Anorak News | Keeping up with the Danczuks: Simon speaks to the Sun as Karen locks him out

Keeping up with the Danczuks: Simon speaks to the Sun as Karen locks him out

by | 5th, July 2015

Karen Danczuk might have the t*ts, but it’s her estranged husband MP Simon Danczuk’s supplying the titillation. He’s been talking to the Sun, which thunders:

I fear she shared her selfie with Ben for five months, says Simon Danczuk

EXCLUSIVE: MP’s hell over claims of his wife’s affair

From being ‘campaigning Simon Danczuk’, the MP for Rochdale has in recent days earned a new epithet – he is “DEVASTATED Simon Danczuk”.

And his talking to the Sun will come a surprise for the Indy’s Simon Kelner, who opines loftily:

How he must have been anguished to see the most intimate details of his marriage picked over in lurid detail, and with lip-smacking salaciousness, in the pages of our national newspapers  (not this one, obviously).

Kelner then mentions Karen Danczuk’s “low-cut singlet and skimpy shorts”.



karen danczuk

Not dragging the kids into it


Mr Danczuk hardly comes over as someone who views the Sun as intrusive, telling the paper:

“I have had numerous conversations with her about whether she is having a relationship with Ben and it is very clear to me now that they are. It would not surprise me if it had been going on for four or five months. What more proof do I need?”

A sex tape should do it. If Karen is to be the true selfie Queen, a sex tape is useful.

But if Kelner is correct then why is Mr Danczuk talking to the Sun? Do we have the full story yet as he appears so willing to open up about his home life and broken heart?


karen danczuk affair


He then adds:

“I took the boys back to our bungalow in Rochdale on Friday at 6pm but she wasn’t there. She’d changed the locks. When she came home I said, ‘Karen, are you having an affair?’ She said Ben had come around to the house as they had lots to talk about. I said, ‘Really? Is that why he stayed for so long?’”

Ben, 33, is a keep fit trainer.

Simon added: “She was always getting glammed up for training which was weird, putting make-up on and wearing revealing outfits.”

We thought that was all she did do. Is Simon suggesting there is more to Karen than skimpy gear and eyeliner? He was he one who invited twitter users to vote on her tight Spandex.

He adds:

“I would ask her why she was doing it and she simply said there were other glamorous people at the gym. Her gym sessions went from being once a week to every day. And from one hour to a whole evening.

“It was clear that it was all for Ben. It is all very seedy and tacky.”

Karen replies:

 “I’ve never even so much as hugged Ben. He’s been a great friend and since I’ve lost weight I’ve gained so much confidence. Because I’m being accused of it anyway though, I almost think I might as well have had an affair.”

But the last word is with Mr Danczuk, who says:

“I thought I knew Karen but obviously not. I hope Ben knows what he is getting himself into.”

Or who he is getting himself into, allegedly.


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