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3rd, June In Pictures

PASTICHE, PARODY & PIRACY An Exhibition of Subversive Art

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3rd, June Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Martin And Mary Smith, A Spade's A Spade And Digging For Agony

MADELEINE McCann: Anorak's look at the missing child in the news media... More »

3rd, June Film 10

16 Tragic Science Fiction Calendar Miscalculations

Here’s a list of sci-fi TV shows and movies and the dates they were supposed to take place. Some are reasonable... some way, way off the mark... More »

3rd, June Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Frank Lampard Leaves Chelsea But Joins Manchester City Not New York City

The Mirror's "exclusives" are utter balls.... More »

3rd, June Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Chelsea Buy Fabregas From Manchester City But He Wants To Pay For Arsenal

TRANSFER Balls: Having been linked in the media with a transfer from Barcelona to Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City, the Telegraph brings news that Cesc Fabregas is wanted by...Chelsea... More »

2nd, June Sports 5

Spurs Balls: West Ham United Celebrate Doing The Treble In Embarrassing Fashion

WEST Ham United fans are celebrating The Treble with an official t-shirt. It turns out that season 2013-14 was a stella year for the club. .. More »

2nd, June Sports

World Cup Balls: The Sun's 'Do Us Proud' Campaign Is Good For India And Bad For England

Do Us Proud, says the Sun. The fans react in a predictable fashion... More »

2nd, June News

Daily Mail Loses Its Moral Compass Over Animal Testing And Kittens' Skulls Cracked Open

THE Daily Mail has a "shocking" story on experiments conducted on kittens and British Universities, The top comment from readers asks: Where has our moral compass gone?... More »

2nd, June Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Channel 4 Invite You To Watch Her Dead Body Emerge From The Ground

Police are digging on wasteland. They are looking for... Well, it must be a body, right?... More »

2nd, June Music

Crisis Averted: Justin Bieber Loses No Followers

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2nd, June Music

Boy Band Weed Watch: Dull One Direction Make Smoking Marijuana Uncool

THE video of One Direction members Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking weed has been shared a million times on the internet and a number of op-ed pieces have fretted over the band's reputation and the potential for the band misleading their fans into doing naughty things... More »

2nd, June Celebrities

The 10-Point CV Leonardo da Vinci Sent To The Duke of Milan

PS... I can paint a bit, too... More »

2nd, June Flashback

King Juan Carlos Hosts Diana, Charles And the Young Princes Harry and William In Majorca 1988 (9 Photos)

KING Juan Carlos of Spain has abdicated for "political reasons". He's 76. The new King of Spain is Prince Felipe. He's 46. Prince Charles is much older. He might now be handing his mum a brochure for the shady Glades retirement village in Tenerife, or Digitas... More »

2nd, June Key Posts 1

Sad Sex Documentaries That Make You Lust For Haunted Cars

All three women professed to love their jobs having taken up having sex for money later in life but there was no escaping how bleak their situations seemed. I thought my eyes were going to roll right out of my head when one man who has visited mature escorts hundreds of times proudly declared himself to be a romantic... More »

2nd, June Manchester City

Transfer Balls: Manchester City Take Vow Of Silence On Fabregas Move

TRANSFER Balls update: The Daily Fabregas has news on the Barcelona star... More »

2nd, June Fashion 3

Sexy Yarn:  Bewitching Stitching of the 1970s

We all know the tastes of the decade were... well, (how do I put this delicately?).... intriguing. Add to the mix the fact that millions upon millions of Baby Boomers were all in their sexual prime, and you get needlework creations that are not only “intriguing” but also sexed up a hundred notches.... More »

2nd, June Money 1

What If It's Actually A Virus Turning Us All Into Fat Lardbuckets?

THIS sounds like a very odd theory, that it's actually a virus that is turning us all into fat lardbuckets. But while it's an odd theory there's enough evidence out there that we should at least consider it seriously. Not to the point that we just assume that it's correct of course: but to the point where we investigate more to see if it might be true... More »

2nd, June manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Tom Cleverley Trying To Board The England Team Plane

Just a joke, of course. And a funnier one than Norman Wisdom impersonator Simon Brodkin being dragged away by the suits... More »

2nd, June Money

Epic Adverts: Dynamic Nashville Bass Player Is Looking For Work In G (Some Restrictions Apply)

"I play G, C, D. If your songs are not in G..." More »

2nd, June Strange But True

Jesus Spotted In Rusting Air Conditioning Unit

Jesus is made of flaking iron... More »

2nd, June Liverpool 2

Transfer Balls: Adam Lallana Signs For Liverpool For £10m Less Than Southampton Demand

TRANSFER Balls: Is Adam Lallana heading out of Southampton? Where is he going? Let's see what the newspaper experts have been reporting the summer so far?... More »

1st, June In Pictures

The 2014 World Custard Pie Championships In 17 Photos

Custard tarts... More »

1st, June Celebrities

S-Nigger Watch: Eeeny Justin Bieber Is No Meeny Jeremy Clarskon

WHEN he 15, Justin Bieber told a racist joke about black people. Four years on and The Sun is outraged. It's posted footage of Bieber behaving like a dickhead (which is pretty much all he does) for a documentary called Never Say Never... More »

1st, June Celebrities

Daily Express Writers Say Daily Express Story Is Untrue

COMPARE and contrast these Daily Express stories on Daily Express columnists Richard And Judy... More »

1st, June News

Cristiano Ronaldo Says The Sun's Story On His Dead Dad Is Utter Balls

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