Anorak News | United In Grief: Jorg Haider And Princess Diana Were Two Of A Kind

United In Grief: Jorg Haider And Princess Diana Were Two Of A Kind

by | 18th, October 2008

SAYS Volkswagen spokesman Peter Thul on the death of Jorg Haider (aka Joerge Haider):

“Many things bring to mind Lady Diana’s death.”

First of all , she was a Princess – the Peoples’ Princess; a Princess of Hearts; Our Lady Of the Immaculate Handbag. Indeed, at the time of his car crash Haider was rumoured to be romancing a Muslim man in his thirties, the son of an immigrant shop worker.


  • Haider was blonde and blue eyed

He adored dogs

  • He advanced Diana’ work on landmines by suggesting mine for blacks, Muslims and Jews that could be activated by the size of a man’s nose
  • He had impeccable table manners
  • He was listening to The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society on the car radio
  • He had a morbid dread of stairs
  • He once danced with John Travolta…
  • He married into German aristocracy…
  • He isn’t dead…

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