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21st, March Money

Idiotic Turkish Prime Minster Bans Twitter And Twitter Use In Turkey Rises

The ban came from the Prime Minister, cheesed off that people were disagreeing with him in public. One of the first people to breach the ban on using Twitter was the Turkish President... More »

21st, March Flashback

March 1978: School Children At Highgate School, Moseley, Birmingham, Eat Chips In The News

ON March 15 1978, the Press Association illustrated a story on the usual food scare with these photographs of pupils from Highgate School, Moseley, Birmingham, eating chips during their school lunch break... More »

21st, March manchester united

Manchester United Balls: David Moyes Says Van Persie And Arsenal's Nicklas Bendtner Are Special Players

David Moyes can't help talking... More »

21st, March Key Posts 2

The Miracle of Soap And The Scourge of Constipation: Vintage Hygiene Adverts

ONE thing you’ll find when looking through magazines from the 1930s and 40s is an amazing array of soap and constipation adverts. It’s as if the world was ravaged by body odor and irregularity. Ad after ad proclaims the wonders of this fantastical object called “soap” – lives are changed by its tremendous power to rid even the smelliest among us of their funk. But that was only half the battle, because mankind still cowered helplessly beneath the specter of constipation. Countless adverts announce their special cure for this dread disease.. More »

20th, March Film 2

We Used to Be Friends: Five Reasons Why the Veronica Mars Movie is Much More than "Fan Service"

IT seems to me that far too many critics are obsessed with the idea that Veronica Mars can’t be discussed as a real film because fans got it made. The fact that fans were involved in the film's economic genesis seems a way only of ignoring the film’s trenchant commentary about America in the Age of Celebrity. More »

20th, March Key Posts

Aberdeen FC And The Human League Present The 11 Greatest Footballer Chants (Volume 1)

UNEXPECTEDLY to most, the Human League's 'Don't You Want Me?' went top ten midweek. No-one really knew why, especially die-in-the-wool Human League fans. Everyone was pleased all the same.. More »

20th, March Flashback

Watch John Peel Get Almost Decapitated On Noel Edmonds' The Late Late Breakfast Show

BBC Radio DJs Noel Edmonds and John Peel feature in this 10 September 1983 clip from The Late, Late Breakfast Show. Edmonds is vying for control of the Beeb, so we can expect lots more of this kind of telly is he gets his hands on it.... More »

20th, March Key Posts 1

Michael McIntyre Is Faker Than A £5 Rolex

In the second episode, McIntyre was reduced to terrible accents and doing silly walks with Sir David Jason. The pattern for guest bookings was replicated too – old fellas and young women – highlighting both McIntyre’s lack of gravitas and bemused-dad-picking-up-kids-from-the-Year-10 disco squareness... More »

20th, March Money 1

Will The New Pound Coin Kill Us All?

More »

20th, March Flashback

Who Killed Disco? 7 Suspects Revealed

IT'S actually amazing when you stop and think about it. A counter-culture movement originating in homosexual night clubs somehow wound up overtaking every nook and cranny of the pop culture landscape. From Hollywood to the fashion industry to ridiculous albums like the one pictured above – nothing was safe from the marauding cash cow called Disco. So, why did it die a horrible death in the early 1980s?... More »

19th, March Sports 1

Spurs Balls: Daily Mail's Neil Ashton Says Fifth Is Good If You're Tim Sherwood But Bad If You're AVB

IN this second instalment on Neil Ashton's post-Andre Villas-Boas reports on life at Spurs we hear him tell Mail readers that Tim Sherwood (a "man's man") is doing a good job... More »

19th, March Money

Apple's Only 10% Of The Phone Market But They Make 60% Of The Profits

THE smartphone is really only just under 7 years old: that's right, we're just coming up to hte 7 th anniversary of the release of the Apple iPhone. And this smartphone is now the fastest adopted technology of all time: there were a billion of the damn things made and sold last year. But the truly remarkable thing is that while Apple only has around 10% of this market they have been able to capture 60% of all of the profits of the entire sector... More »

19th, March Madeleine McCann 2

Madeleine McCann: Attention Turns To The Foreign Sex Attacker Wearing What Could Be An Arsenal Shirt

THE sun is out, spring is here and thoughts turn to holidays overseas. And with it all comes more news of Madeleine McCann. The BBC reports: Madeleine McCann: Police hunt sex attacker... More »

19th, March Flashback 1

1967: The interior Of A Currys Shop in Berkampsted, Hertfordshire

FLASHBACK to August 8 1967: The interior of a Currys shop in Berkampsted, Hertfordshire... More »

19th, March Film 2

Pat Robertson's Fever Dream: Four Times When Horror Movies Met The Devil's Own Rock-and-Roll Music In The 1980s

JUST last week, the 700 Club's Pat Robertson spoke out about the hidden scourge of our modern society: those demons from Hell who like to crash your car. Yes, it turns out that devils can cause really horrible road accidents because -- by merely watching horror movies -- you have "granted them permission" to do so... More »

19th, March The Consumer 1

Saudi Arabian Cleric Issues Fatwa On All-You-Can-Eat Buffets

SAUDI hero of the day is the cleric who has issued as fatwa against fatsos... More »

19th, March Music 1

Gene Simmons Thinks Hip Hop, Non-Guitarists And Karaoke Kiss Should Be Banished From The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame

Well, Gene's at it again, saying that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is "diluting" itself with hip-hop, pop and disco artists. Now, Kiss are joining the Hall next month, and Simmons blasted "back room politics" for the inclusion of bands like Run DMC and Donna Summer... More »

19th, March TV & Radio

Fox News Illustrates Seattle Helicopter Crash With A Burrito, Edward Scissorhands And A Man's Dick

"While reporting breaking news about the crash of the KOMO-TV helicopter in Seattle, Fox 31 Denver accidentally broadcast an offensive photo while scrolling live through a Twitter feed of pictures from the crash scene..." More »

19th, March News

Daily Mail Writer Uses Her Column To Tell Young Daughter She May Never Be A Mother

ANNA Louise is worried. She wonders aloud: How do I tell my daughter she may never be mother?... More »

19th, March Film

The Most Awful Ending To A Porn Film Ever

YOU would think porn was all about happy endings. But you'd be wrong.... More »

19th, March Celebrities 7

Growing Old Gracefully or Kicking and Screaming: Old Vs. New Hollywood

WATCHING the Oscars and other such events lately, it’s becoming disturbingly common to spot actresses, now in their sixties, desperately hanging onto their youth. It seems overnight, all my favourite actresses from the 1970s and 80s have gone under the knife in a vain attempt at retaining their former sex appeal. It’s something we haven’t witnessed before – actresses from earlier days didn’t have plastic surgery at their disposal, and the intense need to “stay sexy” wasn’t perhaps as strong. Thus, the previous generation of starlets appeared to age much more gracefully than the ageing actresses of today. Here’s a few comparisons.... More »

19th, March Flashback

From BBC Children's Favourites To Captain Kangaroo, Edward White's Puffin Billy Kept The Kids Delighted

ITEM of the day is this 60 piece puzzle in box of Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan). There are no missing pieces... More »

18th, March Fashion

I Was A 1960s Mod: Watch The Soul Rider Documentary

IN the 1960s, Glenn Stewart was a mod. There Is More filmed Glenn over six hours as he recalled him time as a suited and booted, Vespa driving mod. It's a lovely short film about one of Britain's fashion tribes... More »

18th, March Film

Three Generations Of Schulz Unite To Create A Peanuts Movie As Disappointing As All The Others

SNOOPY is back. The best cartoon do of them all is to star in a new Peanuts movie, coming to a screen near you on November 6, 2015. That's the good news? Do you flinch a little when you learn that it's produced by Charles Schulz's son Craig Schulz and the screenplay has been co-written by his son Bryan Schulz?.. More »

18th, March Celebrities 3

Everyday Racism: Bad Black Chris Brown Goes To Jail But The White, Famous And Criminal Get Praise

IMAGINE this. There's a young man who has been sexually abused in his childhood and he grew up with a whole load of issues that turn into behaviour that veers from worrying to destructive to shocking. There's a young abused man, just into his twenties who has made dreadful mistakes, including the battering of his ex-girlfriend. He's had temper tantrums and lives in a country that treats him like a thug and treats him and his black friends differently to white people.... More »