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Pope Francis says the Falkland Islands belong to Argentina: Vatican Army muster against British?

Argentina Pope Latin America

THE Falkland Islanders might have opted to remain a outcrop of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in a referendum, but God’s representative on Earth, Pope Francis, formerly Cardinal Bergogli, says Las Malvinas belong to Argentina.

He says his countrymen who died in the Falklands conflict 30 years ago “shed their blood on Argentine soil”.

He says:

“We come to pray for all who have fallen, sons of the homeland who went out to defend their mother, the homeland, and to reclaim what is theirs, that is of the homeland, and it was usurped.”

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The Falklands referendum: photos of a loaded vote

DO the Falkland Islanders want their home to remain a British Overseas Territory? The vote is a forgone conclusion. It’s more loaded than Prince Harry at a frat house party. If the islanders reject Britain, the Argentines will see it as one more reason for it to take control of the rocks and their oil-rich waters.

So. Do you want Blighty or Bitchy? No contest:


Falklands Referendum

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Falklands Fake? Who were the Sun’s ‘furious Argies’ seen burning Union flags in Buenos Aires?

“ANGRY Argies burn a British flag in Buenos Aires yesterday after The Sun warned: ‘Hands off the Falklands’,” reports the Sun beneath the front-page headline: “Burn us Aires.

A seething mob took to the streets to set fire to the Union Jacks — and copies of our full-page advert in a local paper.

The noble Sun had taken the out an advert in the English language Buenos Aires Herald. The stunt was in response to Argentine president Cristina Kirchner’s advert in the Guardian and Independent newspapers accusing Britain of “stripping” the Falklands from her country in an aggressive act of colonialism 180 years ago.

The Falklands Conflict in photos.

Said the Sun:

“Until the people of the Falkland Islands choose to become Argentinian, they remain resolutely British.”

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Falkland Islands grass up the Argies

WITH Argentina reduced to invading the Falkland Islands with T-shirt slogans, nasty words and Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez make-up explosion , thus not troubling our man with rifle and colander, Andy Beckett tells Guardian readers:

In the Falklands, even the plant life seems to send a political message, leaning perpetually eastward, away from the prevailing wind and Argentina.

Yeah, even the grass hates the Argies.

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The Conflict after 30 years: 3,140 Falkland Islanders want to be British

THE Falklands Islands are British because the 3,140 Falkland Islanders who live there want them to be…

Pictures of the war are here.

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Falklands War Balls: Daily Telegraph says sunk Belgrano was a Cruiseship

FALKLAND Islands War balls: The Daily Telegraph says that the General Belgrano was a cruiseship:

Fifa has questioned the Argentine Football Association over reports that the country’s championship could be renamed after the General Belgrano cruiseship sunk during the Falklands conflict in 1982.

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Falklands Islands: Ownership to be decided by Sean Penn, Jim Davidson and UN Celebrity Colonialists

Falklands Islands: Ownership to be decided by Sean Penn, Jim Davidson and UN Celebrity Colonialists 

DID you know that the Falklands Islands relies on oil piped in from a boat? Did you know that if that line is damaged the island will be without fuel – there being only about three months in store on land? Did you know that not too long ago the line was broken. They say it was broken by ship hitting it by accident. A British ship – well, that’s the story.

The Times lead with new that the Falklands are becoming a hotter issue.

Next month members of the Defence Select Committee will join Prince William – he’s on a six-week tour of duty – on the islands. It is the first time that committee members have travelled to the islands since 1999.

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