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How Leona Lewis Will Make You A Blogging Legend: One Journalist’s Life After Tabloids

ZOE Griffin wants to show you that there is life after leaving the Daily Mirror’s 3am Girls. All you need do is wait until an X Factor winner gets punched in the face. Zoe waited. And it “paid off”. Leona Lewis is ready for her close up.

Zoe says she makes £80,000 a year from her blog. What of the facts and figures?

In a year I’ve gone from zero to 100,000 unique users a month, through a combination of being in the right place at the right time and hard work. To launch the site, I held a party and invited celebrities that resulted in lots of coverage. Now I attend celebrity events every night and spend at least eighteen hours a day blogging. But it pays off. When Leona Lewis did a book signing at Waterstones and was dramatically attacked, I filmed the whole event and it was picked up in every national newspaper, and was all over TV.

She gets £80,000 from 1.2million unique visitors? At those rates, Anorak would earn more than that every month. Any tips, Zoe?

Making money out of a blog is complicated.

On her site there is not one advert above the fold (these pay best). Then most of her ads are for affiliate marketing – a tough way to earn if you don’t write advertorial around the deals.

Also, according to Alexa, Anorak is the 1,435 biggest site in the UK and 18,000 in the world. Zoe’s site is number 35,652 in the UK and the world’s 720,000th biggest site.

Still, we can dream about being there when Leona Lewis gets assaulted…

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Leona Lewis Plays Nottingham’s Trent FM Arena: Pictures

LEONA Lewis was on stage at the Trent FM Arena in Nottingham. Would you go to see Lewis sing? Great voice, but she possesses all the stage appeal of a shiny CD. The voice is great. But Lewis is not dancer. She lacks charisma. And even in a pair of thigh boots and teetering on a stage seemingly designed by a school drama workshop for a GCSE project, Lewis lacks sex appeal. We’ve got pictures. But, in truth, unless you’re a fan, even they’re pretty dull… Still, nice boots:


Picture 1 of 12

EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO MERCHANDISING. Leona Lewis performs on stage at the Trent FM Arena in Nottingham.

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Lady Gaga Nativity Play Chic Presents The Brits In Pictures

LADY Gaga’s nativity play chic presents the Brit Awards 2010 in pictures. Featuring Lily Allen in a Camden Council recycling triumph, Natasha Khan, Lady Gaga Katie Melua Daniel Merriweather Seasick Steve, Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris, Taio Cruz, Leona Lewis, Pixie Lott, Courtney Love, Florence Welch, Alexandra Burke and…


Picture 1 of 40

Lady Gaga arriving for the BRIT Awards 2010, at Earls Court, London.

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X Factor’s Leona Lewis Sees James Cameron’s Avatar As A Message For Hypocrites

leona-lewis-earth-wardenAVATAR is James Cameron’s huge budget, carbon burning look at the future of mankind. Before we get to what X Factor singer Leona Lewis thinks of it the film for which she sings the theme song I See You, let’s hear from James Cameron. Says he – brace yourselves:

I see it as a broader metaphor, not so intensely politicised as some would make it, but rather that’s how we treat the natural world as well. There’s a sense of entitlement — ‘We’re here, we’re big, we’ve got the guns, we’ve got the technology, we’ve got the brains, we therefore are entitled to every damn thing on this planet’.

“That’s not how it works and we’re going to find out the hard way if we don’t wise up and start seeking a life that’s in balance with the natural cycles of life on earth.”

To restore the balance Cameron has helpfully created a hi-tech, fossil fuel–fed electronic look at the figure.

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X Factor In Pictures: Alexandra Burke Storms The EU

X FACTOR: Alexandra Burke, last year’s show winner, continues her scramble to climb as high up the EU Celebrity Mountain before the quota laws* kick in.

* Under EU law all EU members states are allowed only 5 celebrities. Alexandra Burke will never top the UK’s Noel Edmonds, Leona Lewis, Simon Cowell, anyone from Hollyoaks and Kerry Katona, and will be forced to emigrate to Austria and sing-off against the country’s fifth most popular Nazi.

In the meanwhile, Alexandra Burke performs on stage during the Little Noise Sessions at the Union Chapel in London. In pictures:


Picture 1 of 9

Alexandra Burke performs on stage during the Little Noise Sessions at the Union Chapel in London.

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Susan Boyle Comes Out Fighting For Leona Lewis

brenda-frickerSUSAN Boyle Watch: One day one from Leona Lewis being hit in the face by a fan / nutter / make-up artiste and Susan Boyle is taking up boxing.

The Mirror’s 3am Girls read the press release:

Susan Boyle has apparently taken up punching bags to de-stress. And guess what? Unassuming Suse is keeping it real by the shunning the middle-class-aspirational trappings and trendy gyms associated with boxercise to mix it up in her local boxing club in Blackburn. She’s so real. And she’s still blessed with that cross-demographic broad appeal, too – check out the cultural references: “One of her favourite songs is Eye Of The Tiger from the Rocky movie” said a ‘pal’.

If Eye of the Tiger can be sung slowly with organs and the Vienna Boys Choir on backing vocals, Susan Boyle may yet have a hit.

In other Susan Boyle news, Leo Hickman has a lament:

I have lamented in the past the fact that there rarely seems to be an online video with an environmental theme that “goes viral”. We get laughing babies, epic safari battles and Susan Boyle, but we never get a video that spreads an environmental meme to millions of people across the planet.

We all have your dreams to dream.

The image is of Susan Boyle’s album cover. Why they got Brenda Fricker to plays the part of Susan Boyle is beyond us. Maybe Susan didn’t want that makeover, having taken Amanda Holden’s advice to heart..?

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X Factor: On The Shayne Ward Protest March And Leona Lewis Is Attacked

5971585X Factor news: On the protest march with Shane Ward’s barmy army; and Leona Lewis is attacked…

SHAYNE Ward. Anyone? Yes, you the man with the Marcel curl and packet of Monster Munch? No, sir, it’s not a voting district in Melbourne. Anyone..? Madam! Yes… Nice try. But Shayne has, to the best of our knowledge never squired a potbelly pig on a Thai beach.

Shall we tell you? OK. A Shane Ward is… Well, they can tell you. The Manchester Evening News knows:

FANS of X Factor winner Shayne Ward have taken to the streets of Manchester to protest at delays in releasing his new album.

What do we want? To spend our money on manufactured reality TV musicians and corporate record companies! When do we want it? Before we hit puberty!

The singer, from Clayton, shot to fame after winning the X Factor three years ago, but has not released any new material for almost two years.

Because he’s so popular that if he releases an album there is the risk that unless everyone can buy one there will be riots and looting?

Fan Julie Nelson-Littleproud said that she felt forced to act after Shayne’s record label repeatedly delayed the release of his third album.

Julie Nelson-Littleproud is a product of nominative determinism. She is:

Superfan Julie Nelson-Littleproud, who is the woman behind the protest… “[Shayne is] just a normal person, really down-to-earth and so easy to talk to, not at all struck by stardom. He appreciates his fans and he always does the best for them.”

That was earlier in the month. Now Julie is at large once more:

“We, the fans, want a new album, we want a new tour and we want Shayne to be given the chance to shine like the star we know he truly is.”

Shayne is said to be recording an album in a studio – an album that will be released early next year in time for the January sales.

Meanwhile, another X Factor winner, Leona Lewis, has reportedly been slapped during a book signing at Waterstone’s’ Piccadilly shop in London.

When a celebrity is involved the Celebrity Police Force is swift to act, grabbing a camera, a big felt tip and a pot of Touché Eclat.

Says an officer for Scotland Yard, showing his good side to camera:

“The female did not require hospital treatment – we are at the scene.”

Drama, indeed. Shayne Ward may well be best to remain wherever he is…

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Susan Boyle Fakes It And Robbie Williams Fears

SUSAN Boyle Watch: Susan Boyle’s a TV fake on , Elaine Paige recalls, The Beatles are the Four Susan Boyles and Robbie Williams foresees a nervous breakdown…

The Daily Star brings the shocking news: “Susan’s live gig a fake.”

As Anorak already reported, Susan Boyle did not sing live at the final of America’s Got Talent. Boyle sang her wrong-speed version of Wild Horses the day before the show.

She’s not a fake because she was not introduced as singing live. It was just that TeeVee, that most mendacious of media, did nto discourage viewers from believing that she was.

Producers then blended her performance into the actual show, making it appear that she was singing live. The 48-year-old spinster proved a huge hit with 45 million Americans.

Hold on a mo? In highligint the fakeries of the TV game, the daily Star has upped Susan Boyle’s fan club from 25 million to 45million. Top that TV!

Anyhow, how gtreat was Susan!

TVNZ: “Susan Boyle outshone by Shakira”

HuffPo: “She wasn’t even a competitor on the show, but Susan Boyle arguably stole the finale of “America’s Got Talent” Wednesday night when she made her US television singing debut.”

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Airbrush: The Naked Smell Of Leona Lewis

WANT to know what singer Leona Lewis smells of?

A source tells us that her scent has been harvested and bottled:

“She has had a big hand in helping to create the fragrance and the design of the bottle and now she can’t wait to see it in the shops.”

As Leona told us one year ago:

I’m totally focused on my music for now. My clothing line won’t be coming out just yet — or any perfume line.”

A year is a long time in showbiz.

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Katherine Jenkins Gets More Than She Bargained For At Harrod’s

“SHAME on Katherine” chant the protestors as Katherine Jenkins arrives by horse-drawn carriage to open the Harrod’s sale.

Leona Lewis reportedly refused to open the sale because of Harrods’ policy of selling fur, so Jenkins stepped in. Although, Ms Jenkins is being followed by a group of bagpipe players, and the dangers of that are self-evident.

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