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18th, February News

Baby throttling in Boots is ok so long as you don't shoplift

The Daily Mirror leads with the terrifying news that the "BOOTS BABY STRANGLER" is at large... More »

18th, February Key Posts

Can we talk about Muslim anti-semitism?

Karen Armstrong, once a nun and the "respected author of bestsellers like A History of God and The Case for God, answers the question whether religion is the principal cause of violence". A few choice cuts from her interview with cause eyebrows to be raised: “There was nothing in the Muslim world like antisemitism..." More »

17th, February News

Peter Oborne quits the Daily Telegraph with a tweeted jump shot into Jason Seiken's news bin

With the General Election looming, the Daily Telegraph waves goodbye to its political commentator Peter Oborne. The Telegraph is all about digital balls and listicles.... More »

17th, February News

Daily Mail scare stories: Asian-induced heart attacks and other 'crimes'

It's Death Tuesday in the Daily Mail: let's get looking for new ways to fall ill and die. Last week the Mail was full of questions and disasters that "may" happen... More »

17th, February News

Man arested for being shot with his own gun by 4-year-old daughter

To Indiana, where David J. Paulson, 35, of Hamlet is under arrest. His crime: being shot... More »

17th, February manchester united

Manchester United and England's Wayne Rooney never dives: only foreign 'cheats' do that

Did Manchester United's Wayne Rooney dive to win a penalty in the FA Cup win over Preston North End? Before we get the experts' views, let's hark back to the day when Liverpool's Luis Suarez was "going to ground easily"... More »

17th, February Sports 2

Aston Villa Balls: Paul Lambert wins in the Sun as Spurs, Everton and Newcastle queue for his services

The bouquets are out for Paul Lambert, who was finally sacked from his post as Aston Villa manager. Alan Shearer tells Sun readers Lambert struggled because: "They [Aston Villa] have had one of the lowest net spends in the Premier League." Did they? More »

16th, February News 1

Muslim 'parasites' and Jewish 'Hitlers' blamed for Islington Council's 'ban on pork'

News that Islington Council (Labour) "banned" pork from primary schools in the London borough thrilled the media. The story that Muslims and Jews had forced all kids to miss out on pork sausages and any other way you can slice and dice Peppa Pig was an affront to lunch and British values.... More »

16th, February News

Target shoppers get free marijuana with Angry Birds toy

Which brings us to today's news that a mother was "surprised" to find $800 worth of marijuana in Angry Birds toy. This offer seems to be only available to toy shoppers in Ontario, Canada, and then at just one Target store.... More »

16th, February Chelsea

Chelsea Balls: David Luiz reveals why David Luiz left Chelsea with David Luiz

The Sun has been talking with Chelsea's former Playstation character* and footballer David Luiz. In readiness for his current club, PSG, Champions' League match with Chelsea, Luiz has been talking abouthimself... More »

16th, February Madeleine McCann

Man 'looking for Madeleine McCann' in child abuse images guilty of thought crimes

Madeleine McCann: then story of the misisng child as told by the news media. Today we meet David Brinkman... More »

15th, February News

Virginia Roberts sex slave: Bill Clinton's 'Lolita Express' and the Dalai Lama saves Prince Andrew

The story of Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts, the womn who claims she had sex with him him when she was Jeffrey Epstein's underage sex slave, has slipped down the news cycle... More »

15th, February Strange But True 1

Woman set fire to Chicago apartment because boyfriend burned all the marijuana

Lopez told police she fell asleep, and when she woke up, her marijuana was gone... More »

15th, February Gifs

TGIMGIF: designer turns 50-year-old photos into gifs

Designer Cari Vander Yacht has enlivened old phots with her “TGIMGIF” (Thank God It’s Monday’s Graphics Interchange Format). .. More »

14th, February News 1

Free Speech attacked in Denmark: after the shooting stopped the Passion For Freedom speakers carried on talking

A man has ben shot dead at Copenhagen's Krudttoenden café, where a debate on free speech was underway.... More »

14th, February News 1

Free speech mystery: Combo the #COEXIST street artist attacked by toughs in Paris

To Paris, where Combo the artist has been beaten up. Combo is French born. His father is a Lebanese Christian father and his mother a Moroccan Muslim... More »

14th, February News

Tired looking 28-year-old arrested after forgetting wife's name in sham marriage

The Daily Telegraph reports on "Zubair Khan, a 28-year-old Pakistani man, and Beata Szilagyi, a 33-year-old Hungarian woman", who were both arrested in Hull "minutes before their sham ceremony"... More »

14th, February Liverpool

Transfer Balls: Burnely's Danny Ings dreams of Liverpool and signs two pre-contracts deals with Real Sociedad

Transfer Balls: a look at football nonsense reported as fact in the mainstream media: Today Burnley's Danny Ings is heading to Liverpool and Real Sociedad... More »

14th, February Sports

QPR and now Aston Villa: the ridiculous rise of Tim Sherwood

Shouty (surely passionate? -ed) Tim Sherwood wants to be manager of QPR, said the Daily Mirror on February 4... More »

13th, February Film

First drafts: 'Fifty Shits of Grey'

Shit First Drafts has "found a couple of drafts of the Fifty Shades of Grey script"... More »

13th, February The Consumer

Surf’s Flirty Shades of Surf liquid laundry detergent are Poppers for egg stains

Fifty Shades of Grey has inspired Surf’s Flirty Shades of Surf liquid laundry detergent to “bring a touch of cheekiness to the daily wash”. It is a riot of "scentsual oils". It contains "Alluring Rose and Jasmine", who are not two genie porn star... More »

13th, February News

BBC News just interviewed a dog: Russell Brand is away

This is how you get the kids interested in news... More »

13th, February News

Rotherham and Halifax: 25 men on trial at Calderdale Magistrates Court were not fuelled by Islam

Writing in the Times, Andrew Norfolk lists the names of the 25 men on trial at Calderdale Magistrates Court "accused of dozens of child-sex offences including multiple rapes, all of them allegedly committed against the same girl"... More »

13th, February News

No. Pork has not been banned in Islington schools

Islington Council will no longer serve pork to primary schools because it says it can no longer monitor which pupils don't want to eat sausages, bacon and pork chops due to their religious beliefs. Monitoring is an "unnecessary cost at a time of tight budgets"... More »

13th, February News

Canapes and cock: newspaper juxtaposition of the day

Newspaper juxtaposition of the day comes to us via the Suffolk Free Press... More »