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Daily Kos Uses 9/11 To Sell Founder’s Book – Will You Buy It And Burn It?

HERE’S an email I got from the Daily Kos – the lift-wing website. Yes, readers 9/11 can be used to flog more books than just the Koran to D-list celebrity vicar Terry Jones and his book-burnin’ minions:


Tomorrow is Markos’s birthday! Yep, Markos shares his birthday with 9/11, in a coincidence nobody would want —  though I think Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Buy American Taliban on Markos' Birthday!Glenn Beck has been trying to get his own birthday moved to 9/11 for years.

As an impromptu birthday present to Markos, we’re asking people, one last time, to buy his new book, American Taliban. This book makes the rather obvious, but forbidden, point that ultraconservative religious right-wingers in the United States are not all that different from ultraconservative right-wingers in other countries. Even in this country, we have people who think gays cause hurricanes, that science and education are evil plots, and that violent wars to wipe out unbelievers are good things. And they even appear on television telling us that we’re the rotten ones for not believing it too.

The book is a good read, and makes a good case. Extremism is something to be fought, not catered to, no matter what country it calls home.

The 9/11 Anniversary In Pictures

The book is cheap, so if you want to buy a copy for your local right-wing preacher to burn, you can do that. If you want to buy a copy for your conservative relatives to hold up while they describe what’s wrong with you and the rest of your liberal friends, go for it. If you’re thinking about buying it to read it, and you can spare the ten bucks, then do so now.

Conservatives have book clubs that push their books out to thousands of like-minded souls at a time. They give away books as promotions, or charge a penny for them if you sign up with such-and-such or contribute to such-and-such. We don’t have that infrastructure, so if we want liberal authors to be successful, we’ve got to support them ourselves.

So buy the book already!

Stay shrill,
Hunter, Daily Kos

Go on. it’s 9/11. Treat yourself…


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A view of the World Trade Centre building in New York after the terrorist act on Tuesday morning.

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Condoleezza Rice Schools Stanford’s Kos Kids: Transcript

CONDOLEEZZA Rice schools liberal students at Stanford University on torture, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and US foreign policy under George W Bush’s administration…


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Kos We’re Conservatives, Tories For Obama

MICHAEL Gove, the Wind In The Willows’ extra who went it alone, is the Conservative Party’s schools spokesman.

Gove is using his Telegraph column to consider all things Obama. Gove salutes the Daily Kos, “a place of very articulate, widely dispersed and highly motivated activists”.

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Obama Christ Is The Power And The Glory

ON the Daily Kos, you can read Americans being politically active from their desktops.

Ok, it’s not much better over here. As Simon Heffer says of our supine leaders, those nodding heads that have no idea how the City works much less how to fix it and can’t be bothered to return from their jolly hols in Corfu and further afield when the rest of us are bricking it, says:

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