Anorak News | Lord Janner: Scotland in 1972 and company law and not all Jews in the Daily Mail

Lord Janner: Scotland in 1972 and company law and not all Jews in the Daily Mail

by | 3rd, May 2015

Daily Express: “Scots police put on spot in Janner probe”


One of the Labour peer’s alleged victims claims the MP took him on a tour of Scotland in the early 1970s during which he was subjected to serious sexual assaults. He made a report at an Edinburgh police station in 1991 but the Crown Office yesterday confirmed they have never been notified.

Where is this report?

It raises fears that Scottish officers may have been ordered to drop any investigation into the politician, like their counterparts south of the Border.

Alleged. May. The facts are not there. We then hear once more from Kelvyn Ashby, a former detective inspector in Leicester, who “revealed that senior officers forced him to shelve his inquiry into Lord Janner”.

What does he recall?

“My only recollection is that we verified that the tour took place – I think it was some sort of official tour for the Labour party. It must have been quite a rarity for an English parliamentarian to be going on a tour of Scotland.”

All we have is a retired police officer saying they knew Greville Janner went on party business to Scotland. Maybe. And since when has it been rare for Labour politician to visit Scotland?

He insisted that his officers would have contacted the relevant Scottish force to keep them fully updated about any alleged crimes committed in their jurisdiction.

Got any paperwork to show that any of this occured?

Last night, abuse campaigners said it was “absolutely crucial” that Police Scotland reveal exactly how the complaint was dealt with.

That’s true enough.

One said: “It has been said Leicester police were leant on so they wouldn’t investigate, so we need to know what took place in the Scottish investigation.”

What Scottish investigstion? We’ve not seen any proof there was one.


Lord Janner – then Labour MP for Leicester North West – visited Giffnock, near Glasgow, in March 1972, as part of a nationwide campaign in support of Jewish people in the former Soviet Union.

However, it is not known if this was the same “speaking tour” upon which the alleged offences took place.

To recap: we don’t know anything.

Last night, Alan Draper, parliamentary liaison officer for In Care Abuse Survivors (INCAS) said: “I think this should be thoroughly investigated. The question should be asked, in light of this information, whether the police can investigate what records were kept. This could corroborate the evidence of other victims who have come forward. So I think it is important from that point alone…We should know what the Scottish police did with this information. How far did they investigate? Is there evidence to suggest they were leant on?”

To recap: can we see something? Can we see anything? Is there anything to see?

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said the force would attempt to uncover further details of the allegation, which was lodged with the now defunct Lothian and Borders Police.

She added: “The investigation of child abuse, whenever or wherever it has taken place, continues to be a top priority for Police Scotland. This has been highlighted by the launch of the National Child Abuse Investigation Unit last month. We would urge any victim of a sexual crime to contact police.”

The Daily Mirror: “Greville Janner was still company’s director days before dementia saw him spared child abuse charges”

Greville Janner was a ­company director days before he was spared ­prosecution over child abuse allegations – because of ­dementia. Property firm West Heath Seasons Ltd listed him as a boss until he stepped down on April 10.

Six days later the Crown Prosecution Service ruled he was not fit to stand trial.


Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders sparked outrage when she said his dementia meant he would not ­understand what was said. In the last ­available ­accounts at ­Companies House, for the year to December 31, 2013, he topped the list of directors who “served” the company. Lord Janner, now 86, gave his ­occupation as “Working Peer, Writer, Lecturer”.

The Daily Mail holds its nose:

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders sparked outrage when she said his dementia meant he could not understand what would happen in a courtroom.
Yet less than a week earlier, the Labour peer was at the top of a list of company directors for his firm West Heath Road Seasons Ltd…

The company, which manages Janner’s £2million home and seven other flats in his luxury north London development, had reserves of £8,350, the latest accounts show. Janner, 86, stood down as a director of the company on April 10, six days before the chief prosecutor announced he would escape being charged with 22 child sex offences.

It follows the revelation Janner transferred ownership of his apartment to his three children in the same month his Parliamentary office was searched by police last year, and four months after a similar raid on his home.

Are we making links?

Now it can also be revealed the alleged paedophile used his holiday home on the south coast to entertain teenage boys, according to former neighbours.

The Labour grandee was a regular visitor to the flat in a discreet gated block with stunning sea views until it was sold last year. The peer bought his two-bedroom holiday apartment in the upmarket East Cliff area of Bournemouth in 1987.

Upmarket East Cliff? No. It’s very mid-market.

One former neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: ‘He was sometimes seen at the flat with much younger boys in their teens or early 20s.’

Boys in their early 20s?

At the time it was definitely noticed, but no one talked about things like that in public back then.’ Janner’s flat was on the seventh floor of a large clifftop block with views over the sea and the building’s outdoor swimming pool.

So. That’s a “discreet” “large clifftop block”. In looking for facts, the Mail lacks consistency in a single report.

An unnamed source then tells us:

‘I last saw him in 2014. He seemed exactly the same, no difference to his health…’

Well, that’s dementia for you. You can look ok. And then the Mail comes up with his line:

Former Bournemouth mayor Anne Filer, who is a leading member of the town’s Jewish community, said she never heard even a ‘whisper’ of concerns about Janner’s behaviour.

Is her Jewishness relevant? Why introduce race? What can the Mail mean by chosing to include that fact? Why not say that she is a Conservative Party councillor?

Lord Janner denies any wrongdoing…

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