Anorak News | Magpies falls silent for Kim Jong il (video)

Magpies falls silent for Kim Jong il (video)

by | 27th, December 2011

DEAR Leader Kim Jong il is dead. The rainbow has a new colour. A huge bright star shines only over North Korea. And the magpies are silent.  The magpies arrived in Unsan the day aftger Kim Jong-il died of extreme fatigue as he sat on a train being pulled by his willing countrymen.

Says a Baik Keun-shik:

“I have been living here, a coal mine village, for about 50 years, but I have never seen a thing like this.”

Ri Yon-souk agrees:

“It’s not just a strange natural phenomenon. It means our ‘Dear Leader’ was a born great man, so nature as well as all the people around the world cannot forget him, we can feel his existence in our warm heart.”

Of course, the birds being so still makes them easier to kill and eat.

On magpies, the BBC notes:

There are many folk stories involving magpies, and they were once thought to be in league with the devil.

They also need their sleep.

Meanwhile, the believers have been paying tribute to the man they call The Prince of Hearts. Reports on the kcna news service are wonderful:

The mourners are renewing their firm will to bring about a steady boost in agricultural production, looking up to the image of Kim Jong Il who dedicated himself to the work to let the Korean people live as well as others…

“Permit me to commiserate with you, firstly as the son of an illustrious flag bearer. You also have the onerous responsibility of being his Great successor” – message of condolences from Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, president of Nigeria

“The Malian people are now sharing sorrow with the Korean people. The sorrow of the Korean people is just the sorrow of the Malian people. I hope the Korean people will overcome the present sorrow and register successes in the building of a thriving nation under the leadership of respected HE Kim Jong Un” –  Amadou Toumani Toure, president of Mali,

All are invited to the feast, where there will be magpies followed by magpie tea and magpie surprise.

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