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Madeleine McCann For Hire: Games, Books And Art

by | 10th, October 2008

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PR with Madeleine McCann. Recently Madeleine has been selling video games…

EUROGAMER: “Bungie has said a character called Maddie could “potentially” feature in the new Halo 3 expansion pack – but confirmed there’s no connection with missing five year-old Madeleine McCann.”

Controversy kicked off last month after a trailer for what’s now known to be Halo 3 Recon featured the message, “Maddie, where are you?”

Complete coincidence. A new series of Car 54 Where Are You? is to be called Maddie’s Car 54 Where Are You? Really…

Speaking to Eurogamer at the Tokyo Game Show, Bungie writer Luke Smith described the incident as an “unfortunate coincidence”, adding, “Because of that coincidence, we’ve pulled that slide.”

PRESS RELEASE: “Writer raises concern about motherhood of modern women”

Recently Madeleine has been selling books…

The controversial book titled ‘Lawrence Onuzulike – Until Now’ is a compilation of some of the hard hitting articles written by the master himself in the past ten years.

Never heard of him. Go on…

The book which is already generating fierce debates in different parts of the world raises important questions about the rapidly diminishing white race, the broken Britain, the greediness of African leaders, George Bush’s lies and wars on terrorism, arrogance of the American leaders, and more.

Thanks to his book, that’s what people are talking about. One man with so much power…

Also mentioned in the book are; Hilary Clinton’s 3am call, CNN anchor Richard Quest and his drug addiction, Chanelle Hayes (the ex big brother loser) and nudeness, Missing Madeleine McCann, Abbey Clansy [sic] and cooking, Ashley and Cheryl Cole’s marital problems, Brian Woolnough and bloody games, Patricia Olubunmi Etteh and sit tight politics, Britney Spears and world’s hypocrisy, Germany and pungent odor, Our total dependency on the so called experts, Omotola Jalade and Genevieve Nnaji and acting, 2face Idibia (African Queen’s singer) and murder attempts, Michael Jackson and accusations, and more.

Madeleine McCann and Chanelle Hayes; so there is a connection… We knew it.

TRINITY NEWS (Ireland): “Siobhán Power takes a look at street art at home and internationally.”

From bubble letter tags to political murals, graffiti, or street art, is an ever-evolving art-form taking on many manifestations in our society.

Manifestationzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Oh, do go on. And Maddie?

Pearse Street has some interesting stencils and sticker work like the Harajuku girls by the artist Pi who has work all over the city, as well as the haunting face of Madeleine McCann in sticker art. The area around the corner of City Quay and Moss Street has some impressive stickers and stencils – a Mickey Mouse soldier among other enigmatic images.

A child is missing. But is it art?

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