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25th, September Arsenal 2

Arsenal Balls: Chelsea's Cesc Fabregas Overlooks Ramsay To Blame Ozil For His Disloyalty

CHELSEA mifielder Cesc Fabregas "reveals how Mesut Ozil BLOCKED Arsenal return"... More »

25th, September Money

More Sex Means Worse Sex

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25th, September News

The Metro Imitates The Day Today: 'It's Time For A War On War'

Obama: 'It's time for a war on war'... More »

25th, September Money

Not So Clever Warren Buffett Has Lost $750 Million On Tesco Shares

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25th, September Music

Jason Orange Quits Take That To Spend More Time With His Knitwear

BIG news from the world of showbiz - big enough to take over the Sun 's front page: Jason Orange has quit Take That... More »

25th, September News

Devon Gardener Asks BBC Viewers To Identify Her Big Cannabis Plant

DEVON local Patricia Hewitson wanted help identifying the huge weed growing in her gaden. She asked BBC Radio Devon's The Potting Shed for help... More »

25th, September News 1

Pravda UK: Not A Single British Newspaper Lead With The Daily Mirror Hacking Story

Is hacking still front-page news? Or is it only front-page news whan Rupert Murdoch's titles are under the cosh?.. More »

24th, September manchester united 3

Spurs Fans Attack Manchester United In The Saddest Way Imaginable

IN football, you define yourself by your rivals. And Spurs - who last won the league title in 1961 - have decided that the team they can rib and goad is Manchester United, who have won the league title in colour... More »

24th, September News

Photos Of The Day: 24 Sept 2014

The news in photos... More »

24th, September News

Having Your Cake And Eating It: The Guardian's Hereditary Journalists

WRITING in the Guardian, Nick Cohen writes: Politics, journalism, the arts – they are all increasingly controlled by nice people from wealthy backgrounds. And their niceness is strangling us... More »

24th, September The Consumer 1

Cute Dog Returns Lost Items for KLM Airlines

KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines, uses a beagle (name: Sherlock) to help deliver items left by passengers landed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to their rightful owners... More »

24th, September News

Daily Mirror Hacked Phones: John Prescott Still Takes Their Cash For Columns

AND lo it came to pass: Trinity Mirror has admitted that some of its staff were involved in ilegal phone hacking... More »

24th, September Music

Find Out Who Will Win at the MOBO Awards 2014

THE MOBO Awards have doled out their nominations, inevitably prompting spectacularly thick people to say "WHY DON'T WE GET A MOWO AWARDS EH?" Classical music awards are exactly that, you berk... More »

24th, September News

Police Filmed Beating Up Man On Dash Cam Just Doing Routine Stuff

This is what the chap looked like after the police had processed him.. More »

24th, September News

How To Avoid Ebola: The Cut-Out-And-Keep Wall Mural

A local Liberian artist paints a mural forming part of the countrys fight against the deadly Ebola virus by education in the city of Monrovia, Liberia... More »

24th, September manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Buy Vidal For £10m Less Than They Bought Him For

Utter balls... More »

24th, September News

Jeremy Meeks, Naked Emma Watson, Jasmine Tridevil And The Hoaxing of Lazy Journalism

LUKE O'Neill looks at the state of modern journalism. After the threat to publish nude photos of Emma Watson was a viral marketing hoax by a company called "Rantic" and the Jasmine Tridevil story - she's the woman who has three beasts that only she has seen in the flesh - O'Neill wonders why so many stories are taken on face value.... More »

24th, September Money

Ed Miliband's Silly Demand For More Tobacco Taxes

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24th, September manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Linked To Gerard Pique Who Is Happy To 'Fail' At Barcelona

TRANSFER Balls: The Daily Express (natch.) has news that "MANCHESTER UNITED are lining up a sensational return for Barcelona and Spain star Gerard Pique"... More »

24th, September News 1

Numan Haider: The Good Muslim Who Wasn't A Muslim But Just A Single Lad Looking For Love

WHO was Nudam Haider, the teenager shot dead in Australia? Was he primarily a nutcase, a Muslim or a teenager?.. More »

24th, September News 3

IS in Qatar Is Richer Than Ireland And Better At Extortion Than Hamas

THE US-led attack on Islamic State is leading the news cycle. Every report contains the fact that five Arab states are backing the assault. But who is paying IS? ... More »

24th, September The Consumer

Department Store Had No Idea It Was Selling T-shirts Mocking Rape Victims

TO the SM department store in the Philippines, where shopper Karen Kunawicz has spotted a top bearing the legend: "It’s not rape, it’s a snuggle with a struggle"... More »

24th, September News

Mexico's Templar Knights Drugs Cartels Filmed Buying Journalists

MEXICAN news site MVS has relased a video of two reporters from Mexico’s Michoacan state appearing to accept money from one of the country’s most wanted drug lords, Servando Gomez, leader of the Knights Templar Cartel... More »

24th, September Celebrities

Quack! Quack ! Ooops! Dave Lee Travis Finds A Hairy Cornflake In His Porridge

HATS of to the Sun for its front-page report on Dave Lee Travis. The former BBC Radio 1 DJ has been found guilty of groping a TV researcher’s breasts almost 20 years ago... More »

23rd, September Celebrities

John Malkovich Is In Every Great Photo You Every Saw

JOHN Malkovich can do Diane Arbus's photo of identical twins, Pierre et Gilles' lumo Jean Paul Gaultier? .. More »