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Jon Gaunt Wants Russell Brand Attacked For Free Speech

by | 18th, July 2008

THE SUN’S campaign to have every celebrity locked up – and so reduce the expense of observing them – moves on.

Having failed to have Peaches Geldof, Amy Winehouse, Naomi Campbell and Paul Burrell jailed (The Mirror goes for Jeremy Clarkson), the paper’s Jon Gaunt wants Russell Brand to be arrested for making a hoax call to the police.

There has been a series of sexual assaults in Northampton, where Brand is appearing on stage:

He borrows an audience member’s phone and rings the police hotline to tell them he’s actually seen the offender….

How on earth could you think taking the mickey out of rape could be funny?

For your information, women are scared to go out on the streets of Northampton.

Gaunt is against street crime. Says he: “The streets are more dangerous then they have ever been”. As he says:

Brand, you should go back to Northampton, meet the girls who were attacked, and apologise to them while their relatives “illuminate your dark behaviours” . . . preferably with a baseball bat.

But better then advocating violence as a remedy to free speech, Gaunt wants the Celebrity Police Force to act:

How about these plods arresting Brand for wasting police time. Or would that be too much like real policing?

The CPS would be pleased to meet Brand at any time, although preferably in London, or West Yorkshire

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