Anorak News | David Cameron and the elite should thank the Chelsea racists for their Paris show

David Cameron and the elite should thank the Chelsea racists for their Paris show

by | 19th, February 2015

A man has been barred from riding the Paris Metro by a gaggle of Cheslea fans. The episode is caught on video. The Chelsea fans are white. The man trying to board the train is black. Some Chelsea fans sing about being racist and enjoying it.

And – kaboom! – a small, nasty incident in a foreign city becomes a huge deal. The elite wade in.

The Sun leads with the news:


Chesleaf ans Metro



On Page 5, readers are ordered to “FIND PIGS OF PARIS”. The Sun says “an international hunt” is under way for the dicks who sang “We’re racist and that’s the way we like it” and giving full throat to the refrain “Where were you in World War 2?”

Having defeted the Nazis and saved France, it is now left to the Chelsea brains trust to deliver imported racism to Paris. To the victors, the spoils.



Cheslea fans PAris Metro


How bad was it? Obvlously, the Metro bouncers and a few others behaved badly. But when you hear the man who took the footage say, “It was getting quite aggressive”, you wonder if  this spat is front-page news because it’s racism in action, a sign that old prejudices are waiting to return, or because it’s white football fans behaving badly?

When you hear David Cameron say this is “extermely worrying” and “These are very, very serious matters”, you might wonder what planet he’s from. A small incident between idiots and a black man is a diplomatic issue that goes to the very top of society.

Look at how sensitive to racism David Cameron is. Yes, there are no black faces on the Government’s front benches. Yes, there are no black editors of national newspapers. Yes, the Metropolitan police leadership team is all white. Yes, anti-Semitism remains the default position among the upper classes. But look at those Chelsea fans. The elite like their racists white, shaven headed and, preferably, working class. They’re easier to spot and accuse.

In the Mail, a Mitchell McCoy is quoted as saying the man trying to board the train was “really agressive”. The Mail says eyewitness Mitchell is 17. The Star says he’s 16. Mitchell says the victim  was a PSG fan.

You want more facts?

In the Daily Star, a teenager named Meghane says she “believes the man as pushed off the train as he is a Parisien, rather than for his skin colour”.


Daily Mail board


The Dail Mail (number of black faces on its board: nil (see above)) isn’t listening.

The Mail knows racism whan it sees it. The paper delivers the time-honours “LEAGUE OF SHAME”, a list of football fans arrested for “racist and abusive chanting”.


football racism


Over the past 10 years – TEN – 19 Chelsea fans have been arrested for “racsit and abusive” chanting. Less than 2 a year. And that figure’s now low because the authorities are soft on such vocals. Far from it. The stewards are actively seeking out the chanters who sing from the wrong songbooks.

This season, the average Premier League crowd is 36,619.  This table shows total crowd numbers by Premier League season:



Screen shot 2015-02-19 at 08.14.26



So. About that “League of Shame”. It’s not is it. There have been 168 arrests for singing inappropriate things out of over 130m fans.

But they msut be smashed lest the football fan racism and nastiness spread and the white, working class fools – the people who are most likely to live close to black, brown and foreign faces – riot. Maybe a footballer can use his status as a State-sanctioned “role model” to stand alongside MPs and the Football Association (board: no black males) and tell the goons that racism is wrong?

The Daily Star (which once supported the EDL) says the “Hate thugs face 3 years’ jail”.

Wow! Three -years chocky for, well, what? For looking like identikit racists the elite can hold up and use to bolster their own sound anti-racist morals? Jail them? They should thank them…



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