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Australian Green Christine Milne Endorses Coal

COAL is life! Well so says Australian Green Christine Milne, who endorses coal:

Australia needs to choose between coal and death, according to Greens Leader Christine Milne …

“Do you want death or do you want coal?

“That’s what we’re talking about here,” she told reporters in Hobart.

“Tony Abbott wants coal.”

Time to pick sides:

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This’ll annoy The Greenies: India needs supermarkets

IT’S a general theme here in the UK that supermarkets just ruin everything. You know the drill, you should buy your food from the local butcher and baker, patronise the high street, damn those clone towns and the industrial farming that supplies the out of town big box stores.

Except, there’s actually some point to these supermarket things with their logistics chains:

It hoped foreign supermarkets like Tesco and Walmart would come in and revolutionise India’s backward agricultural sector. Forty per cent of all Indian produce rots on clunky bullock carts and rough baked roads before reaching the market. When they arrive, farmers get a tiny fraction on the retail price as as they pass through at least five agents, each taking their cut. Of the eighty rupees per kilo they were selling for last week, the farmer’s share was just eight.

India needs new smooth roads, cold-chain storage and modern transport logistics to replace sweaty bullock carts, and direct sales from farmer to retailer to stabilise prices, increase farm incomes and reduce food inflation – one of the country’s most politically sensitive issues.

Maybe the supermarkets aren’t all that great: but not having them is much worse.

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Greens hypocrisy over Jonathan ‘Luther Jesus Mandela Ghandi’ Moylan’s fakery

WHEN green activist Jonathan Moylan issued a fake press release that led to millions of dollars being wiped off the share price of coal company Whitehaven, he became God’s representative on Earth. Bob Brown, former leader of the Australian Greens, writes in the SMH:

History is full of this. Gandhi and Mandela went to jail. Martin Luther King was assassinated. Jesus Christ turned up at the businessmen’s tables and look what happened to him. Anti-slavery campaigner John Brown’s ‘’body lies mouldering in the grave’’ and suffragette Emily Davidson was killed when she ran in front of the horses at the 1913 Epsom Derby.

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Lunatic economist of the day

IT’S always a little difficult going over and reading the dark side, the spouting of the ecoloons. For they’re so far from any connection with reality that it’s confusing trying to work out exactly what it is that they’ve got wrong.

For example, our friend here, seems to think that capitalism requires growth: it doesn’t. He also seems to think it requires markets: it doesn’t. He even name checks Adam Smith but then use the wrong book (Theory of Moral Sentiments is about philosophy, Wealth of Nations is about economics).

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When Greens Go Rogue And Prepare For Violence

THE election season is upon us and my old friend Mark Anthony France is out for electoral glory again, This time standing for the Greens in the Sidemoor Ward in Bromsgrove.

Mark France joined the Green Party after his dismal failure in last year’s General Election (0.7% of the vote). He joined the Green party on the day after the elections, stating that he saw the Greens as a safe haven for radical socialists.

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Marcus Brigstocke Ensures No One Laughs At Caroline Lucas And The Greens

AN election looms and so your chance to make Caroline Lucas a Green MP. And you do it by comedy.

What seems beyond parody becomes hideously unfunny as the drones lined up to support Lucas feature Marcus Brigstocke.

Yeah, the right-on Greenie dressed as a frozen turkey with his motorhome parked outside his house and the Chinese solar panels. The gig is in Brighton.

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The Respect Party Curls Up Its Toes

THE Annual Accounts of the Respect party makes for an interesting read. Fringe political parties – like UKIP, Greens, Veritas, the BNP and Labour – come and go:

Following the split in Respect in 2007 and the contestation of ownership of the party for most of 2008 the party suffered a large loss in both membership and income.

This is reflected in the drop in annual income from £210,093 to £36,237.35 and expenditure from £202,608 to £40,1515.16 between year end 2007 and 2008. This fall in overall turnover reduced the national organisation to a shoestring operation that employed no full or part-time permanent staff in 2008. It also witnessed a fall in membership from 2,472 members in 2007 to just over 500 by end 2008.

Many Respect branches ceased functioning. By the end of 2008 it was possible to identify ten functioning branches with about a dozen smaller groups of Respect supporters that were in a position to create a Respect branch in 2009.

The deficit of £3,913.81 recorded in the 2008 accounts is composed of income still to be received for publications by the national organisation and election expenses still to be recovered by the fundraising activities of local branches involved.

Spotter: Harry

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Greens: Budget Flying Is Committing Murder

NEWS that Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party, says “binge flying” is murder:

When asked if flying to Spain was as bad as knifing a person in the street, Ms Lucas said: ‘Yes – because they are dying from climate change.’

Everytime you take off, you knifing Gaia in the ribs. She turns her back and you cut her.

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Wiping India’s Green Warmed Anus With Toilet Drying And Reduced Fertility

GREEN! Lend me your arses. “Let’s wipe out toilet paper.” (Geddit?)

Christian Woolmar says Guardian readers:

Using tissue after you’ve been to the loo is bad for the planet. Washing is the greener option – and it’s more hygienic too.

Better to breed and tame endangered species – furry ones – for the purposes of bottom wiping. Then wash them in urine. Or use second-hand toilet paper?

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