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27th, June The Consumer

For Sale: Bid For This Signed Photos Of Jesus

ON August 17, you can bid for an “autographed” portrait of Jesus. It's signed “With love, J”... More »

27th, June Celebrities 1

12 Vintage TV Publicity Photos That Must Be Seen

FROM the Sonny & Cher show, here’s mom and Chastity (now Chaz) before the female-to-male gender transition. Is it wrong that I still find Cher sexy in a Tweety Bird outfit? Don’t answer that. But do enjoy a handful of great publicity photographs from the 1960s - 1980s. Some are odd, some awesome – all are interesting... More »

26th, June Sports

World Cup Balls: Paul Merson Forgets England 1984 And Thinks Mexico And Brazil Are Rubbish

WORLD Cup Balls presents the wit of Paul Merson - billed in the Daily Star as "Our top columnist",. He "shoots from the lip"... More »

26th, June Flashback 2

The 5 Greatest Episodes of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979 - 1981)

AS impossible as it is for me to believe, Glen Larson’s version of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979 – 1981) turns thirty-five years old this year... More »

26th, June Liverpool

Luis Suarez 'Don't Bite Me': Tom Rosenthal's Songs For Football's Biggest Entertainer

A psychoanalysts dream you gotta lie down, tell them what it means... More »

26th, June Sports

Face Of The Day: Luis Suarez And The Making Of A Global Signature Move

FACE of the day: When Luis Suarez appeared to bite an Italian, his signature move went global... More »

26th, June manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Buy Ander Herrera For Less Than They Bought Him For Last Year

Spanish Balls... More »

26th, June Fashion 1

Drive the Chicks Wild! Vintage Menswear Adverts

THE obvious way to sell men’s clothing is to proclaim that the garments will somehow turn the average guy into an irresistible Studasaurous. From the late Sixties to early Eighties, when Baby Boomers were in their sexual prime, this marketing tactic went into hyperdrive. Boomers were ready to mate, and menswear adverts proclaimed that their apparel was the gateway to sweet, sweet lovemaking. Here are a few examples... More »

26th, June Flashback

Epic Intros: Then Came Bronson (1969)

Keep working on that.... More »

26th, June Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Reds Erase Luis Suarez From Club Website

SO. How did Lvierpool FC report on the Luis Suarez biting incident at the 2014 World Cup?... More »

26th, June Strange But True

Illionois Journalism School Misspelled Own Name On Diplomas

Regret the error... More »

26th, June Celebrities

Game Of Thrones Photos: Cersei Lannister Gives The Queen The Death Stare Of Sardony

QUEEN Elizabeth II took a trip to the Game of Thrones set on a visit to Northern Ireland. Cersei Lannister was there... More »

25th, June Key Posts 4

He's Not That Kind Of Player: How The Biased English Media Love To Hate Luis Suarez

MUCH debate over the Luis Suarez biting incident. On seeing it, did you jump from your chair and yell "Ha! Brilliant"? Did you shake your head and worry about the state of the planet, the kids and the ozone? Were you tuned into ITV and heard Clive Tyldesley break the borefest of England plodding along against Costa Rica's second XI to tell us about the bite: “It’s on ITV4. Bye bye, everyone"? Do you just marvel at how grown men can tie themselves in knots over a bit of nibbling? More »

25th, June Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: The Redemption Of 'Evil' Luis Suarez

As Luis mulls over the future, we take time to revisit the words used to annoint Suarez when he was welcomed back into the (swallows sick) 'football family' after his respective bans for biting and calling Manchester United's Patrice Evra a "negrito" over and over and over. That word is "redemption"... More »

25th, June Celebrities

Eli Wallach Takes Photos On The Set Of MacKenna's Gold, 1967

FLASHBAK to August 4 1967... More »

25th, June News

Hacking: Rebekah Brooks And Andy Coulson - The Front Pages

MOST of today front pages concentrate on just one story: the hacking trial and Rebekah Brooks' aquittal... More »

25th, June News

BBC Intern Spends Last Day In Job By Cracking 'Breaking News' Joke

Quitting your job in style.... More »

25th, June Technology 2

Other Parents: Instagram Mum Upset Over Rule-Breaking Photo Of Her Daughter Marlow

COURTNEY Adamo was kicked off Instagramme for posting a picture of her daughter Marlow. Yes, quite. We're uspet because anyone who feels a need to showw off their kids to strangers and who calls the progency Marlow represents that form of entertainment we call 'Other Parents'... More »

25th, June Flashback

A Victory Garden Inside A London Bomb Crater, 1943

Dig for victory... More »

25th, June manchester united 1

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Agree To Pay Southampton 's Luke Shaw Fee

More ballzzzzzz More »

25th, June Celebrities 1

Jimmy Savile Blows Smoke At Children Stuck Inside A Broken-Down Lift In 1973

FLASHBAK to September 7 1973... More »

25th, June Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Mario Balotelli Could Play In Defence For Arsenal

TRANSFER Balls: The maisntream media have been linking Mario Balotelli with move to Arsenal. The player hasn't said a word. Have Arsenal?.. More »

25th, June Money

Chelsea Clinton Doesn't Care About Money As She Earns $600,000 A Year

THIS is a fairly brazen piece of behaviour. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary, insists that she's not really motivated by nor worried about money. Which is interesting because she's on a $600,000 a year contract with NBC to do the odd bit of TV reporting now and again. Oh, and she's married to a finance whizz kid and lives in a $10 million apartment... More »

25th, June Celebrities

Jimmy Savile Stars In Junior School Play

THE young students at Scargill School in Rainham, east London, are rehearsing for the end-of-year show Lights, Camera, Action!. We join the action as the school caretaker cahracter, a Mr Jim Fixit arrives. He is, as the notes sugegst, ”ready for any challenge.” .. More »

25th, June Key Posts 13

Is Rock And Roll Dead? No. It Just Smells Bad

“ROCK and Roll isn’t dead. It just smells bad.” I am, of course, paraphrasing Frank Zappa’s famous response when asked whether jazz was dead. Who would have guessed that quote would be applicable to rock music just a few decades later... More »