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South Africa Government Wants OAPs To Stop Using Condoms For ‘Rubbing Knees’

Celebs in London

“MEC (Member of the Executive Council) Candith Mashego-Dlamini was discouraging the elderly when she heard about them rubbing their knees with condoms. She called on those who were practising to stop as condoms are meant for something other than rubbing knees,” says her spokesman Ronnie Masilela.

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George Osborne’s £50m grant for better condoms

The team behind the wonder material graphene – developed at the University of Manchester in 2004 – has just got a big new commission: making condoms.

Graphene is strong, light, nearly transparent, and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, qualities that have got it dubbed a supermaterial and tipped for use in airplane wings, internet cables and foldable computers. Chancellor George Osborne is a vocal fan, putting £50m into the department making it in 2011 and trumpeting the superthin layers of carbon as a bright new hope for British industry.

But that’s not all graphene is good for … some of the team working on it at Manchester have just landed a deal to make condoms out of it. 

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The Daft Punk Get Lucky condom contains no hidden message

daft punk lucky condoms

WHERE JLS lead,  Daft Punk follow. Behold the  Get Lucky condoms. Daft Punk’s message is just about having sex. JLS wanted their Johnnies to alter our minds:

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The worst condom adverts of 2013

CONDOMS. How you advertise them? They can be musical, spiritual, robotic, refreshing, fashionable, seasonal, toothy, oily and  tasteless. Here are a  few recent ideas:


Burning sex. Who doesn’t like that?

condom ad fails


Women don’t like sex.They only do it for money to go shopping. Not insulting at all.

condom ads 4

condom ads 6


Your lover doesn’t turn you on so you have to maintain interest by thinking about traffic and bad paintings of Jesus.

condom ads


She keeps trying to get away but there’s no escaping that gigantic knob. 

condom greece



Is that her mother?


condom fail 2


Putting the board in bored.


condom fail 3



condom fail 6



Has she just seen his genital warts? Or is it yet another advert degrading women?

condom fail 9



Spotter: Copyranter

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Donkey Shlong Condoms For Gamers Guarantee No Extra Lives: Photos

CONDOMS for Gamers include the Donkey Shlong condom and the Sextris rubber. Sadly they don’t exist for your joystick yet. But designer Ben Marsh is hopeful:

The Play campaign revolved around “fun” The packaging aims create a desire to purchase the product for aesthetic reasons, rather than the necessity of condoms. Simply by owning the product, safe sex is promoted.

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Fake Chinese Condoms Lubricated With Vegetable Oil

FANCY buying a bootleg Torjan condom. Anorak’s Man in a New York pickle writes:

IF you’ve ever been to New York’s Chinatown, you know it’s the place to buy bootleg designer clothing and the latest faux Luis Vuitton totes or Hermes Birkin bags.

Turns out it’s also a good place to buy Trojan condoms for next to nothing. Problem is, the Trojans are as phony as the Fendis.

In a crack down on Chinese-made fashion knockoffs, the feds also discovered more than a half-million bootleg condoms.

And it gets worse.

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Tiger Woods And Mrs Miodrag Gidra Stojanovic

TIGER Woods and the women: for your delictation, ladies – while you await Tiger’s return to the apres-golf circuit – the Tiger Woods condom and emergency flag pole.

Or else, buy these and dress up your own inflatable Tiger – that’s you Mrs Miodrag Gidra Stojanovic – and live the dream…

Spotter: Cover Awards


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Devon James

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Science Says Men Won’t Buy Small Condoms Unless They Are Large Condoms

5607858THE Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction in Indiana, finds that “small” condoms should be labelled “large” in order to encourage “small” men to buy them – and large men to experience the agony of size discomfort.

Says Bill Yarber (size on application):

“The old saying is, women don’t have penis envy, men do.”

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The Condom Fashion Show

CAN condoms make good fashion? Or is a condom solely to be worn as a hat?

One a positive note, anyone who wears these clothes will be prevented from breeding.

A gallery of condom fashion features hereunder.


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