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28th, September Celebrities

George Clooney Got Married: The Wedding Photos

GEORGE Clooney got married to his human rights lawyer fiancé Amal Alamuddin in Venice, Italy... More »

28th, September Celebrities 2

Local News Watch: The Torquay Herald Express Clarifies Sir Roger Moore's Scotch Egg Shun Scoop

James Bond 'shuns' Scotch egg... More »

28th, September News

Samantha Lewthwaite Opens Ginger Suicide School In Syria

THE Mirror reports that "White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite" is "training ISIS female suicide bombers in Syria".... More »

28th, September Politicians

Tory No-Sex Sex Scandal: Brooks Newmark Says You CAN Pull In Paisley Pyjamas

NEWS of a Tory "sex scandal" whets the appetites... More »

28th, September Liverpool

Raheem Sterling: Liverpool Will Lose The Player They 'Mined' At QPR

THE Sun has an "EXCLUSIVE" to quicken the hearts of Liverpool FC Fans: "LIVERPOOL are finally ready to open contract talks with Raheem Sterling..." More »

28th, September Celebrities

Jasmine Tredevil: 'I Pay For Sex With Cheeseburgers'

JASMINE Tridevil is the women with a foam pillow trapped between her pneumatic breasts. But to the Sun she continues to be the "3-boob model". And today we read that she "made me live in cage as sex slave"... More »

27th, September Newcastle United 1

Newcastle United Owner Wants To 'Murder' Alan Pardew: Gallowgate Jihadis Rejoice

VIVEK Chaudhary has news to gladden the hearts of Newscastle United fans. Writing in the Independent, Chaudhary broadcasts what Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley said about his side's manager, the man who looks like a surveryor on his way to a two-course lunch, Alan Pardew... More »

27th, September Sports

Swansea City's Jonjo Shelvey Becomes A Young Letter Writer's Hero

HARRY Jacobs, 8, wanted Swansea City’s Jonjo Shelvey to visit his North London school. His mum Nic wrote a letter to the player. Harry wanted to meet the former Liveprool and Charlton midfielder because, like him, he has Alopecia Totallis... More »

27th, September News

Fat Men Last Longest In Bed And Almost Finish Last

BIG bellied men make the ebst lovers. Of course they do. Who wants to schtup a lump of gristle?... More »

26th, September Books 1

What There Is Before There Is Anything There: A Scary Story

It's the same every night when the lights go out... More »

26th, September Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Brendan Rodgers Admits Suarez Was the 'Core' Of The Team

WHY are Liverpool doing not all that well in the Premier League? Brendan Rodgers, the Reds' verbose mangaer, knows... More »

26th, September Arsenal 1

Arsenal Balls: You'll Never Guess Who Was The Real Star Of The Invincibles

More »

26th, September News

Chemical X Make A Rainbow of Ecstasy For Your Entertainment

Of the wall hangings... More »

26th, September Strange But True

Man Turns His Amputated Leg Into A Floor Lamp

THERE'S no arm on Leo Bonten's lamp. But there is a leg. His leg... More »

26th, September Politicians 4

Ed Miliband Wonders If You Think He's An Unelectable Spod Because He's a Jew

DO you think Ed Miliband is bit of a weirdo because he's a Jew? Rachel Sylvester writes in the Times... More »

26th, September Arsenal

Arsenal v Spurs Balls: The Sun Puts Words In Wenger's Mouth

THE Sun loves to turn football into a war. In readiness for Arsenal's Premier League match with local London rivals Spurs, the paper thunders... More »

26th, September Books

Condom Meals I Want to Make for You: Cooking With Rubber Johnnies

AS Fanny Cradock might have put it: "Having a Johnnie around the place is awlays useful": "Condom Meals I Want to Make for You"... More »

26th, September manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Sign Miranda Four Months After They Already Did

The Daily Expres and Daily Star in some tag-team balls.... More »

26th, September Money

Police Support Officer Jailed Over Gatwick Money Scam Gets Longer Sentence Than Thieving Politicians

THE most effective crimes are the simplest... More »

26th, September manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Figure On Cristiano Ronaldo

TRANSFER Balls: Is Cristiano Ronaldo leving Real Madrid to play for Manchester United?.. More »

26th, September Money

Well Done Ed Miliband! A New Tax That Raises No Revenue!

More »

26th, September News

Big Fat Targets: Christina Briggs Lives On A Diet Of Rotten Tomatoes

CHRISTINA Briggs, 26, is fat. And flame-haired. She's on benefits, too. Give her pair of NHS-supplied false breasts and a ciggie and Briggs would be the nation's Aunt Sally with her own show on Channel 4... More »

26th, September In Pictures

Lowbrow Art For High Brow Ideas: Ken Christ Meets Virgin Barbie

POOL & Marianela make “Lowbrow art" from Barbie, Ken, Power Rangers and My Little Pony dolls... More »

26th, September News

Numan Haider: Show Me The Knife And Get Me Some IS Fast Food

WHEN Numan Haider was shot dead by police in Australia, to some he became a martyr. To other, he was an 18-year-old Islamist and IS fan who'd stabbed one policeman in the neck and slashed another... More »

26th, September News

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Fight Heckler In Spanish Square

A Mickey Mouse fight... More »