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Susan Boyle Is Boiled Alive

by | 14th, April 2009

MORE on Britain’s Got Talent’s bearded lady Susan Boyle – how before long will be compared to Jade Goody. and singing at the Olympics? Stay tuned.

Here’s show judge Piers Morgan, fresh from a head-butting with David Hasselhoff telling one and all that judging Boyle by her appearance rather than her singing might be…

“…rather more akin to that of a noise made when a lobster is being slowly boiled alive”.

Or an Iraqi prisoner being pissed on by a squaddie, say. It’s all about sound judgment, eh, Piers?

“Susan Boyle is not just a good singer, she’s a fantastic singer. Someone whose stunning range, tone and delivery is worthy of comparison to anyone – Elaine Paige included.

“As I watched her performance back again I texted Simon in Hollywood: ‘My god, Susan was even better than I remembered – she’s unbelievable.’ He agreed, and I could almost feel his beady little eyes going ‘KERCHING!’ down the line.

“For, unless I am a brainless aardvark – which might, sadly, be true – then this West Lothian villager is going to sell a lot of records once this series is over.”

Aadvark – number one in the phone bookzzzzzzzzzz.

Susan Boyle – for all the latest news.

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