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Julia Gillard quail menu: how a fake sexist bird and her gay lover flew around the world

gillard thighs menu

AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Julia Gillard has recovered from the salamists sandwich tossers to be affronted by a whole menu of food. On the Reef & Beef menu at a Liberal party fundraiser held at the Richards and Richards restaurant on March 28 was a fried quail meal consisting of “small breasts, huge thighs and a big red box“.

But the menu was a fake. It wasn’t the official one.

But when the fake menu was tweeted by David Carter @chef09876, the news went global.

When asked for more information, Carter said he has “no idea” if the menu was on any tables. You see, he “wasn’t even working there at the time”. His position had been “terminated“.

Carter went on the telly:

But the menu wasn’t real. The owner of the eatery wrote to Mal Brough. Joe Richards said it was meant as private joke. The menu was never distributed at the $1000 a head fundraiser. He wrote:

Dear Mal,

I have been following the rubbish that has been on the news today. I would like to confirm what actually happened: there were never any menus distributed on the tables or in the restaurant. I created a mock menu myself as a light-hearted joke, however as I said I never produced them for public distribution. Unfortunately a staff member saw the mock menu, and unbeknownst to myself, posted it on their facebook. It now appears that a third party for political reasons has distributed it, yet I can reassure you that no such menu was distributed on the night. As you know no one at the dinner was privy to such a menu, and it is so unfortunate that an in-house joke between myself and my son has caused you great problems and embarrassment.


Joe Richards


But the press had a story.

The Daily Mirror thundered:

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has hit back after an opposition party fundraiser menu featured a dish named after her that offered “small breasts” and “huge thighs”.

The menu was used at a dinner in March for Mal Brough, an opposition candidate for the September national elections.

No. It was a crap joke produced by the restaurant’s owner.

The BBC went with:

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said a menu for an opposition party fundraiser that made crude comments about her body was “grossly sexist” …

The menu was for a dinner for Liberal National Party candidate Mal Brough.

AFP sent it around the world

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Wednesday accused the opposition of a pattern of misogynist behavior, branding a menu for a party fundraiser “grossly sexist and offensive” after it featured a quail dish named after her that offered “small breasts” and “huge thighs.”

The menu was used at a dinner in March for Mal Brough …

Katharine Murphy told her Guardian readers:

The Australian prime minister has again been forced to confront sexism in the country’s politics after it emerged that the menu at an opposition fundraising dinner offered “Julia Gillard quail … with small breasts, huge thighs and a big red box.”

Wow! So much reporting based on the tweet of a part-time chef, who got it wrong.

As for the sexism, well 6PR DJ Howard Sattler asked Gillard if her partner Tim Mathieson was gay.

A veteran Australian radio host has been suspended for asking Prime Minister Julia Gillard on air whether her partner is gay.

Sattler: “Tim’s gay?” 

Gillard: “Well, that’s absurd.”

Sattler: “But you hear it. He must be gay – he’s a hairdresser … It’s not me saying it – it’s what people say.”

Oh, Australia…

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Julia Gillard hit by Salamist sandwich tossers

gillard sandwich

AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Julia Gillard is the target for Salamist sandwich tossers. In early May, Amy Remeikis reported:

There was one student holding a handwritten “Kevin Rudd 2013” sign. There were a few more who spoke about Mr Rudd … Somewhere in there, half a Vegemite sandwich was thrown, allegedly by a student.

The culprit was dealt with:

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard says she’s treating a sandwich attack at a Queensland school as a laughing matter – but won’t be offering a Prime Ministerial pardon. Kyle Thomson, 16, has been suspended for 15 days after being blamed for throwing the sandwich as an otherwise friendly group of students mobbed the PM.

She said:

“I didn’t see a sandwich in the air. I did see half a sandwich on the ground.”

An investigation was demanded:

Kyle’s mother believes her son is being unfairly blamed for the incident and has demanded all footage from the visit be reviewed to find the real culprit.

And then in happened again in Canberra:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has had a sandwich thrown at her during a school visit for the second time this month.

Ms Gillard was walking in a crowded foyer at Lyneham High School – where she was announcing the ACT had signed up to her Gonski reforms – when the salami sandwich was thrown.

It was lobbed from behind, over the top of her head, and landed at her feet.

Stephanie Peatling told us:

The PM was not hit. I repeat the PM was not hit by the sandwich. 


The bread-based missile, which appeared to contain salami and what was possibly a slice of cheese, was lobbed by an as-yet unidentified culprit in a crowd of students. It is reported to have hit her arm before falling to the ground …

File under: Sandwich monkeys…

Spotter: Tim Blair

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Julia Gillard’s creepy good luck message to tabloid The Sydney Morning Herald

gillard herald copy

CREEPING, much? The relationship between the powerful and the media them is tight in Australia. The country’s PM Julia Gillard has a few words to say on the new tabloid-sized The Sydney Morning Herald:

For generations, for the people of Sydney and beyond, the thud of The Sydney Morning Herald on the doorstep has been a welcome sound.

The Herald, first published in 1831, now stands as the longest continuously published newspaper in the southern hemisphere. So old and trusted is this newspaper that it is affectionately known as ”Granny”, an old insult that became a lasting badge of honour and the name of the paper’s most loved column: Column 8.

The Herald’s remarkable pioneer John Fairfax declared he would publish his newspaper ”upon principles of candour, honesty and honour” with ”no wish to mislead; no interest to gratify by unsparing abuse or indiscriminate approbation”.

This is a lofty aim and a continuing ambition for the new Herald.

As a free society we must always value a free press, and that goes for politicians, too. I’ve received my fair share of criticism from the Herald, as has my party. But I have never doubted that the value of the debates the Herald starts and the debates it reports on…

With this new compact format, the delicate task of unfolding those huge broadsheet pages and the occasional wrestle with them will become a memory. But the Herald will endure.

It is my sincere hope that whatever its format, The Sydney Morning Herald will remain a great newspaper of record, which repays the faith of its readers with quality, integrity and a recognition that with great power also comes great responsibility.

I warmly wish the Herald every success in its new compact edition.

Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister of Australia.

Talking truth to power.

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Julia Gillard’s jet-powered glasses

AUSTRALIA’s carbon tax forces companies to pay a (£15; $24) levy for every tonne of greenhouse gases they produce. Julia Gillard’s government is keen to create a clean energy economy. The tax will hit airlines. But, thankfully, Gillard is here to help them, too. Her glasses are travelling at speed:

Albert Park optical stylist Sue Feldy has been inundated with phone calls after she was exposed as the woman behind Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s new glasses …

Mrs Feldy was sworn to secrecy over her role in shaping Ms Gillard’s new look, but gained official permission to speak after being contacted by a radio station.

“I think I knew it would cause a bit of a stir,” Mrs Feldy said. “We have to keep getting them in, the stockist can’t keep up!”

Mrs Feldy flew to Canberra with 100 pairs for Ms Gillard to browse.

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Australian PM issues zombie warning

AUSTRALIA’S prime minister, Julia Gillard, has announced the apocalypse in a video posted on YouTube. No, this isn’t someone impersonating her. This is a real world leader, telling us that zombies are on the way.

Of course, she’s not serious because zombies don’t exist. However, it is really good and is going viral as we speak.

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Queen Julia Gillard lands on the Cook Islands

QUEEN Julia Gillard lands on the Cook Islands:

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Are Julia Gillard, Tony Hodges and the Tent Embassy ambassadors the most stupid politicians in Australia?

SO. What really happened in the Australia Day protest that saw the county’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition leader Tony Abbott besieged by the Aborigine Tent Embassy in Canberra?

Well, the agressors know:

An Aboriginal community leader who was at the protest, Fred Hooper, said the event had been peaceful until Mr Abbott made his remarks.

“The opposition leader on national television made a comment to tear down something that have built over 40 years, which is sacred to us,’’ he said. “So what do you expect us to do when we’re 200 yards away from the person that makes that comment? Do you expect us to say, ‘yeah Tony we’re gonna do that now? We’re gonna rip it down?’”

The Tent Embassy founder Michael Anderson added:

“He said the aboriginal embassy had to go, we heard it on a radio broadcast.”

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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard trapped in restaurant by Aborigines – photos

TO Australia, where riot police and security guards have dragged Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to safety as she was handing out gongs for Australia Day celebrations. Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott were trapped inside The Lobby restaurant in Canberra by an estimated 200 angry indigenous rights protesters from the nearby Aboriginal Tent Embassy. The protestors banged on the glass and yelled “shame” and “racist”. But they didn’t get inside.

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Twitter and Facebook earn Julia Gillard massive pay rise

IN Australia, Julia Gillard is getting a pay rise. And not only her but also lots of other national MPs. Gillard will earn Aus$481,000 (US$476,000). What you British politicos want to know is how she managed it – and what you need to do to earn enough to buy duck houses and porn. Well, get into twitter and Facebook. That stuff pays big:

Julia Gillard and other federal MPs have secured a massive 32 per cent pay rise – and apparently Facebook and Twitter are to blame …

John Conde, the Remuneration Tribunal head and a long-standing advocate of higher wages for federal MPs, said the pay rise reflected the more onerous responsibilities faced by the nation’s 226 elected representatives in today’s 24/7 landscape.

“Email, Facebook, Twitter and the like have increased community expectations on members as regards their availability to their constituents,” the tribunal said.

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Julia Gillard Thanks The President Of Tasmania, Australia’s First Republic

AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Julia Gillard ends the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth by thanking the President of Tasmania instead of the President of Tanzania,

Of course, Tasmania, like Australia, does not have a president…yet.

Are you Aussies ready for President Gillard?

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Climate Kinder Love Jet-Set Gillard’s Carbon Tax

IN Australia, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has introduced a carbon tax. In Western Australia, the move has gone down well with the Klimate Kops:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been showered with praise by Fremantle residents for her government’s proposed carbon tax during a community cabinet meeting in the West Australian port city.

But that was to be expected at Australia’s only carbon neutral high school in a state electorate held by a green independent MP.

On Wednesday night Ms Gillard chatted with people wearing T-shirts calling for action on climate change and posed for photos in front of a banner which read: “Thank you for the carbon tax”.

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Julia Gillard Becomes Full-Forward For The Western Bulldogs

JULIA Gillard is Australia’s un-elected Prime Minister. having osuted Kevin Rudd, here are a few of Gillard’s bon mots:

All we know is if the Howard Government is re-elected, we’ll have John Howard for a period of time, unknown, replaced by someone unknown because that will be in the hands of the Liberal Party.


“There’s more chance of me becoming the full-forward for the Dogs (Western Bulldogs AFL team) than there is any chance of a change in the Labor party – The Age

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