Anorak News | Sarah Palin to model her campaign on 50 Shades of Lisa Ann

Sarah Palin to model her campaign on 50 Shades of Lisa Ann

by | 29th, August 2012

SARAH Palin has been the victim of everyday sexism. Sarah Palin was the victim of misogyny,  spazmo Barack Obama’s pitbull in lipstick, the woman who breeds retards.

At the Republican National Convention in Tampa, porn star Lisa Ann – she played Serra Paylin in corporate porn flick Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? – has been hired to perform a GOP-styled strip show at Thee DollHouse adult club.

Gawker notes:

A dental assistant by trade, Ann arrived in Tampa over the weekend…

Lisa Ann has vocational qualifications, unlike Palin, whose “hockey mum” approach appears to be made up as she goes along. The Tampa Bay Times quotes Lisa Ann:

“Do you know how many guys at the airport have told me they voted for Palin because they thought she was hot? I tell them, “Don’t vote.'”

Might it be an idea for Lisa Ann – working woman – to step up and given Palin a race at the ballot box? Might it be that Palin has been impersonating Ann? Middle aged mums are being seduced by porn, so every female columnists whose read 50 Shades of Grey tells us.

When the book’s lead character, Anastasia, and her billionaire finally have sex, she offers “‘Wow . . . that was astounding.” Who cannot imagine Sarah Palin saying that? Or Palin offering: “I detonate around him, again and again, round and round”?

Palin should sell her brand of homespun politics as the boring bits between the sex scenes. She’ll walk into the White House…


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