Anorak News | Police Stop G20 Plot To Kill Barack Obama

Police Stop G20 Plot To Kill Barack Obama

by | 30th, March 2009

ALL over the media is the news that five have been arrested in a G20 “bomb plot”.

Police in Plymouth are said to have uncovered a cache of weapons and “material relating to political ideology”. (The south-west is a hotbed of terror!)

The Tory Blue Book is dangerous reading?

World leaders are flying into London. President Obama is due to arrive tomorrow. Were the, alleged, bomb and the pamphlets meant for him?Theyu want him dead. No, not the terrorists – the media.

Says the police mouth:

“We would stress that the investigation is at a very early stage and that speculation regarding the capability, intention or motivation of those arrested is unhelpful…However, while these individuals are talking about what they would like to happen, we are unsure of how much of this is achievable or simply aspiration.”

Bomb! Let’s get the smoker! The Mail says:

An unprecented entourage numbering more than 500 people is to accompany the American leader when he arrives in London on Tuesday, to ensure his safety… Such a group has rarely surrounded a foreign leader on a visit to these shores since the days of the Roman emperors.

Et tu, Gordon?

As a result, 200 of the U.S. state employees accompanying the president will be members of the secret service, prepared at all times to take a bullet to save Obama’s life.

The president is due to fly in to Stansted airport in Essex on Tuesday in his official jet, Air Force One – which boasts technology to protect its communication systems from nuclear fallout and radiation

But let’s no speculate on that bomb:

A helicopter, Marine One, will then fly Obama to London – possibly amid decoy helicopters to confuse assailants – where he is staying at the U.S. Ambassador’s fortified residence at Regent’s Park in North London.

The Brown boys can spot Marine One at 1,000 yards.

When travelling around London, the new president will be encased inside Cadillac One, his heavily fortified official car, complete with bullet-proof windows, night vision cameras, and pump action shotguns in case of emergency.

Best pay that congestion charge.

And surrounding him at all times, as unobtrusively as possible, will be his mini-army of secret service agents, sporting Ray Ban sunglasses, and communicating with each other by shirt-cuff radios and earpieces.

Like moving blades of grass in a meadow.

If the worst were to happen – along with previous successful assassinations of presidents there was a failed attack on Ronald Reagan in Washington DC in 1981 which left a press secretary paralysed by a gunshot – a White House medical team is on hand, too.

Rather than being entrusted to the National Health Service, Obama would be cared for a specially picked unit of surgeons and nurses, carrying them with supplies of type AB blood.

Hold the MRSI!

Barack Obama has not been shot – but we’re waiting…

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