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In Pictures: Amanda Seyfried’s Minge Tattoo (Leighton Meester Reads On)

AMANDA Seyfried has the word “minge” tattooed on her foot. The left one. Leighton Meester, alleged star of that foot-tastic sex tape, might well look on with interest. Seyfried tells Glamour magazine:

“…Colin Firth used to say that word on set and Rachel had to explain to me what it meant. So it’s on my foot. It’s to make me laugh, and every time I look at it I do.”

Yeah, she can see her feet. An American actress who can see her feet is rare.

As for labelling your foot “Minge”, you wonder what Firth told her the word meant? And if it’s the answer to the poser: how do you confuse a foot fetishist?

Hayden Panettiere Presents The World’s Best Misspelled Tattoos

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Gordon Brown Joins Anorak’s ‘No Poppy Day’ Appeal As He Tours Afghanistan, In Pictures

IT would never be easy to top those pictures of David Cameron meeting the lads in Afghanistan. But how Gordon Brown tried. He’s been there before of course, performing an impression of Benny Hill at a BMX meet. But still Cameron leads the way, this picture showing Dave picking his way through the imaginary tulips.

As for the politics, Anorak has long championed No Poppy Day, when donors will only wear the central black button and plastic stem of old-style commemorative poppies.

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Sienna Miller For London Fashion Week, In Pictures

SIENNA Miller is at London Fashion Week, supporting her sister Savannah Miller at the presentation for Twenty8Twelve. Sienna. Savannah. Any more like them at them at home – like Prarie, Verona and Tundra? Pick a location name and get designing people – T-shirts with your name on are a given. Oxford University Miller was ever the trend setter…


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Sienna (left) and Savannah Miller at the London Fashion Week presentation for Twenty8Twelve, designed by Savannah at 2 Temple Place, London.

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American Idol Kris Allen In Haiti, In Pictures

THANKS to American Idol winner Kris Allen, Haiti is back in the news. Allen was pictured with a young Haitian girl during a UN Foundation visit to recovery and rebuilding programs in Port-au-Prince. He then sang a song on an acoustic guitar. The cynics would say the audience was captive to the grandstanding celeb. They see the scene from Airplane. The reality is that whatever breaks up the day and improves the lives of the dispossessed can only be good…


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Kris Allen holds a young Haitian girl during a UN Foundation visit to recovery and rebuilding programs in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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Cheryl Cole Checks Ashley Cole’s Shoes In OK!, In Pictures

7517829CHERYL Cole is on the cover of OK! magazine. “Everybody’s icon” is smiling. Cheryl wants us to know that girls are “ALWAYS THROWING THEMSELVES AT ASHLEY”.

“Lemme at ‘im,” scream these new Suffragettes. “I’ll ‘ave the little so-and-so!”

It turns out that Cheryl means that girls are throwing themselves at Ashley because they want to snog him and have his baybees, tell the papers about shagging him (which they don’t) and having text sex, which is all fingers and thumb – so spot on for adolescents and footballers, allegedly.

OK! caught up with Cheryl in Vienna, where she was one week ago. Cheryl says that she will be supporting Ashley at the World Cup, but only when he plays in “big games”.

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Lady GaGa Faces The Brits 2010, In Pictures

FOR anyone looking for sensation and style at the Brits Awards2010, there was Lady GaGa, dressed as a nativity play fairy (the dress reverses into a Christmas tree for non-religious schools). Lady GaGa picked up three awards to hang on her branches, paying an emotional tribute to late fashion designer Alexander McQueen. There’s a lot of celebrity grandstanding when a star dies – the celebs claim one of their own – but GaGa is the authentic voice, if not the face, of fashion. Never mind the music, get a load of the look:


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Lady Gaga on stage during the BRIT Awards 2010, at Earls Court, London.

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Woody Harrelson’s Pupils And Sandra Bullock Present The Oscars Lunch, In Pictures

WOODY Harrelson’s little pupils and winsome Sandra Bullock present the 82nd Annual Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon at the Hilton Hotel. Beverly Hills, California. Yep, lunch. Food. Actors wanting to look svelte and desirable at the ultimate showbiz AGM. Whose idea was this? Also there Quentin Tarantino, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Kathryn Bigelow, Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe, Morgan Freeman, James Cameron, Colin Firth, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jeff Bridges and Carey Mulligan…


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Woody Harrelson.82nd Annual Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon.Hilton Hotel.Beverly Hills, California

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Tiger Woods Is An Entry Level Position For TV Reporter Rachel Uchitel And Hostess Jaime Jungers: Pictures

TIGER Woods is in and out and in and out of sex rehab and thoughts turn to women linked to the golfer, like Jamie Jungers, who Anorak spotted hosting a party at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas. Happy days for Jungers, and so too for Rachel Uchitel who is now working as a showbusiness correspondent on Extra TV. Jaimee Grubbs is on Tool Academy. Tiger Woods is a media  entry level position, allegedly. Look out for Holly Sampson reading the news, Mindi Lawton making a Blue Peter cocktail on tea-time telly presenter and Joslyn James reading the Sun’s news in briefs…


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Jamie Jungers hosts a party at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas, USA

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Jaycee Lee Dugard’s Diary Of Sex And A Kitten, In Pictures

jaycee-garridos-300x1921JAYCEE Lee Dugard: It’s been a while since we heard anything of Jaycee Lee Dugard, the woman kidnapped as a child by Phillip Garrido and held as hostage, bearing two children by her rapist captor. Lawyers for Dugard want Garrido and his wife Nancy prevented from speaking to the victim and her children.

Jaycee Lee Dugard In Pictures

It turns out that Dugard kept a journal. The Mail calls it a “secret diary”. But this is more impression than a fact. Entries:

July 1993: “They did something no one else would do for me, they paid 200 dollars just so I could have my own kitten.”

July 5, 2004: “It feels like I’m sinking. I’m afraid I want control of my life… this is supposed to be my life to do with what I like… but once again he has taken it away…

“How many times is he allowed to take it away from me? I am afraid he doesn’t see how the things he says makes me a prisoner…

“Why don’t I have control of my life! I feel I can’t even be sure my thoughts are my own.”

September 5, 2003: “I don’t want to hurt him… sometimes I think my very presence hurts him… so how can I ever tell him how I want to be free. Free to come and go as I please… Free to say I have a family. I will never cause him pain if it’s in my power to prevent it. FREE.”

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Dizaei Rascal: The Case Of Commander Ali Dizaei, In Pictures

DEEPLY upsetting news that Commander Ali Dizaei, a top Scotland Yard officer, has been sentenced to four year in prison for misconduct and perverting the course of justice. A jury at London’s Southwark Crown Court found Iranian-born Dizaei guilty of attacking an Iraqi called Waad al-Baghdadi at Hammersmith’s Persian Yas eatery in July 2008. Mr al-Baghdadi, 24, approaches Dizaei. He wants the £600 owed for work on a website showcasing Dizaei’s career. Dizaei arrests al-Baghdadi and attempts to frame him by calling for “urgent assistance”. Dizaei gives his colleagues a metal mouthpiece of a shisha pipe, and says Mr al-Baghdadi had stabbed him with it. Lies. Police. Lies. Terrible. Unbelievable. Truly…


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EDITORS PLEASE NOTE FACE PIXELATED BY PRESS ASSOCIATION. Undated videograb from a video issued by the Metropolitan Police of Scotland Yard Commander Ali Dizaei (right) after he arrested Waad al-Baghdadi (left) at Hammersmith police station. Dizaei was found guilty of misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice by a jury at Southwark Crown Court.

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Beyonce Knowles Sell Heat Perfume: New York Ducks, In Pictures

BEYONCE Knowles has been promoting her new fragrance ‘Heat’ at Macy’s Herald Square in New York. Heat boasts “top notes of red vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and blush peach a heart of honeysuckle nectar, almond macaroon and crème de musk, and a drydown of giant sequoia milkwood, tonka bean and amber.” It’s nouveau cuisine in an atomiser. Victoria Beckham will lap it up. Also, the bottle is huge, and in tone shot Beyonce looks poised to press its top and activate a spray that will take out the Lower West Side.


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Beyonce promotes her new fragrance 'Heat' at Macy's Herald Square in New York.

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Mike Tyson On Dancing With The Stars, In Pictures

WHAT’S the former Baddest Man in The World up to – you know, Mike Tyson, the once awesome boxer who earned £200 million for his fighting, bit part of a man’s ear off and got into philsophy? That’s him on the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars in Rome. This is what happens when you retire, boxers. You either get a job advertising deodorant or stick your name on a grill. Mike Tyson is now famous for pro-celebrity dancing and being the inspiration for naming your angry dog Tyson. What next for Iron Mike – celebrity ironing?


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Mike Tyson appears on the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars', Rome, Italy

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John Mayer In Concert In London, In Pictures

ANORAK spotted John Mayer in concert at the Hammersmith Apollo, London. Before this, John had been doing his part for the Haiti relief effort, with customary celebrity grandstanding:

He tweeted, “Just recorded my song for CNN’s “Haiti: How You Can Help” special, tonight at 8pm EST. Made with lots of love and hope.”

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American Royalty Paris Hilton Opens Vanity At The Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas, In Pictures

AMERICAN Royalty Paris Hilton launches Vanity Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Let’s hear it for the burgers and chips. Paris Hilton will one day launch her own set of stamps, conduct an interview with Martin Bashir, suck a Texan’s toes and be caught in a conversation with a Prince about his ambitions to be a human tampon. This is how it is for American Royalty, always one-step ahead and at the time one step behind the British chinless wonders. Here’s Paris giving it the wonky eye:


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Paris Hilton launches PARISHILTON.COM Vanity Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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Redjeson Hausteen Presents The Horror And Hope In Haiti, In Pictures

WHAT can you say about the Horror in Haiti? Do you salute yourselves as the Sun does, cheering the £250,000 its readers have raised? Do you look for hope, leading with a picture of Redjeson Hausteen being reunited with his mother – the two-year-old who was trapped for three days and saved by his parents? Most papers opt for young Hausteen, his joyous face a banister to grab hold of as your descend into the hell. Donate here. Anorak’s photographer is in Haiti. The pictures that follow are harrowing, horrific, hopeful and ultimately human. You look. But what do you see?


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Peaches Geldof Arrives In The 1980s: Rellik Opens, In Pictures

PEACHES Geldof was at the opening of Rellik, a “concept boutique” dedicated to fashions and goods from 1990 to 2000, inside Selfridges department store. Yeah, all that tat that’s been sat around in warehouses of decades has found a market. Cue Peaches, whose mum and dad were big stars in the 1980s. That’s right, Peaches has been beaten to it yet again by her parents. Another day in Peaches’ Geldof’s battle to find something in showbiz to make her own. PS – Is that a rescued Chihuahua in her bag?


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Peaches Geldof attends the opening of Rellik, a concept boutique dedicated to fashions and goods from 1990 to 2000, inside Selfridges department store on London's Oxford Street.

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Peter Andre’s Unplugged London Concert, In Pictures

WHAT’S Peter Ander been up to? How’s the wife? How are the kidzzz? Turns out that Peter and Kate are no longer an item, drying humping on the telly and popping our little nippers, one with lots of letters jumbled up and the other called simply Junior, which is more of a range of small sizes than a name? And here’s pop acorn Peter Andre dressed like a panto Buttons in an ‘unplugged’ gig to promote Coca Cola’s sponsorship of London Underground busking spots. Who better to go “unplugged” then intensely private Peter Andre? Peter wasn’t in the Oxford Circus tunnels but at Old Spitalfields Market, London. No collection hat so we don’t know what his music earned. But he did come as Buttons… Pictures:


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Peter Andre plays 'unplugged' gig to promote drink giant's new sponsorship of London Underground busking spots. He performs latest track Unconditional, along with three Christmas songs. Old Spitalfields Market, London

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David Cameron Does Cockermouth, In Pictures

TAKE a look at Conservative party leader David Cameron sharing a joke with Eileen and Jim Lawson of Lawsons Haulage Ltd, after their home and business were hit by the recent floods in Cockermouth, Cumbria. While Gordon Brown is in Copenhagen working out how to turn Tony Blair’s weather machine off, Cameron pays a visit to Dumfries and Galloway Emergency Response Centre to discuss the effects on the area of the recent severe weather. One the one had you’ve got slapstick Gordon Brown playing it for laughs; on the other, there’s shiny David Cameron, the straight man. They could work well together. As ever, everything Cameron does demands a caption…

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Justin Timberlake Presents Golden Globes Nominations 2010, In Pictures

ANORAK spotted John Krasinski, Diane Kruger and Justin Timberlake attend the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nomination Announcement held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Los Angeles, California. Hard not to like a showbiz pre-AGM when the nibbles are so delish. And it’s voted for by members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Hacks. It’s got kudos. And booze,. Lots of booze. Stand out choices: Best Motion Picture, Drama: Avatar; Best Actor in a Motion Picture: Colin Firth (A Single Man); Best Actress in a Motion Picture: Emily Blunt (The Young Victoria) and Helen Mirren (The Last Station). The pre-awards do do in pictures:


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John Krasinski, Diane Kruger and Justin Timberlake attend the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nomination Announcement held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Los Angeles, California on December 15, 2009.

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Richard Branson Launches Virgin F1 Racing, In Pictures

TO the launch of the Virgin Formula One Racing Team in Notting Hill, London. Now bitter commuters on Virgin trains will be able to make sarky comments about something else. Truth is that Formula One needs Virgin. So here are pictures of Technical Director Nick Wirth, Team Principal Alex Tai, Richard Branson, Manor boss John Booth and Director of Racing Graeme Lowdon stood by drivers Luiz Razia, Timo Glock, Lucas di Grassi and Alvaro Parente. Can a Virgin F1 car beat the Euston to Manchester flyer? Go! Go! Go!


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Richard Branson (centre) poses with two Virgin Racing drivers Timo Glock (left) and Lucas di Grassi during the launch of the Virgin Racing Team in Notting Hill, London.

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Terry Wogan Made Freeman Of City Of London, In Pictures

WELL – he-he – what d’yer know. Sir Terry Wogan has been given the Freedom of The City of London. And with the City honours come the City privileges. Terry Wogan can legally borrow his own weight in bearer bonds; he can stick all his money on black and if he loses get all his money back – if he wins he gets to keep the lot and go lap dancing in the Maldives at lunch; he can pay himself a huge bonus; he can herd her sheep over Tower Bridge; he can stick his head in a toaster. Terry is beginning his final week presenting his breakfast show on Radio 2 after five decades in broadcasting. High time Anthea Turner was given her chance to shine…


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Sir Terry Wogan celebrates being given the Freedom of The City of London by single-handedly raising Tower Bridge and then closing it. The broadcaster is beginning his final week presenting his breakfast show on Radio 2 after five decades in broadcasting.

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Will Smith And The Smithios Do The Nobel Peace Prize, In Pictures

AT the Nobel Peace Prize concert Natasha Bedingfield was followed on stage – and how to follow her? – by actor Will Smith, his wife actress Jada Pinkett Smith and the Performing Smithios – Willow Smith and Jaden Smith. Yeah, Will equals Willow; Jada equals Jaden. Such is the self-love. Then Wyclef Jean did the dread deed and danced with the Norwegian royal family. Get a load of the expression of dismay, pity and horror on Crown Prince Haakon’s face. The pictures:


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Wyclef Jean dances with the Norwegian royal family Crown Prince Haakon, Princess Mette-Marit and her son Marius Borg during the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, held at the Oslo Spectrum, in Oslo, Norway, on December 11, 2009.

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Tiger Woods: After The Other 10 Alleged Golf Fans, Meet Loredana Jolie, In Pictures

TIGER Woods: Happy Hollywood hooker enabler Michelle Braun alleges Tiger Woods invested $60,000 on four caddies in one year.

You see what happens, people. You don’t let women into the golf club so the golfers are forced to try to meet women in other ways, whether by ordering drinks and snacks or paying for sex. Braun tells the New York Post that Woods blew $15,000 on a date with Loredana Jolie.

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Tiger Woods: Jamie Jungers Dishes The Dirt On Sex With A Golfer, In Pictures

TIGER Woods: Jaime Jungers (Waitress No.2) is talking to the media about Tiger Woods and golf. Because golf is boring, we’ve edited out those bits and just skip straight to the sex.

First up, Jamie Jungers, 26, says she has not revived any cash from Woods. No hush money, even. Nothing. Junges is on “The Secret Life of Tiger Woods” on NBC’s – get this – “Dateline.”

Says Jungers on the news dating show (Dial 0800GOT WOODS):

“I didn’t even get a birthday card. I got nothing out of this relationship but a broken heart.”

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Crown Princess Victoria Presents The Nobel Laureate Banquet, In Pictures

ALL that peace giving sure works up an appetite. Having handed Barack Obama his award for bringing Peace to the world (see war in Afghanistan), the alluring Crown Princess Victoria triggered the bun fight at Stockholm Town Hall. Nobel Chemistry laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan was there, so too Princess Madeleine with Nobel Economics laureate Oliver E. Williamson. Sweden’s Queen Silvia sat with Nobel Physics laureate Willard S. Boyle. Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences Professor Elinor Ostrom laughed with Nobel laureate in Physiology Medicine Professor Jack W. Szostak. Nobel Chemistry laureates Thomas A. Steitz, Literature laureate Herta Mueller, Chemistry laureate Johann Deisenhofer, Nobel laureate in Physics Professor Charles K. Kao, his wife Mrs May W. Kao, had pudding. In pictures:


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Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden during the Nobel Foundation Prize Banquet 2009 held at the Town Hall in Stockholm, Sweden

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