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MI6 safehouse features on Google Maps


THE Secret Intelligent Service will be having kittens this morning as one of their buildings appeared on Google Maps, complete with sarcastic reviews.

Somehow, one of MI6’s safehouses in central London found itself included on Street View, which invariably means that it won’t be a safehouse for long, now we all know where it is.

Reports state that British intelligence needn’t worry as this is the handiwork of Reddit jokers, however, The Anorak doesn’t mind going on record and proclaiming that this is clearly a double bluff. We know your game, Bond.

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Did MI6 Spy Gareth Williams Kill Himself (Photos)?

DR Gareth Williams is dead. Was it suicide? He worked for MI6. Was he a spy? Is he Anna Chapman for the ladies or gay men?

The media news cycle is on it. The deceased is not here to defend himself in the maw of a voracious media.

There are many questions. But let’s look at the facts.

Williams’ body was stabbed repeatedly, placed in a bag and stuck in a bath at his London flat. The flat is owned by a company called New Rodina, which is Russian and Bulgarian means Motherland. The company works out of the British Virgin Islands.

Presumably, MI6 does not house their workers just anywhere and pays a fee of some kind to New Rodina? Williams was on secondment from GCHQ Cheltenham. Would he have been allowed to live just anywhere – or would his employers have helped him to find decent, secure digs?

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The Death Of MI6 Spy Dr Gareth Williams In Russia’s Motherland (Photos)

DR GARETH Williams, the MI6 worker found dead in a flat in London’s Pimlico was stabbed. His body was stuffed into a sports bag and left in the bathroom. Reports suggest it was in the bath.

The body had been there for days. It was already decomposing when it was found.

As for Gareth Williams…? Well, he earned his doctorate in maths at Cambridge University.

He was staying in a top floor apartment in Alderney Street.

According to Land Registry documents, the building is owned by a company called New Rodina. The company is registered in the British Virgin Islands. Rodina means “motherland” in Russian and Bulgarian, which may be relevant.

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