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Ten Alternative Barack Obama Slogans

by | 21st, January 2009
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“YES we can,” says Obama.

Yes we can,” chant the Obamites.

And now Goonies fan Obama is in power, we can, or – better yet – he can (what with him being organiser of the global community and all).

And now Obama is in power what will he say about can, hope and change? Will he combine all three into a united vision – “Hope we can change”, backed by the sign of the crossed fingers? Or should the teleprompter fail, will he demand “Change we hope can Hope can change we”?

Catchphrases soon get tired from their overuse, and there is the real risk of Obama’s bon mots being taken up by nerds, wannabes and losers looking to depart from Star Trekisms and Monty Python skits.

Had Martin Luther King lived, he would be now appearing on TV advertorials screaming “I have a dream” as he advertises his new range of ice-cream dream toppings.

With little future in speaking in complete sentences (see George Bush passim), Anorak looks at some other catchphrases Obama can use here, now and during the after-dinner speaking circuit that puts the tin lid on all great political careers.

In the quest for refreshed and fresh catchphrases we look once more to British children’s TV, a rich vein of political intrigue yes he do it? Yes he can:

First uttered by the bellicose Basil Brush, Boom! Boom! serves to reminds people that Obama has told a joke or – and get this – has had a joke told about him. Fanciful now, but give it time…

The boarder patois of the Flower Pot Men, Obama reclaims the word from they who would have it that he puffed marijuana and its derivatives. After Clinton’s non-inhaling, and Bush’s drinking, many hope that marijuana is the vapour on which Obama’s vision of sharing is built.

And here’s one I made earlier
What’s good enough for Blue Peter’s Valerie Singleton is fine for Obama. Preparedness is all. If Obama can’t do it, one of the big “we” can, and slip it under Obama’s desk for future reference.

To me. To you
The Chuckle Brothers double act can be repeated as a big shout out and response. Works with Obama as shouter and responder.

Says Paul Chuckle: “Kid’s will say to us ‘you didn’t say it’. They really want to hear it.”

A modern twist on, “The buck stops here.”

“It’s Friday! It’s five to five, it’s Crackerjack!”
The time-honoured youth protest chant Crackerjack is updated. On saying Anorak, hundreds of children yell “ANORAK!” right back atcha.

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