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21st, August manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Chase Arturo Vidal To Fredy Guarin's House

IS Aturo Vidal heading to Manchcester United? They certainly need a dynamic box-to-box player. And Vidal is just that sort of footballer. But... More »

21st, August News

James Foley: British Police Hunt Ali G, John The Beatle And Missing Bin Laden Impersonators

THE man who murdered James Foley on video is British. Well, say says all the papers. How do they know this? Well, he spoke with a British accent. Don't bother checking for yourslf, the police says anyone even looking at the Islamic State's snuff movie "may" be arrested on a terrorism charge... More »

20th, August manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United In PR War Over Thomas Müller Marco Reus Debacle

TRANSFER Balls: Did Manchester United bid for Bayern Munich's Thomas Müller and his German compariot Marco Reus?... More »

20th, August Key Posts

Michael Brown And Ferguson: Biased Cops, Blacks Vote Out Whites And Westboro Church Bigots

THERE is a reason why the police are warned about posting on social media in the UK. It's to prevent them from looking biased and commenting on cases. But people will be people... More »

20th, August News

California Solar Energy Plant Bar-B-Cues 28,000 Birds A Year

Temperates above the mirrors can reach 420C (790F). Creatures flying overhead are cooked on the wing. Locals call the 28,000 birds-a-la-mode “streamers” because they smoke as they dive towards the ground... More »

20th, August Key Posts

Happy Birthday Immediate Records, A TinPot Haven For The Thin And Beautiful

ON this very day in 1965, something brilliant, eccentric and hip was born - Immediate Records... More »

20th, August Sports

Everton Balls: Ross Barkley's Missing Five Months Mystery

COMPARE and contrast the words of Everton manager Roberto Martinez talking about injured player Ross Barkley... More »

20th, August News 2

Free Speech Watch: Watching The James Foley Murder Is A Crime Unless You're In Uniform

DID you watch the video of James Foley being murdered? Have you searched the internet for stills from it? If you do see it, take care. Looking can make you a criminal... More »

20th, August manchester united 1

Manchester United Balls: Rio Ferdinand Says Van Gaal's Devils Leave Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea And Manchester City For Dust

BY now you'll be wondering what Rio Ferdinand has bene up since moving to QPR? Well, he's been forwarding his media career by looking up at the Premier League title hopefuls for the Daily Express... More »

20th, August News

Loom Mongers: The Daily Mail Says Loom Bands Give You Cancer, Kill Turtles And Maim Your Kids

TIME to pick up your iPads and iPods once again, kids, Loom bands are deadly. The Daily Mail tells us that Looms are killing you all... More »

20th, August Arsenal 4

Transfer Balls: Mario Balotelli To Liverpool Makes A Liar of Brenadan Rodgers

Utter, utter balls.... More »

20th, August Key Posts 3

In Praise of The Monkees: The Brilliant Top 10 They Never Play On The Radio

ON this very day in 1968, the last episode of The Monkees TV show aired in the States. Almost every US TV station re-ran the show, with the '69-'71 being more popular than the debut bow... More »

20th, August News

James Foley: Twitter Mob Put ISIS to The Hashtag Sword And End Free Speech

SO. How do you repsond to the news that Islamists have murderd US journalist James Foley?... More »

20th, August Money

News Vines: Scots Lassie Explains How We Feel About Rail Fare Rises

Rail fares are now the most expensive in Europe... More »

20th, August News

News Vines: CNN Anchor Suggests Police Fire Water Cannons In Ferguson

HOW do you quell the protests in Ferguson? Unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown was quietened by a hail of police bullets.... More »

20th, August Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Mehdi Benatia Wants Bayern Munich, Talks To Manchester United And Hopes To Play For Chelsea

TRANSFER Balls: Roma defender Mehdi Benatia has been the subject of feverish speculation... More »

20th, August News

Robert Burt Poses In The World's Greatest Mug Shot

TO Maine, where 19-year-old Robert Burt has been arrested in June for operating under the influence and driving without a licence. Police took his mug shot... More »

20th, August News 1

American Journalist James Foley Beheaded by ISIS Executioner With London Accent

JAMES Foley was kidnapped in Syria on November 22. The Islamic State, the militant group formerly known as ISIS, have released a YouTube video called "A Message to #America (from the #IslamicState)". It features a hooded man with British accent beheading James Wright Foley... More »

19th, August Key Posts

An Israel Boycott Is A Celebration Of Misanthropy, Ignorance And Haemorrhoids

And at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Jerusalem-based Incubator Theatre is seeking a new venue for its work, The City, because pro-Palestine and anti-Israel activists wanted it banned... More »

19th, August Celebrities 1

The BBC And Police Use Cliff Richard To Repair The Damage Of Jimmy Savile And Hillsborough

CAN we feel sorry for Cliff Richard? When the police raided his home in the full glare of the BBC cameras, did you wince? ... More »

19th, August News

Arsenal Balls: Daily Mail Gives Calum Chambers 6 Out Of 10 And Calls Him 'The New Bobby Moore'

How does the Daily Mail see Calum Chambers, the 19-year-old who has now played two competitive matches for Arsenal?... More »

19th, August manchester united

Manchester United Balls: In 1989 Michael Knighton Had Lost A Million And Gained Michael Knighton

United fans grumbling over their side's slip from the top can cast their eyes back to August 19 1989, when new chairman Michael Knighton dressed in the team kit before going on the pitch to entertain the crowd before the first division match against Arsenal... More »

19th, August News 2

Michael Brown Killed In Ferguson: The Autopsy Photos

What do you see? More »

19th, August News 1

Michael Brown: Why The Death Of A Black Man In Missouri Is World News

Here's a view on why the trouble following the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, is front-page news in the UK... More »

19th, August manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Pay Over The Odds For Angel Di Maria To Live Up North

More balls... More »