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West Ham Want You To Pay For Their Local Greed: We’re Backing Spurs And Orient

by | 12th, October 2011

WEST Ham want to move into the Olympics Stadium. Tottenham also want to. If Spurs get the nod, then West Ham are stuffed. What boy in North-east London not already supporting Manchester United would turn down a trip to Spurs’ purpose built new ground and Premier League football in favour of a trip to  Championship Upton Park? Spurs would be parking their tanks on West Ham’s lawns.

Then Newham Council decided in the face of legal wrangling to not give its bed partners West Ham a £40m loan; the Government decreed that any tenant would have to keep the stadium’s running track for 125 years, thus scuppering Spurs original plans for an excellent privately-financed single-purpose football ground; the taxpayer – yep, you! – will have to pay for the stadium to be turned into a 60,000 arena to be rented out for £2million a year; and West Ham will seek to play football in an at-best half-full ground  (unless they are playing a bigger team or are bought by a very rich and very vain lunatic who also buys great players).

Now Leyton Orient say they are interested in moving to the stadium. Good for them. But Karren Brady disagrees. But that’s not because she’s West Ham’s vice chairman – well, not only  that – it’s because she cares about local issues.

She writes in the Sun:

“We will need to travel only  just over a mile from the Boleyn Ground to the Olympic site.”

It’s 2.7 miles by car. And in London that can be a long way. It can men you move into another team’s zone of influence. She adds:

“We believe we are the home team. We are the ones who understand the area and its proud people. There will not be many, if any, who have moved to a new stadium closer and who have been able to carry so much goodwill with them.”

Local Olympics grounds for local people!

So. Here’s to Leyton Orient, then, who play 1.6miles from the Olympic stadium in sunny Brisbane Road.


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