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Advert for man looking for a wife in 1865 sets pulses racing

In 1865 an 18-year-old man from Aroostook County, Maine, was looking for a wife. It was the “Chance for a spinster” to gain a husband. He had a “good set of teeth”. His “potatoes are bully”. He “believes in Andy Johnson, the star spangled banner and the 4h of July”.  He has “nine sheep”. He wants to spoil a woman but “I don’t know how to do it”.


19th century man looking for wife advert

19th century man looking for wife advert

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A short history of fake bands created for film and TV (video)

YOU know those bands you saw on the telly or at the cinema, the ones made up of actors pretending to be music stars? Some of them were more than pretty good. A bright spark has compiled them into a video. This one features:

1. The Mosquitoes – “Gilligan’s Island”
2. Android – “Buck Rogers In The 25th Century”
3. The Looters -“Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains”
4. The Flowerbuds – “Carry On Camping”
5. Drimble Wedge And The Vegetations – “Bedazzled”
6. Steven Shorter – “Privilege”
7. The Bugaloos – “The Electric Company
8. Tom Monroe – “SCTV
9. The Queen Haters” – SCTV

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FLASHBACK in photos: July 11, 1938 – The Women’s Billiard Championship

FLASHBACK in photos: July 11, 1938 – The Women’s Billiard Championship at Burroughs & Watts Hall in Soho Square, London. Picture shows Mrs V McDougall of London, the champion, making a masse shot watched by her opponent, Mrs G Holman, also of London:


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Rock Stars’ Yearbook photos – Who changed the most?

ROCK stars are great . They have long hair that gets thicker and thicker as their fame surges; perfect teeth that never go missing and groupies as a utility. But what did they look like when younger? Like this:


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Jubilee hit of the day: Jonathan King sings God Save The Sex Pistols

BEFORE he became a media pariah, Jonathan King hymned a reply to the Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen. It’s called God Save The Sex Pistols, and as Madame Arcati reports, in 1977 Prince Charles liked it so much he ordered six copies. What Chas doesn’t know about the funny, ain’t worth knowing…

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FLASHBACK: Parliamentary punch-ups

AS concerns grow about the possibility of an intolerant reception for black players and supporters heading for the European football championship in Ukraine, shocking scenes were broadcast around the world from that country’s parliament. While a bill was being debated that would give the Russian language equal status to Ukrainian, all hell broke loose. The Ukrainian parliament is called the Rada, but there was no acting involved in this spectacular performance…

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Vintage ad of the day: Change your Y-fronts every day of the week

FLASHBACK to April 1971 – the cool kids are wearing Y-fronts every day of the week!


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The Iter Avto was the world’s first SatNav

THAT SatNav not working as it should? Have a heart for the orginal version, the Iter Avto. Back in 1930, the intrepid motorist looking for guidance would have had to invest in a map, mate a parrot with a homing pigeon or buy the Iter Avto. The Iter Avto featured paper scrolls that unfurled as the car went along. Because the scrolls were attached to the car’s speedometer, they unfurled in time with the speed. With fewer roads than now, and the wonder of quill and ink, the Iter Avto would have been pretty easy to update. And it worked just fine, until you made a turn…

Spotter: Dieselpunks


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A history of Cup celebrations – from poor John Terry to fruity Mark Wright

POOR old John Terry. Despite being unable to play in the final because of his suspension, he has dressed in his full kit, including shin-pads, in order to assume his duties as club captain by receiving the Champions League trophy.

This his moment, the culmination of everything he, Mr Chelsea, has fought for throughout his career.

He steps forward, he takes the cup with fellow Blues stalwart Frank Lampard, and they hold it aloft for the Stamford Bridge faithful to applaud…

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Get ‘Em Off! The Nostalgia-Proof British Sex Comedy

WE British are scorned by the world for our attitude to sex. Unsophisticated, unromantic, unimaginative, unattractive, unhygienic, inhibited and generally inept – these are the characteristics that spring to the foreign mind when forced to think of our men as potential partners.

And judging by the evidence of the Great British Sex Comedy, you can see why.

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The Field Gun Competition

IT is ten years since the Royal Navy Field Gun Competition was last run at the Royal Tournament.

But to all who saw it, it will live long on the memory. It was the last word in extreme sports – to get into the Portsmouth, Devonport or Fleet Air Arm team you needed the strength of a rugby league player, the fighting sprit of a pit bull terrier, and no little skill and coordination.

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The Ghost of Christmas Presents Past: Number One: The K-Tel Record Selector

The Ghost of Christmas Presents Past: Number one: The K-Tel Record Selector

BACK in the heyday of vinyl records, when chart-topping singles regularly sold a quarter of a million copies and sometimes considerably more, there was also a thriving cottage industry knocking out albums of cover versions.

The session musicians would assemble in the studio and, with no time for rehearsal, bang there way through a dozen or so hits from the current charts. (Famous names to have earned an honest crust in this way included Elton John and David Bowie, to name but two.) The most famous brand was the cheekily named Top of the Pops (cheeky because the records had no connection to the popular TV show of the same name).

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The Ghosts of Christmas Presents Past: Atomic Bomb Kits

Number two: Chemistry Sets and Atomic Bomb Kits

ONCE upon a time, kids didn’t only wear shorts, shirts and ties at school; they wore them at home too, and probably in bed. But then, in those days playing at home was a bit like being at school.

In fact it was a lot like being at school, especially if one’s “toy” was the ever-popular Merit Chemistry Outfit (tie not included). With this kit, a young boy (or girl, providing she hid her pigtails and wore shorts, short and tie) could experience the fun of a double-science lesson at any time in Room B (bedroom) or Room K (kitchen).

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Flagging Economy: I’m Backing Britain, Again

“SPEND, spend, spend” is the order of the day, as we are urged to do our patriotic duty and buy British in an attempt to get the economy moving. But haven’t we heard this somewhere before?

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Tongue, Glorious Tongue! Food As It Used To Be

Tongue, glorious tongue!

Fish paste! Tinned peach slices!! Ox tongue!!! They had it all in 1976. And if you didn’t live near a “Big Choice” Liptons, there was always a fabulous array of groceries available at the Little Shop on the corner.

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In Living Colour: A Short History Of British Television

BRITAIN was the first country in Europe to provide regular colour television broadcasts.

Early experiments in the 1950s led to the announcement in March 1966 that a fledgling service was planned. (A live colour feed was provided for the World Cup final, but, as with numerous other broadcasts, no one appears to have considered it worthy of keeping.)

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To Berlin! England Expects In Germany

GEORGE Orwell famously described international sport as war minus the shooting, and nowhere in English sporting history is this more conspicuous than when England play Germany at football.

“Two World Wars and One World Cup” was the playground song of the late Sixties and early Seventies. Or as Frank McGhee of the Daily Mirror put it on the eve of the 1966 final: “If, on the morrow, the Germans beat us at our national game, we’d do well to remember that, twice this century, we have beaten them at theirs.”

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