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Madeleine McCann: Danie Krugel Is The Locator, Gerry McCanns The Roof And Paedo Alert

by | 7th, October 2007

MADDYWATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann.

NEWS OF THE WORLD front page: “Maddie was alive on beach”

“A renowned international manhunt expert, dubbed The Locator, sensationally revealed he has uncovered a telltale DNA trail left by snatched toddler Maddie McCann”

THE LOCATOR – in the papers and all over Praia da Luz from Sunday (see press for details). Anyone else see a made-for-TV series or a fly-on-the-wall documentary?

Ex-cop Danie Krugel has tracked the “forensic route” he believed her kidnapper took from her Madeleine’s Portuguese holiday apartment. It ends on the beach

Says Krugel: I spent four nights in July carrying out my searches. I’ve been able to trace where Madeleine was in the resort and have drawn a map which has been given to the police.

“I can’t reveal details as I don’t want to alert anyone who might try to disturb the scene. But I believe I’ve traced where she was taken that night and now it’s down to police to use their search experts to do the rest. The area to which my investigation led me is a difficult one to search”

Disturb the scene? The beach at a popular tourist destination made famous by the disappearance of a little girl? Yes, best not disturb that. And tell the wind and the tide to stop, too

A source “close” to the McCanns says: “The work of Mr Krugel should not be underestimated and gives great hope to Gerry and Kate. Many people have contacted the couple to try to help but while their hearts may be in the right place they just don’t have the expertise to be of assistance. But Mr Krugel has a proven record of finding people and his methods are extremely credible”

Like this credible helper. And this one. And this one. And this one…

And him. And him


• McCanns hire leading DNA expert
• He pinpoints area on local beach
• New cops urged to start digging

And fishing…

“Desperate Kate and Gerry McCann” sent a strand of Madeleine’s hair to South African police colonel Danie Krugel. The Locator has located the spot where Madeleine’s body is buried


“Anguished Gerry McCann sensationally split from the expert masterminding the worldwide hunt for his missing daughter Madeleine after she put in a whopping £20,000 overtime and expenses bill”

PR Justine McGuinness charged Gerry and wife Kate £51,000 for 89 days’ work. “Her basic fee was £350 a day, making a total of £31,000. And the rest was made up in overtime payments and expenses – including bar and restaurant bills”

A source says Gerry saw the bill and “hit the roof”. He was “livid”

So she went. And was replaced by Clarence Mitchell

“Gerry was the only one who wanted Clarence,” readers learn. “He was determined to get him after building a strong relationship with him in Portugal. But nobody else wanted him because he had given Kate and Gerry – what some of the family thought of as – questionable advice”

Can the McCanns’ PRs get a PR before their names and sullied?

SUNDAY EXPRESS front page: “New police chief turns screw on McCanns”

MAIL ON SUNDAY: “MPs demand record of child-tracking devices over paedophile fears”


“New laws to regulate the use of high-tech child-tracking devices are being called for by MPs amid fears they could be used by paedophiles and stalkers. The technology is aimed at parents wanting to keep tabs on their children after a series of high-profile child murders and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann”

Maybe all adults should be chipped instead? Or children paedo-proofed – why let it ruin your holiday?

THE TIMES: “Detective who suspected Kate and Gerry McCann may lead hunt”

Luis Neves, 41, is seen as a forerunner to replace Goncarlo Amaral as lead detective. He was seen by the McCanns as a “breath of fresh air” when he joined the inquiry team.

“But he later became convinced she had died in an accident in the McCanns’ apartment”

Or will it be Carlos do Carmo? He has no previous connection with the case, and was Amaral’s predecessor as director of the police in Portimao. The Times says he earned the respect of colleagues after bringing the killer of a police officer to justice

Who will it be: Carmo or Neves? Press your keypads now!

Or C: The British Supercop?

SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: “Police have open minds, insists Kate McCann”

“Kate and Gerry McCann are ‘furious’ at Portuguese police claims that British detectives believe their missing daughter Madeleine is dead”

Says Kate McCann to friends: “The police have told us they have an open mind. Of course we accept it’s possible Madeleine may no longer be alive but we don’t know and nor do the police, so we have to do everything we can to find her”

Clarence Mitchell refuses to comment on “the latest unfounded, unsubstantiated rumours”

A source says: “”Quite how any child would die falling off a sofa is beyond me”
She fell off the sofa? Really…

THE OBSERVER: “Forensic DNA tests ‘reveal traces of Madeleine’s body on resort beach’”

“Retired” South African police superintendent Daniel Krugel is on the beach

Are you?

The Locations So Far

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