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Kyron Horman: Why have the Oregonian’s Lynne Terry and Maxine Bernstein changed stories?

by | 22nd, April 2012

THE story of Kyron Horman is being changed online. Why are stories by the Oregonian’s Lynne Terry and Maxine Bernstein being altered well after their original publication? Why do the stories contain no notations made as to what they updated in the articles? There is no pointing out what was added or deleted.

The Oregonian seems to have become the police’s mouthpiece. Are press are embarked on a witch hunt to get Terri Horman, Kyron’s step-mother? The police sit back and watch the media tear into Terri Horman.

True Nelson wrote:

The Sheriff’s Office’s mouthpiece seems to be the Oregonian, in the person of Maxine Bernstein, who it appears, has rather exclusive access. She has been remarkably unequivocal in publishing whatever information she is given, without asking any particularly hard questions. Some of the articles and information published have been unquestionably ruinous to the reputations of Terri Horman andsome of her associates. Ms. Bernstein is conceivably comfortable doing this, based on First Amendment protections, and assurances that she has received solid information from the authorities.

A reader asks:

 How in the hell can you report on a meeting that took place on Feb. 24, 2011 and 9 months later just add whatever or take out whatever with no notations of the updates?   They are even deleting articles that were published that we read and all of sudden they no longer exist.

All good to update stories and correct errors. But in their updated copy the writers make no reference to the earlier published versions of these stories.

The question is: have the hacks gotten too close to the story? The pressure on Kyron Horman’s step-mother Terri Moulton Horman – the last person we know to have seen Kyron alive – has been intense from day one. She denies any wrongdoing. But facts have not been not stuck to. Kyron Horman’s birth parents have pointed the finger, calling Terri Horman a liar. Their open letter is legend. The child’s father, Kaine Horman, is divorcing a persecuted Terri Horman. The inept police have stood by and allowed claims to be made – they even executed a kak-handed honeytrap that failed badly.

This was particularly biased reporting.

How close are the self-hanging police and the birth parents to the Oregonian? Is the media doing the police’s dirty work? Desiree Young, Kyron’s natural mother, is now married to Medford Police Detective Tony Young. Neither were mentioned in the police’s questionnaire. But the questionnaire contains several questions about the stepmother, Terri Horman.

A reader writes:

They Oregonian writers have added a ‘primer’ in every article written that I caught onto over a year ago.  Even if the article is not on TH but about Kryon or something the bios said, etc. they put in that article one sentence “Terri Horman stopped cooperating with the Police, hired a high profile defense lawyer and move to Roseburg to live with her parents.”  Do you see what the f they’ve been doing?  Always subtly  keeping in the public’s thoughts that TH is responsible.

In other news, the civil case – Kaine’s Horman’s divorce action against Terri Horman – was being led by the DA!

Now, Dan Tilkin was a top reporter for Willamette Week and the one who also wrote that article about Kaine’s ground rules to be a team player.  Willamette Week had and has refused to ever be a party to that team playing game.

Here’s the transcript from CNN:

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let me go to Dan Tilkin. You`re the reporter there on the ground. Have you been able to talk — any police sources and get some sense of why they have been so silent in this case.

TILKIN: Well, we’re getting — there — that’s a really good question, by the way, one we’ve been wrestling with for a long time.

And a lot of the information we’re getting is from sources, things that are not on the record that they do not want traced back. But I can echo what Victoria said, that they are definitely trying to turn up the heat on Terri Horman and shrink the circle around her both socially and legally, trying to ice late her from her support group, people that support her, and try to get her to crack, so to speak, to give up some type of information that will hopefully lead them to Kyron.

This — all these civil proceedings, I’m being told by legal experts here, are being orchestrated by the district attorney’s office.”

WWeek reported:

The saga of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman got a little more bizarre today at a news conference held this morning by the boy’s family. The event at Brooks Hill Historic Church was arranged on Wednesday by Kyron’s father Kaine Horman, biological mother Desiree Young and her husband, Medford Police Detective Tony Young.

Absent was Terri Moulton Horman, the stepmom investigators say was the last person known to have seen Kyron before his June 4 disappearance. Kaine Horman filed for divorce and a restraining order against her earlier this week. And she’s since hired star criminal defense attorney Stephen Houze.

Today, Kaine Horman and the Youngs sat at the head of a table in a room filled with more than two dozen national and local reporters for print, TV and radio. As the meeting began at 10 a.m., Kaine Horman started out by explaining “the agenda.” This wasn’t going to be a typical press conference.

Horman said the family’s goal was to make “the story” about Kyron. With news of the divorce and investigators homing in on the stepmom, media coverage (including in WW) has increasingly focused on Kyron’s troubled family.

First came Horman’s “ground rules,” as he described them. No cameras. No recordings. Everything was off the record and couldn’t be reported, unless agreed otherwise. Horman made everyone in the room agree to these rules before proceeding. And so this roomful of reporters consented, in essence, not to be reporters.

Horman then laid out how the meeting would go. They would take questions, make some phone calls (presumably to investigators, to find out what they could say in their answers), then return and make an on-the-record statement. But first, Horman wanted all the reporters he didn’t know to introduce themselves.

KEX radio, KATU, The Portland Tribune and “Inside Edition” all got the nod from Horman. But then came Shane Kavanaugh and Bryan Denson of The Oregonian.

Horman said the family didn’t like The Oregonian’s coverage and wanted them to leave. Horman said the daily had failed to be a “team player.

“This is a team, and if we’re not going to play as a team, there’s no point in being here,” Horman said. “This is about Kyron.”

Denson objected, saying he’s new to the story and after 28 years in journalism he’s “a pretty good reporter.” But there was no arguing. The family wanted The O gone, and a woman who said she’s a manager at the church escorted them out. The biggest newspaper in the state had been eighty-sixed

I introduced myself and said I’m with Willamette Week. Horman said the family has the same problem with WW. I agreed to leave. And so the paper with the second-biggest circulation in Oregon was also kicked out.

As far as I was concerned, after getting kicked out all deals were off. I wasn’t going to keep the meeting off the record.

According to a reporter who stayed, the family went on to lay out more “ground rules” for the future. They said they’d hold these “news conferences” (if you can call them that) twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, as time allows. They would make prepared statements, answer some questions submitted in writing and may also do occasional interviews.

“They want us to cover Kyron, and they’re not going to get neck-deep in gossip and rumors,” the reporter said.

ABC News convinced the family to make an on-the-record statement in front of one camera, with the tape available as pool footage for other reporters. After more than an hour inside the church, the reporters were sent outside while the family stayed in to prepare a statement.

The reporter at the scene said The Oregonian had somehow gotten back on the family’s good side and was among those waiting outside to hear the prepared statement.

Terri Horman, allegedly hired a hitman to kill her estranged husband Kaine Horman. Why would she want him dead?

A few of the “updated” stories can be seen below:

Maxine ‘updated’ the above article, which was published 6/3/11, on 11/19/11 with no notations as to what the updates were  Needless to say the original version no longer exists – only the updated version of the original article exists.

Maxine updated the above article, which was published at 4 a.m. on February 24, 2011, on November 29, 2011 with no  notations as to what the updates were.  The original article which was published on 24 February no longer exists – only the updated version of the original article exists.

Maxine updated the above article, which was published at 8:04 pm on  February 24, 2011 reporting on the County Commissioners Meeting held that day, on November 29, 2011 with no notations as to what the updates were.  The original article no longer exists only the updated version.

Lynne Terry interviewed friends, family members and acquaintance of TH and the article was published on August 19, 2010 and updated on October 13, 2011 (take note over a year later) with no notations made to what the updates were.  The original version of the article no longer exists only the updated version.

A reader writes:

Last year I caught them red handed changing an article and outed them on the forum.  What the reporter had in her original article was a statement made to OL by Kaine giving an update on the investigation and what they were doing.  I made a point to copy that statement as I was going to comment on it but was tired so saved it until the next day. The next day I go to the article to make my comment and guess what!  That statement was NOT there instead she had written “the MCSO were making no comments on the ongoing investigation.”  I went off big time on that reporter on the forum and posted the original statement on the forum to show what she had changed.

Other posters on OL have complained on the thread about going to copy articles they had the links to to get information from and the articles no longer existed.

I have outed on the forum and asked for explanations  from both Maxine Bernstein and Terry Lynne when I’ve gone to those above articles to get information from and found them updated with no notations nothing.  And asked them to explain to me just what those updates were made 9 or 10 months later and Lynne Terry’s over 1 year later update.  No response from either of course.

The Oregonian endorsed Staton [Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton] when he ran for Sheriff of the County and they is why they arse kissing buddies and the OL gets all the exclusives and heads up on this case every step of the way.  The MCSO told her about the alleged murder for hire plot and she broke that story front page as having gotten it from a ‘source’.  People demanded to know who the source was (I already knew that was a non brainer) and the Editor of the Oregonian refused to tell the people and he put that in writing on the front page he was not going to tell.

Curious stuff in Potland Oregon….

Image: The family of missing 7-yr-old Kyron Horman, from left stepfather Tony Young, birth mother Desiree Young, stepmother Terri Horman and father Kaine Horman stand together at a press conference at Brooks Hill Historical church across from Skyline Elementary School in Portland, Ore., Friday June 11, 2010. 

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