “ok.. Buttfucking” now “God?” Yes. Apologies. Am a hideous sinner. But also other things.

Next.. Slowly ‘weed your garden’.. As in.. Get rid out of ur life anyone or anything that makes u feel bad about u. Doesn’t matter who or what they are. If u feel bad about u when u been around them.. Don’t be around them.

If u knew u had a week to live, who and what would u want around u? And who or what would u not? Well.. We gots to live life like we wuz dyin’ tommorow anyways. Cuz.. “U won’t’ know the hour which I come”.

Hindus, whom I reckon ‘get it’ spiritually speaking.. Believe (as far as I think from my miniscule glimpsings)if we kill ourselves we have to fuckin come back another time! Or more! For more lives!!! Nah fuck that shit! I’m staying in this life so I can stay with old ‘God’ forever when I get there.

I do believe suicide is a sin. Because u may as well have murdered every one who loves u even remotely. Including ‘God’. And we all have people who adore us.. Even if we think we don’t.

Its a lie too, suicide. It doesn’t solve your problems. It only makes them infinately, un-countably worse. Its a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Which brings u a whole rake of new karmic problems. Its selfish. And shit. So.. Let’s not do it.

BUT Its ok to FEEL suicidal. That is most definately neither a sin nor a sign necessarily, of madness. Its quite normal to feel that way sometimes.

And its not only ok but MANDATORY u SAY when u feel suicidal and ask for help.. And anyone who criticises u can fuck off so they can for themselves and is only afraid of their own ‘madness’ .

People who express suicidal feelings are least likely to act on them. anyone who gives u the remotest bit of shit for expressing suicidal feelings is a wanker and is to be politely asked to permanently vacate your precious company. Even if its ur mudda-fuggin Mama.

We all have to support each other along the way maybe..make interweb spaces where we can speak to someone if the wave comes over… Its only a wave.. It goes away. What stops people actually killing themselves is being able to express suicidal feelings without being treated like shit for doing so. .

Maybe there already are such services, apart from Samaritans I don’t know of any. Samaritans are fucking A-MAZING tho’ in my experience.

If anyone does know of support services in Ireland other than nut-houses and psychiatrists and drugs (DO NOT STOP MEDS BCUZ I SAID THAT.) where people can maybe have a cup of tea.. Etc… Or phone services where people in mid wave can be helped by people who ‘get it’ and won’t judge Please e mail details to me at and I will post them(once have checked all is ‘kosher’).

Yes, And she does take up up the arse… And, judging by her writing, give it, too…


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Singer Sinead O'Connor otherwise known as Mother Bernadette O'Connor, arrives at the Heineken/Hot Press Rock Awards in Dublin, Ireland, accompanied by friend BP Fallon.

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