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Susan Boyle’s Engagement Ring

by | 4th, June 2009

susan-boyle-pebblesOF all the clinics in all the world, Susan Boyle had to walk into The Priory.

The North London rehab hang out can be reached by a paparazzo in half an hour from China Whites and slightly longer from Faces, the Essex slap and pap venue.

Good for SuBo PR, but less good for Pebbles, Susan Boyle’s live-in cat that must travel from afar to see his mistress.

When Susan Boyle went to London, Pebbles gave her two chunks of his hair and told her to wear them for luck on her face, either on her chin or above her eyes.

But then they rubbed them off. They spayed Susan. Pebbles could have sulked. Pebbles could have felt rejected. But no. Pebbles is bigger than that. Pebbles sees the bigger picture. Pebbles is on his way to The Priory to re-cat his project.

In “KITTEN’S GOT TALENT”, the Mirror’s Fiona Cummins says Pebbles will visit his project every day as she battled her demons.

One show insider revealed: “She’s doing well and she’s going to be out soon.”

Or as the Telegraph puts it:

Susan Boyle could be in Priory clinic for weeks, says doctor

Meanwhile Pebbles is making his long journey to London.

His phone is ringing.

Irene Carter, 61, mum of Emma, one of the members of the dance troupe Sugar Free, said: “She came up to my daughter and asked to borrow her mobile phone.

“She left this really bizarre message which went on for several minutes. When she got off the phone she said she had been talking to her cat back at home.”

Ring! Ring! Can you hear the bells, Pebbles, as you stand on Highgate Hill? Can you hear the bells, Susan Boyle, as you walk the so-soft carpet where Gazza, Goody and Bruno once trod?

Turn again, Boyle,
Once Angel Hairy of London!
Turn again, Boyle,
Twice Angel Hairy of London!
Turn again, Boyle,
Thrice Angel Hairy of London!

Says a voice:

“There is a plan afoot to reunite Susan with her cat. It hasn’t been finalised yet and the preferred option is bringing Pebbles down to see Susan. If doctors don’t allow it, then Susan could be flown up to Scotland for a brief rendezvous.”

The History of Susan Boyle, of her lowe byrth, her great fortune is in the writing.

Turn again, Susan Boyle. Do you hear the bells?

The bells! The bells!

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