Anorak News | Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s monsters, skeletons and ghosts

Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s monsters, skeletons and ghosts

by | 29th, October 2016

On Flashbak: Japanese artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s 19th century woodcuts of monsters, ghosts and legends. Made in the mid-1800s, these woodcuts still look fresh and modern. The mix of colour and powerful lines give the picures energy and cinematic feel. The skeleton triptych is terrifying.


The last stand of the Kusunoki Utagawa-KUNIYOSHI-1798-1861-warriors185 Scene from a Ghost Story- The Okazaki Cat Demon Musashi_on_the_back_of_a_whale (1) Miyamoto_Musashi_killing_a_giant_nue Hanagami_Danjo_no_jo_Arakage_fighting_a_giant_salamander Eight_Hundred_Heroes_of_Our_Country_s_Suikoden_12 Takiyasha the Witch and the Skeleton Spectre


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