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Madeleine McCann: Baby P And Me

by | 26th, November 2008

MADELEINE MCCANN & Baby P: What Did You Do For Them, Daddy?

The mawkish reaction to Baby P’s horrific life and death has turned into an ‘I was there moment’.

Up and down the land young faces are turning to parents and guardians and asking: “What did you do for Baby, P?”

DAD: “Well, I singed a petition in the Sun and online calling for social workers who let him down to be sacked.”

The child blinks.

MUM: “And we went on an outing to London the spot where the Sun says the majority of Baby P’s ashes landed.”

CHILD A(rmani): “Was the Queen there?”

DAD: “Not yet. There’s a plaque there the Sun put up that says ‘Baby P’. That was the codename for him used in the media and the courts. It means that Baby P final resting place was marked by the crime that killed him.”

Childs looks worried.

MUM: “We left a note. And you saw two-year-old Chloe, Sarah Heasman’s daughter, who told the nice man from the Sun, you know the one who stands among the gravestones with his camera:

‘When I told her we were going to see Baby P she thought we were going to play with him. I had to tell her he was asleep – it was the only way I could think of her to describe it.”

(Note to self: Do not tell the little kiddies that Baby P was tortured to death and left to die in his bloodstained cot. Tell them instead that he fell asleep. And with any luck all the visitors traipsing over his ashes will wake him up.)

CHILD A: “Does Baby P know Madeleine?”

DAD: “Yes. They are playing together in a big park.”

(Note to self: Better.)

The Sun says a million people have signed its “SACK THE SOCIAL WORKERS” petition.

PA News:

A knee-jerk reaction to the Baby P tragedy risks derailing the work of those trying to protect vulnerable children, a local authority leader is due to warn.

Margaret Easton, chairman of the Local Government Association (LGA), will say that “irreparable, long-term damage” could be caused to the services that keep youngsters safe from harm.

She will voice concerns at a special summit on child protection that some staff could “walk away” from the profession following the tragic death of a toddler.

Hurrah for the Sun. Now let’s grab the kids and go and scream “paedo!” and boo and hiss at the van leaving the courthouse…

Of course, the Baby P story needs more. It needs a paedo:


Baby P’s stepdad has been moved to a suicideproof cell which caged Soham killer Ian Huntley. The sadistic 32-year-old was transferred to the secure unit after getting death threats in Britain’s toughest jail.

A source in Belmarsh, South East London, said: “Prisoners are desperate to get their hands on him. He is despised. His life was under threat every time he left his cell. The last prisoner subjected to such hatred was Huntley.”

And if he survives the lags – how many fags is he worth? – there are the columnists to worry about.

Baby P needs celebrities:

THE SUN: It’s Coldplay…

Coldplay are proud to have their finger on the pulse of burning global issues…All four band members are parents to young children and the horror of the Baby P story reached them in America.


Guy, 30, who has a two-year-old daughter, said: “One of the worst crimes anyone could commit is abusing a child. It’s saddening. I can’t actually believe that people could do it. I don’t know what must have happened for them to do something like that. It is beyond comprehension.”

Is there a song in it?

And what of our Maddie? Little news of late of Madeleine McCann. She’s missing. She is still missing.

THE AUSTRALIAN: “Caroline Byrne’s killer Gordon Wood sent email to Simon Butler saying he feared verdict”

Feeling hopelessly alone and fearing the worst, Gordon Wood sent one last email before a Sydney court found him guilty of murdering his girlfriend Caroline Byrne.

“Not confident, they are out to get me no matter what,” he wrote to one of his few remaining friends, British-born ski tour operator Simon Butler just before the guilty verdict was delivered last Friday.

“Despite ridiculous spear-throwing claims and ‘expert’ witness it’s still going ahead,” Wood wrote, referring to evidence he had thrown his former girlfriend over The Gap as a person might throw a spear.

A snappy headline. And Madeleine McCann?

Mr Butler said on the eve of the verdict Wood compared himself to Robert Murat, wrongly accused of kidnapping toddler Madeline McCann in a Portuguese resort.

Robert Murat was charged with no crime. Robert Murat was tried for no crime. Robert Murat was just a suspect. Those who did him wrong and set out to get him, were not in the police and the courts but in the media.

But Our Maddie is still making news. And when Baby P’s mother and step-father are tried and named, and the story has been replaced by those of Christmas being cancelled and a man with a million fairy lights on his garden shed, Madeleine McCann will return.

BABBLE BABY (Aus): “Angelina: I Turned My Life Around When I Met Brad”

That would be the married-at-the-time Brad Pitt? And this would be living saint and professional throat kicker Angelina Jolie…

She’s in a new film:

The Christine Collin’s story is similar to modern day Madeleine McCann case. Angie said, “My heart goes out to that family. Not to know what has happened to your child is just the worst thing in the world.

“I love Brad and if anything happened to him it would wreck me, but if anything happened to my kids… it’s something I can’t even think about, it’s so upsetting.”

But if you need to cry on demand, maybe you should think about it?

BLACK VOICES (US): “Black and Still Missing – Chioma Gray”

A teenage girl is missing. She has been missing for almost a year. Chioma Gray is black. Chioma Gray is not blonde

From September 2008 – We are now approaching the 9 month mark since the disappearance of Chioma Gray, the 16 year old high school student who was kidnapped by Andrew Tafoya from her school in Oxnard California. 9 Months have passed… 9 months… and during that time we’ve heard countless cries and pleas for Stacy Peterson, Cpl. Maria Lauterbach, Madeline McCann [sic], and now, little Caylee Anthony.

JOURNALISM: ‘What Meyer didn’t say: a speech ignoring the real shortcomings of press self-regulation’

Even now the PCC has not examined the press’ coverage of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. As Brian Cathcart wrote last month in the New Statesman: “Not one editor and, so far as I know, not one reporter has lost his or her job or even faced formal reprimand as a result of the McCann coverage. There has been no serious inquest in the industry and no organised attempt to establish what went wrong, while no measures have been taken to prevent a repetition.”

The McCanns themselves, remember, did not even complain to the PCC about inaccuracy. They asked it for help on behalf of their children, but to address the widespread inaccuracies in the newspapers they went straight to their lawyer. Robert Murat and the so called ‘Tapas Seven’ did the same.

Madeleine McCann is missing from the press. Baby P is this month’s blonde victim…


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